Code of Ethics

The Council of International Schools (CIS) provides membership as affiliated consultants to individual professionals experienced in international education.

Affiliated consultants are individual professionals experienced in international education and eligible for referral to schools and their families to provide consulting services in specific areas of expertise. Affiliated consultants are required to adhere to a CIS code of ethics.


CIS Affiliated Consultants will:

  • always act in the best interests of the client;
  • strive to give impartial advice;
  • maintain the highest standards of conduct;
  • offer value for the cost of expertise provided


When undertaking an assignment, CIS Affiliated Consultants will:

  • seek or accept contracts for professional services in specific areas of expertise as mutually agreed upon with CIS;
  • together with the contracting client (school or parents), define clearly, and confirm in writing, the terms and conditions of the assignment or service;
  • set out the scope, nature and period of the service to be provided;
  • stipulate the allocation of responsibilities;
  • establish the basis for remuneration;
  • state the ownership of the outcomes produced by the consultancy;
  • clearly establish the specific, measurable criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of the consultancy;
  • identify the person(s) to whom he/she is responsible;
  • maintain regard for the interests of the client, specifically with any legal or ethical matters;
  • obtain specific permission before subcontracting work;
  • maintain strict confidentiality unless given permission;
  • take full responsibility for the quality of all work related to the consultancy;
  • discuss and agree with the client regarding any and all changes in the scope of services as specified in the contract.

During the course of an assignment, CIS Affiliated Consultants will maintain professional independence by:

  • ensuring that advice and recommendations are based on impartial consideration of all pertinent facts, circumstances and opinions developed from reliable and relevant sources;
  • declaring at the outset any personal, financial or business relationship or interest which might be thought to influence judgement or objectivity;
  • having a proper regard for the professional/legal obligations of those with whom they work;
  • acknowledging the source of any published or other research material used in the course of work

CIS Affiliated Consultants will:

  • inform a client of their association with CIS and of the existence of this Code of Ethics at the start of any assignment and supply a copy of the Code on request;
  • respond to any complaint from a client concerning compliance with this Code and cooperate with the investigation of any complaint.