For more than 40 years, CIS and a team of dedicated volunteers have been organizing undergraduate student recruitment tours around the world for admission and recruitment officers from CIS member universities. 

Why should you travel on a CIS student recruitment tour?

  • Our focus is entirely on undergraduate recruitment. Meet students interested in international education opportunities.
  • Our tour leaders are all experienced admissions professionals working at CIS member institutions. They understand your needs and goals.
  • Our fairs only include invited students from CIS member schools and other schools we know. These private fairs provide a great opportunity for quality interactions.
  • Our tours feel like a mini-conference. Daily interactions with admissions professionals from other CIS member institutions allow you to learn from the experiences of others, share ideas, and build your network.
  • Inclusive pricing covers all logistics and events. There are no surprise bills or fees.
  • Counsellor fly-ins provide opportunities for even more networking.
  • CIS is a non-profit organization committed to serving (international) schools and students around the world. 
  • CIS has been leading recruitment tours for nearly 40 years, and universities have been highly satisfied with the outcomes of their attendance on our tours.

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FAQs about tours

How many tours does CIS run in a year?

The Council of International Schools runs between 12-14 tours annually in The Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Who coordinates CIS tours?

The details of the tour are arranged by a tour director and assistant tour director who are seasoned university admissions professionals that serve as volunteers for CIS. A professional tour manager travels with almost every tour (needs may vary depending on length of tour and region), and all tours have professional support to handle travel details.

Who will be travelling with me?

Each tour is capped at a set number of university participants, so the groups remain moderately sized and allow for maximum interaction with students and university counsellors. Daily interactions with the other tour participants has been noted to be a top benefit of attending a CIS tour. You will have a chance to learn from other admissions professionals and build your professional network while engaging in student recruitment work.

How many and what kind of students will I meet?

Our tours focus on visiting CIS member schools, private international schools, and outstanding national schools with globally minded students.  

The number of students you can expect to meet in each program will vary depending on the region and time of year in which the tour is held.  Past tour reports (available for each tour) can give you a better sense of what to expect in a region. Tours are designed so university representatives can meet undergraduate students and build relationships with schools and university guidance counsellors.

Who can come on a tour?

Tours are exclusive to CIS members. Individual participants on a tour must be experienced, full-time, permanent international admissions/student recruitment officers who have at least two years of full-time professional admissions experience. Participation by foundation year program personnel/recruiters, institutional agents, ESL program personnel/recruiters, students, or recruiters working for external organizations is not permitted.

Review information about CIS membership.

How do I sign up for a tour?

Each tour requires an application due by an assigned deadline. Applications for tours that are early in the calendar year generally open in October of the year prior, and applications for tours later in the calendar year generally open in March. Interested members can apply online through the CIS Community portal. A deposit is required to complete an application for tour participation.

What should I expect on a CIS tour?

CIS tours are rigorous recruitment trips. Participants must take part in the entire tour itinerary, and may not opt out of tour stops. Participants can expect to visit 2-4 secondary schools per day (varies depending on region), and participate in a college fair at each school and, in some cases, presentations to students. Some tours will have other events in theprogram such as evening college fairs or parent programs for selected student populations, counsellor fly-in programs, or meetings with educational or sponsorship agencies in the region.

Can I pick which tour stops I attend?

To ensure a high-quality experience with networking opportunities, the group stays together for the entire tour duration. An institution may not swap travelers mid-tour. A single traveler, approved by CIS through the tour application process, must attend the whole tour.

What does the tour cost include?

Tours offer inclusive pricing so there are no surprise bills at the end of the tour:

  • accommodation at first class hotels during the tour, including internet and breakfast
  • transfers from the airport upon arrival and departure
  • economy class airfare during the tour
  • ground transportation during the tour
  • support obtaining necessary visas
  • travel insurance
  • tour coordination by CIS volunteers and professional travel support from a tour manager
  • dedicated website with log-in for pre-tour communication and additional resources via mobile app

Will I have assistance in procuring visas for the tour?

Tour participants are responsible for procuring their own visas, and can work with our partner for visa needs. Support and instructions are provided to tour participants.  

How is the tour advertised to students?

We work with the local guidance counselling community to ensure strong attendance at the programmes.  Promotional flyers and brochures for the tour will be created by CIS, and distributed to our host counsellors and other partners in each location. Many programmes are held within secondary schools, and are typically for students within that school community. For programmes which are open to a wider audience, we work with the local guidance community to make sure students interested in studying abroad are invited. Additionally, we may notify local educational organizations or sponsorship agencies that an event will be occurring.

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Quote by Monmouth College, US: “CIS is a great organization and it brings a great group of international educators together. Not only are we visiting high schools, building relationships with the counselors and recruiting students but also exchanging knowledge with colleagues from different types of institutions and it is wonderful for professional development.”