Q: Who is eligible for membership?

A: Affiliated consultant membership is available to individuals who provide consulting and counselling services to our members and their families and students. Individuals applying for membership may be working independently or as part of a consulting group or organization. The number of individuals who will be offered an affiliated consultant membership will be limited to ensure the number of consultants available matches the demand by CIS members and their families. Applications will only be accepted if the individual meets the criteria for membership.

Q: How does the approval process work?

A: Individual consultants must complete and submit an affiliated consultant membership application which will be reviewed and evaluated by CIS. Membership will be offered to applicants who best meet all membership requirements and offer expertise in the areas in demand by CIS members. Applicants should expect notification about their application within 1 week following the submission of a complete application.

Q: What is the cost of membership?

A: The cost of individual affiliate membership is €500, billed annually.

Q: How will information be shared with other CIS members?

A: When an individual consultant is approved for membership, a profile will be developed for the CIS website which will include your contact information, area(s) of expertise, and the overview of your services provided on your application. This information will be reviewed and updated annually to reflect current experience.

Please send an email to for further assistance.