Updated 8 April 2020 | Look for an * next to new content.

*School closures: What can countries learn from past emergencies?

31 March 2020—Brookings Center for Universal Education. Read article

Coronavirus and the campus: How can US higher education organize to respond?

March 2020—McKinsey & Company | Decision making nerve centres for universities. Read more

China closes borders to foreigners

ACAMIS COVID-19 Update #6 - Responding to China's recent message of closing its borders to foreigners on Friday 27 March at midnight. Read article

Crisis Management Matrix

2 March 2020—Scenario-based planning matrix for all departments in a school. Read more

Digital Teaching Toolkit (university focus)

Research and instructional technology services. Read more

5 tips for leadership in a crisis

March 2020—Leadership in a crisis: Responding to the coronavirus outbreak and future challenges. Read article

Book summary with tips for leading a remote work force

The Long-Distance Leader. Eikenberry and Turmel (Soundview summary). Read more

Free remote learning readiness worksheet

The worksheet is designed to help school leaders prepare for the eventuality of school closures during the COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak, and to safely and securely conduct aspects of the school day online. Our partners at 9ine have created it based on real school scenarios that they are currently supporting their clients with around the globe. Read article

A Q&A on coronavirus scenario planning

Financial Management Magazine says: “Scenario planning is vital for organisations when trying to adjust to the harmful, fast-moving virus outbreak. An expert shares advice.” 

World Health Organization (WHO)

Get the latest updates from the World Health Organization (WHO) about COVID-19 coronavirus.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

View the latest updates from the CDC.

Data protection and privacy

Read this CIS & 9INE guidance on data protection and privacy implications of online and remote learning


Information from other organizations
  • International ACAC | Information for college admission counsellors
  • IBO | Developing news and actions that are being taken to support and protect our community  
  • AISH | Information for school heads
  • Finalsite | Resources, best practices, and examples to help your school effectively manage marketing, communications, admissions and advancement efforts
Free 17-hour course on the virus

Imperial College London is offering a free 17 hour course on the virus through Coursera. Looks like a good idea for those who want a solid foundation upon which to build their school's informed response.” Share by Andrew H Dougharty, Principal for Well-being and Pastoral Care at Global Jaya.

Survey data about coronavirus impact on global student mobility on US higher education campuses

Here are the results of The Institute of International Education's February survey. They gathered data on the effects of COVID‐19 (coronavirus) on global student mobility on US higher education campuses. Please note that institutional behaviours and decisions may have shifted since survey closed on 21 February. Shared by Nunana Nyomi, Associate Director of Higher Education Services at CIS.

A short speech to students about inclusion, the coronavirus and creating a world that works for everyone

By Andrew H Dougharty, Principal for Well-being and Pastoral Care at Global Jaya. Read speech

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