You can expect

  • small group interactive sessions focused on practical ways to improve intercultural learning in schools
  • session content that is based in research and proven practice
  • connections that are fostered by signing up for a particular strand where the same group stays together over the course of two full days
  • to connect with other school leaders focused on enhancing intercultural learning and global citizenship
  • practical ways to improve intercultural learning in school.

Strand Sessions

Strand 1: Leading Schools Interculturally  A school’s foundation and strategy for developing global citizens.

Designed for: school leaders and others responsible for leading the strategic development of global citizenship

Strand 2: Developing Global Citizens through Co-Curricular Programs  Making intercultural learning explicit and meaningful.

Designed for: CAS Coordinators, Service Learning Coordinators, Co-curricular and Activities Coordinators, Community Outreach Coordinators, Assessment Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinators, Educators responsible for global citizenship development.