Student Well-Being

CIS is committed to student Well-being

Just as student mental health difficulties are often hidden, abuse and violence are frequently un-detected. At CIS, we purposefully foster open discussion with our members and have invested to increase the knowledge of our staff to consider the role we all have in keeping students safe and supporting their mental health and well-being.

We work to ensure our higher education communities can safeguard and support their students, both as they transition from secondary school to higher education and throughout their life at university. Together with a team of global experts, we provide training, resources and support to our university and school members.

Student Well-being Workshop

Our Student Well-being Workshop unites our school and university members to learn critical steps to protect and support the well-being of their students. With a particular focus on international students, the workshop brings together mental health and intercultural competence training, it looks at how to work with students to co-design whole-institution approaches to well-being, how to support students through different types of transition and how to proactively identify students who are struggling at an early stage.

Anyone working with students will find this workshop provoking and eye-opening, gaining important personal and professional insights into some of the more challenging aspects of student mental health and well-being.

Nunana Nyomi, Associate Director of Higher Education Services

Going virtual in 2020! We won’t be hosting any in-person events this year, join us virtually instead for a Student Well-being Workshop later this year. Check the events page for updates. Registration for virtual events will open no later than July.