Student Well-Being

CIS is committed to Child Protection and Student Well-Being

We work to ensure our higher education communities are aware of the challenges facing students as they continue their education at university and college. Together with a team of global experts, we provide child protection training, resources, and support to our university and school leaders, so they can learn what they need to know to educate their communities and develop capacity to support students.

Child abuse is not new, but it is often hidden. At CIS, we purposefully foster open discussion with our members and have invested to increase the knowledge of our staff to consider the role we all have in keeping students safe.

Child Protection and Student Well-being Workshops

Over the last two years, we have brought together a team of experts, world renowned in child protection and student well-being in schools, to deliver a workshop programme to support educators learning about critical steps to protect students.


View the International Taskforce on Child Protection resource page for more information to support your school.