Affiliated Consultant Network

CIS knows that sometimes schools need outside help to accomplish their school improvement goals, but finding the right resources can be a daunting and time consuming task. CIS has established a network of consultants to help CIS schools find high quality consultants who have experience working with schools around the world.

CIS Affiliated Consultants provide expertise in specific improvement areas that have been identified as priorities by CIS member schools. CIS Affiliated Consultants are individuals with proven experience helping schools develop in targeted areas of need. They have been evaluated by CIS to ensure they meet standards for quality service according to stringent application requirements.

CIS member schools that are currently seeking consulting assistance can access this network of consultants and their expertise to help meet their improvement goals. CIS provides the referral to consultants in specific areas, and schools identify, contact and negotiate fees directly with affiliated consultants to engage their services.

Areas of Expertise

Appraisal and professional development

Business management

Curriculum design and delivery

Data protection and cyber security

Identification and application of technology

Independent university counselling

Intercultural competence

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Leadership training and school governance

Marketing and communications strategy

Strategic planning

Student well-being: protection, safety and security

All consultants

Services for schools

CIS Affiliated Consultants providing consulting services to schools.

Services for students and parents

CIS Affiliated Consultants providing independent university counselling services to students and families