Educating for Global Citizenship

Based upon years of experience working with diverse school communities in more than 100 countries, we have learned the challenges faced by school communities when they explore the deeper aspects of global citizenship. We help schools evaluate all aspects of educational strategy to discover new ways to live their mission more purposefully. We provide opportunities to engage educators, leaders, students, and the larger community in intentional work leading to practical development and intercultural learning.

How can CIS support your school community?

  • Evaluate your mission and strategy for school development
  • Explore the impact of your staff and programmes to ensure students are world-ready
  • Provide professional development to your leadership team and staff to improve understanding and practice of educating for global citizenship.
  • Develop your school environment to be conducive to intercultural learning
  • Provide external validation of educational programmes and outcomes

CIS Pathways to Develop Global Citizenship

CIS supports your school based on your unique goals. Access our expertise to lead the growth of global citizens in your community.

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Learn more about the pathway to Global Citizenship. (Read online)