We all recognize that differentiation in the classroom is essential for a high-quality learning environment where all levels of ability are nurtured to thrive in an age requiring personalization of the student experience. However, differentiation in curriculum and pedagogy are also still relatively unchartered waterways for many schools and, critically, provide an opportunity for schools to offer a teaching and learning experience that is unique and authentic.

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by Dr Stephen Holmes PhD, CIS Affiliated Consultant

This article promotes consideration primarily into three questions for international schools:

  1. Why and how has a marketing perspective become important for planning in international schools?
  2. Where should international schools start to build an enhanced market perspective in planning?
  3. How does an understanding of parent choice and decision making establish a platform for planning and marketing in international schools? What are the ‘right’ planning priorities going forward?
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by Michael Iannini, Education Management Consultant & CIS Affiliated Consultant

Leadership roles attract some of the most curious, ambitious and growth minded individuals. These are three vital attributes for achieving transformational change and when people with these attributes are put together there will be a multiplier effect of new ideas that improving practice. Why then, after the team leader and coordinator roles are assigned, are schools not realizing this multiplier effect? What practical strategies are Senior Leadership teams lacking to empower middle leaders and foster collaboration as a larger network?

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by Michael Iannini, Education Management Consultant & CIS Affiliated Consultant

To begin building the foundation for collaborative, transformative and sustainable change in schools, senior leaders need to:

  1. Recruit and retain Culturally Fit staff;
  2. Empower leaders throughout the school;
  3. Provide leaders time and support to build their teams; and
  4. Enable teams to evaluate and manage their own performance.
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by Matt Harris, CIS Affiliated Consultant

During the early parts of my Educational Technology (EdTech) career, I was sold a bill of goods. I was told that the post-millennial generation was full of Digital Natives. In fact, I have strong memories of when we threw that term around as a means of acculturating our faculties, parents, and administration to the needs of contemporary students.

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by Marie Davis, CIS Affiliated Consultant

As an educational and counseling psychologist consulting with international schools, I target key participants of the educational process- children, parents, teachers, administrators. I link several domains, providing insight to child’s functioning, including educational assessments, counseling, neurological preferences and sensorimotor reflexes.

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by Michael Iannini, Education Management Consultant & CIS Affiliated Consultant

I recently facilitated a Roundtable discussion that was convened due to the growing interest from senior leaders in schools related to professionally developing their middle leaders. This interest has grown due to various challenges schools face: retention, recruitment, opportunity costs, fostering collaboration and encouraging leaders throughout the school to take more ownership for the school’s performance.

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by Stephen Holmes B Ed, MBA, M Ed Admin, PhD (School Marketing and Reputation Management), CIS Affiliated Consultant

Dr Stephen Holmes is a member of the CIS Affiliated Consultant Network. Stephen is Founder and Principal of The 5rs Partnership Knowledge (www.5rspartnership.com), (previously known as The Knowledge Partnership), a global consultancy specifically for schools and universities in strategy, marketing, and reputation, established in 2003.

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by Dr. Sudha Govindswamy Sunder, CIS Affiliated Consultant

Case Study

Objective: The objective of this case study is to highlight some of the key features of a sustainable professional development model towards establishing an effective curriculum and instruction plan within the “revolving-door syndrome” of international schools (Hawley, 1994; Benson, 2011), particularly in the middle east.

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by Doug Walker, CIS Affiliated Consultant

I have spent the last few months reflecting on my recent stay in Japan where I completed a Fulbright Specialist Scholarship at Fukushima University. Working alongside Japanese mental health professionals, I assisted in identifying and responding to the long-term mental health challenges created by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, tsunami and Level 7 meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

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by Michael Iannini, International School Management Consultant & CIS Affiliated Consultant

How do you define collaboration? Does the outcome of your collaborative work improve instructional and operational effectiveness? Many teachers and administrative staff members feel they collaborate effectively. Several will engage in common planning activities. Some engage with peers to present work and solicit feedback. A few even meet to analyze data and identify areas for improvement. All of this with the purpose of collecting data and finding ways to improve.

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by Stephen Holmes B Ed, MBA, M Ed Admin, PhD (School Marketing and Reputation Management), CIS Affiliated Consultant

Dr Stephen Holmes is a member of the CIS Affiliated Consultant Network. Stephen is co-founder and managing partner of The Knowledge Partnership (www.theknowledgepartnership.com), a global marketing, strategy, and reputation research consultancy for schools and universities established in 2003.

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by Susie March, CIS Affiliated Consultant

Throughout the world, mainstream media messages containing sexualised images via television, web, mobile phones or pop videos are bombarding children and young people. At the same time, evidence of institutionalised sexual abuse and the growing sexualisation of children themselves has become a constant.

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