Conferences & events for university guidance

CIS offers a unique opportunity to facilitate links between guidance/university counsellors in schools and international university admissions professionals worldwide. Together, they support students in the transition from school to university. Through in-person and virtual conferences, regional institutes, college & university fairs and events, we aim to enhance communication and provide networking opportunities for guidance counsellors, colleges and universities across our global community.

Child Protection Workshops

A global team of experts who are world-renowned in all aspects of child protection and student well-being deliver a workshop programme to support educators learning about critical steps in protecting students. Our workshops cover the foundation of child protection, followed by more focused workshops to go deeper into topics such as setting school policies, managing school disclosures, recruiting practices and more.

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Workshop for inclusion via diversity, equity & anti-racism (I-DEA) 

This introductory series has been expanded and evolved into a three-day workshop offering members practical tools and effective approaches to activate conversations that will help your school move towards equity and inclusion. Our new Inclusion via Diversity, Equity & Anti-racism (I-DEA) Foundation Workshop will take place on 17–19 May.

Data Protection & Cybersecurity Workshop

It is increasingly important for international schools to understand data protection and cybersecurity, yet leaders struggle to understand what actions are required and how to comply with new legal requirements such as GDPR. Our in-person and online workshops are designed and tailored to the needs of international schools to support them with this challenge. The workshop content is based on recent data protection and cybersecurity research and will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to strengthen your associated policies and procedures in line with CIS accreditation standards.

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Upcoming events

Finding best fit universities in a virtual world: Three useful practices
Webinar for members
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CIS-EARCOS Institute on International Admission & Guidance

23–24 September 2022
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Child Protection Foundation Workshop

24–25 October 2022
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Global Forum on International Admission & Guidance | Madrid

3–4 November 2022
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Global Forum on International Admission & Guidance | Virtual

16–18 November 2022
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Mental Health and Well-being Workshop

22–24 November 2022
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