Data Protection, Cybersecurity & Safeguarding Foundation Workshop

Date: 6–7 December 2022
Time: 09:00–14:30 Central European Time (CET) | Convert to your time zone
Unsure of your schedule and ability to attend live? Access recordings and materials for on-demand participation.
Location: Virtual

Data protection is so vital to the well-being of a school’s environment.

Data Protection Workshop participant, March 2021

Join us to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to strengthen your data protection and safeguarding policies and procedures in line with CIS International Accreditation standards.

You’ll address specific issues that have arisen due to COVID-19 and subsequent remote and blended learning environments. Experts in the fields of data protection and cybersecurity, international school accreditation, and child protection will guide you.

The workshop is tailored to the needs of international schools and is based on recent data protection and cybersecurity research.

You can expect to:

  • Participate in interactive training that allows you to share, develop and learn from current data protection challenges facing international schools
  • Learn from data protection, accreditation, and child protection experts from 9ine and CIS

  • Learn about a school ‘self-assessment’ for alignment with data protection and cybersecurity standards
  • Receive guidance on how to evidence compliance with data protection law
  • Hear how IT systems in schools should be used to manage and record safeguarding risks to enable early identification of child protection concerns
  • Explore the connections and potential conflicts between data protection and child protection through scenario-based discussions
  • Learn about changes to data protection law and how these impact international school communities 
  • Gain information on how to embed a culture of privacy, manage incidents, and protect schools from cybersecurity threats
  • Ask questions of the speakers during ‘virtual office hours’
  • Arrange an optional action planning session after the workshop to help you apply what you have learned during the workshop when you return to your school
  • Use the workshop app to connect and share learning with other participants
  • Listen to recorded sessions to help you embed your learning after the workshop or if you miss a session
  • Receive a resource pack including a template risk assessment, recorded webinars, and written guidance.

Choose between:

  • Strand A: Embedding a culture of privacy and managing data protection incidents
  • Strand B: Protecting your school from information and cyber security threats
  • Strand C: Balancing child safeguarding and data protection

My awareness about data protection in the domain of child protection has been raised. I will discuss and act upon this with relevant staff members and prioritise data protection in our development plan and training for staff.

Data Protection Workshop participant, March 2021


Who is this workshop for?

School board members, heads of schools, principals, IT leads/directors, data protection officers, safeguarding leads and child protection officers, social emotional counsellors, university guidance counsellors, CIS International Accreditation team evaluators.

Registration deadline: 25 November 2022
Fee: €500 (excluding VAT)

If your institution is not a CIS member and you are interested in this event, please email Jane Joyce.

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