Leadership Development - Career & Recruitment WOrkshop | Bangkok

Date: 22 November 2019 | 08.30 - 17.00
Location: Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom, Bangkok, Thailand

In collaboration with Global Recruitment Collaborative

Develop more effective recruitment practices while learning critical skills to lead schools interculturally

You’ll gain insights and strategies for effective recruitment in international schools during this full-day workshop that we are excited to offer in collaboration with the Global Recruitment Collaborative at their fair in Bangkok. You’ll take part in an in-depth session focused on understanding the influence of culture on our recruiting practices and developing the intercultural skills of your teachers and leaders. 

Professional learning goals:

  • Connect your culture and leadership style to hiring practices
  • Apply cultural frameworks to understand others
  • Apply intercultural leadership to hiring practices
  • Develop practical strategies to recruit and select staff more effectively and safely
  • Identify skills and competency gaps more efficiently

Who is this workshop for?

International school principals, heads, Board members, school recruiters, leadership candidates at both member and non-member schools.

How to Register

Registration Deadline: 18 November 2019

CIS member school

If you are employed at a school that is a member of CIS, register via the CIS Community portal

Fee: US$200 (excluding VAT)

Leaders from non-member schools  

If your school is not a CIS member, register to attend the workshop.

Fee: US$200 (excluding VAT)