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Professional Development

How do the intercultural perceptions of your team impact the way you design school programmes and communications? By looking beneath the surface and understanding the real views of your team, you can find new ways to foster development and grow your school to meet the needs of your diverse population, improving support for students from all cultures.

Leading Schools Interculturally - A Course for School Leaders

How do leaders model their values and engender trust across a school community? How do they translate their values into authentic conversations across diverse communities? How do they develop intercultural understanding and ultimately, a shared purpose across cultures if their purpose is to educate for global citizenship? The growth of such an environment needs to be led.

We have developed a new online course to help you explore and strengthen how your leadership skills support a meaningful international education in your school – Leading Schools Interculturally. Three modules have been designed to support how school leaders view intercultural relationships, connections and processes in their schools.

After completing the course, you will be able to:​​​​​​​

  • Identify successful leadership of intercultural learning
  • Identify intercultural leadership capabilities in yourself and others
  • Integrate intercultural leadership into a distributed leadership approach
  • Create a strategic action plan to identify successful characteristics of global citizenship and what it looks like in practice
  • Connect intercultural leadership to CIS International Accreditation standards

The course can be completed in about 10-15 hours on your own schedule. You can take this course on your own or as collaborative professional development together with your senior leadership team.

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Onsite & Online Workshops

How does your staff shift cultural perspectives and adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities in your community? We will guide your staff through an exercise to evaluate their own perceptions, using the Intercultural Development Inventory ® (IDI®) framework to assess the intercultural competence of your team. A CIS facilitator will use data from surveys to look at the school community as a whole. The outcome will lead you to consider your strategic focus going forward. Additional training and workshops will focus on areas for further growth.

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