As a part of our membership community, we will help you strengthen your recruitment practices while also meeting your hiring and retention goals. You can join us at Career & Recruitment workshops happening around the world or schedule an onsite or virtual workshop for your school community.

Leadership Development | Career & Recruitment Workshop

In collaboration with Global Recruitment Collaborative (GRC)

22 November 2019, Bangkok
Alison Eaglesham & Chris Green

Overview: Join us to discuss hiring for the future – how to develop critical skills to support interculturally competent recruitment practices.

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Our vast membership community allows us to continually find new perspectives on directions for the future and we take pride in our ability to understand and work with intercultural dynamics to help you meet your school recruitment and retention goals, while also supporting personal career development and growth.

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1) Hiring for the future—key recruitment strategies and tools

We understand that hiring and retaining inspiring leaders and educators is one of the most important responsibilities for schools. Attracting top educational talent to your school will help you to realise your schools’ vision, set yourself apart from other schools in an increasingly competitive market and have a significant impact on student learning and attainment. This workshop has been especially created to help us to address the challenges ahead in recruitment and find and nurture talented leaders and educators for your school.

Professional learning goals:

  • Understand the benefits of competency and skills-based recruitment frameworks
  • Develop practical strategies to recruit and select staff more effectively
  • Understand the core competencies that are important to your school 
  • Review your recruitment strategy to meet your recruitment and retention goals
2) Leadership development

Are you recognizing your leadership potential? Are you portraying your skills and experience well in your applications for promoted positions? Are you able to articulate it all in a meaningful way in interviews? This workshop will help you to highlight the value and wealth of your competencies, your achievements and results, through practical advice, strategies and meaningful discussion with peers.

Professional learning goals:

  • Explore internal and external obstacles and blocks that may be holding you back from leadership roles. 
  • Formulate a personal action plan of the steps required to achieve your career objectives
  • Develop practical strategies to maximize the impact of an application and performance in an interview. 
  • Learn from other leaders about their career pathways and develop your professional network.
3) Intercultural hiring practices

International schools and their students are changing, and global citizenship is more important than ever. Schools need staff with the intercultural skills and competencies to support a diverse community who are shaping the future of international education. How can leaders understand their own level of intercultural competence and apply it to leadership in their school? How does our own cultural competence affect our hiring practices and the teams we build? How can schools hire teachers/ leaders with the capacity for, or who are interculturally competent? What hiring practices in a school promote and retain a diverse and interculturally competent staff? These questions and more will be covered in this workshop.

Professional learning goals:

  • Connect your culture and leadership style to hiring practices
  • Apply cultural frameworks to understand others
  • Understand the developmental levels of intercultural competence
  • Apply intercultural leadership to hiring practices

Find us on the road

Our team regularly attends global and regional events, where we meet candidates and school leaders and lead career workshops. If you have the opportunity to attend these events, look for our team and be sure to connect with us!

Leadership Development | Career & Recruitment Workshop 

Presenting at the Global Recruitment Collaborative (GRC)
8 November 2019, Dubai | Pauline O’Brien & Alison Eaglesham
Overview: Join us to discuss hiring for the future – how to develop critical skills to support interculturally competent recruitment practices.

Women in Leadership Symposium | AISA

20 November 2019, CapeTown | Pauline O’Brien
Overview: Stepping up, stepping forward - This one-day symposium empowers women in all levels of leadership to build on their strengths, plan for the future and learn how to secure the next promotion or job.

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