Recruiting Standards and Child Protection

As a founding member of the International TaskForce on Child Protection, we hold ourselves to a high standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection.

We are one of the founding organisations of the International Taskforce on Child Protection, a coalition of 90+ volunteers, including leaders of international education organisations, school leaders, counsellors and teachers, working collaboratively across professions with law enforcement officials and the medical community, to help international school communities address child protection challenges. We understand that ensuring child safety in schools is a collective responsibility and that the recruitment of educators is a key area of focus. Our thorough candidate screening process for educators and leaders acts as a deterrent for those who abuse children, ultimately making it significantly more difficult for them to work within the international community

Our process includes:

  • Criminal Background Checks/Clearances – CIS is the first international educational recruiting agency to include criminal background checks as a requirement in our candidate application process for educators and leaders – we require documentation covering each country in which a candidate has worked.*

*Not all countries provide criminal background documentation. In such cases, candidates will provide a statement to this effect, and will seek alternate testimonials to their character. Background check guidance documents are available in order to support candidates. We provide a Declaration Statement to indicate a candidate is in the process of obtaining a document, or, in the case of those with recent documentation – to declare their intention to obtain an updated document before leaving their current country of residence. We advise candidates on the procedures to follow.

  • Confidential Reference Checks - We request three confidential references for each candidate and verify references personally with the referees if their content raises any doubts. If, in full consideration of these conversations, we proceed with the candidate’s approval, we add explanatory notes to the candidate’s portfolio for further clarification.
  • Video Interview – We interview each candidate virtually to learn more about them and gain insights into their motivations for teaching internationally.
  • Personal Information Review – Each application undergoes a careful review; we check that the information submitted is accurate and consistent and discuss any discrepancies with the candidate.

CIS has put these processes in place in order to reduce the likelihood of child abusers gaining employment within our membership community and in schools around the world.

For further information on effective recruitment practices, please visit the Education Portal, set up and maintained by the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children.