by Dr Stephen Holmes PhD, CIS Affiliated Consultant

This article promotes consideration primarily into three questions for international schools:

  1. Why and how has a marketing perspective become important for planning in international schools?
  2. Where should international schools start to build an enhanced market perspective in planning?
  3. How does an understanding of parent choice and decision making establish a platform for planning and marketing in international schools? What are the ‘right’ planning priorities going forward?
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by Michael Iannini, Education Management Consultant & CIS Affiliated Consultant

Leadership roles attract some of the most curious, ambitious and growth minded individuals. These are three vital attributes for achieving transformational change and when people with these attributes are put together there will be a multiplier effect of new ideas that improving practice. Why then, after the team leader and coordinator roles are assigned, are schools not realizing this multiplier effect? What practical strategies are Senior Leadership teams lacking to empower middle leaders and foster collaboration as a larger network?

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by Michael Iannini, Education Management Consultant & CIS Affiliated Consultant

To begin building the foundation for collaborative, transformative and sustainable change in schools, senior leaders need to:

  1. Recruit and retain Culturally Fit staff;
  2. Empower leaders throughout the school;
  3. Provide leaders time and support to build their teams; and
  4. Enable teams to evaluate and manage their own performance.
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