Data protection, cybersecurity, and safeguarding for international schools

We all share responsibility for managing data, knowingly or unknowingly, personally, and professionally. In international schools, data protection and cybersecurity are increasingly important due to new legal obligations such as GDPR (Europe), LGDP (Brazil), CCPA (California), USA, Japan's Act on Protection of Personal Information, PDPB (India) and many more. Yet schools can struggle to understand what actions are required and how to comply.

We have developed our offering to support your school with a variety of resources.

Expert guidance

In partnership with 9ine, we address the challenges and strengthen our community’s professional expertise via workshops, articles, an assessment tool, and advice and guidance as you develop systems and policies in these critical areas of responsibility.


Now in their 3rd year, we offer Data Protection, Cybersecurity & Safeguarding Workshops to help you navigate associated complexities and legal compliance, and to gain insight, guidance, and resources to support you in finding the right balance between child and data protection practices.

Data Protection, Cybersecurity & Safeguarding Foundation workshop

6–7 December 2022
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On demand webinars

Our members can watch these webinars in the CIS Community portal webinar library.

  • Complying with data protection principles and upholding privacy rights. Learn how schools and universities can ensure that their virtual learning platforms comply with key data protection principles set out in the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other equivalent privacy laws in Asia.
  • How to keep students safe. An overview for an overview of the key safeguarding considerations to keep in mind when implementing a virtual or remote learning programme. This includes policy review, training and education and monitoring and recording procedures. Also highlights links to leading resources and guidance.