Inclusion via diversity, equity & anti-racism Foundation Workshop

Date: 14–16 February 2023
Time: 10:30–16:30 Central European Time (CET) | Convert to your time zone
Unsure of your schedule and ability to attend live? Access recordings and materials for on-demand participation.
Location: Virtual

Where are you and your school community on your
journey to inclusion via diversity, equity & anti-racism (I-DEA)?

Are you looking for practical tools, effective approaches, insights, collaboration, and guidance to expand your thinking around your I-DEA work?

We recognise that identifying where to start and how to take action can be challenging.

This workshop is here to support and guide you.

You’ll develop your awareness and understanding of both the blockers and the opportunities you may encounter as you strive to find the right entry point for this work in your community.

You’ll learn ways to activate conversations and practices that will help your school move towards equity and inclusion.

Explore these guiding questions:
  • What is your individual motivation and commitment to I-DEA and how does this show up in your practices?
  • How are you engaging with others to nurture and sustain diverse intrapersonal relationships that shape your institution’s learning culture?
  • How can fundamental understandings across the school help to accelerate I-DEA initiatives?
  • How can you design equitable learning ecosystems that bring historically marginalized identities to the forefront of decision-making?

Over three days you will connect with your peers from across the CIS community through keynotes, workshop sessions, live member connections, case studies, Q&As, and showcases that spotlight learning stories and resources.

Choose from two strands: For leaders and practitioners

Two strands will differentiate content to meet the needs of leaders who are striving to initiate and sustain a whole-school approach to I-DEA, and practitioners who are nurturing I-DEA in their learning communities.

Strand A: Leading and sustaining a whole-school approach to I-DEA

This strand is for leaders who share a commitment to establish sustainable practices, whether you are ready to begin this work or whether you are seeking the courage to begin. Learn how to nurture your community in this cognitively demanding work, to create infrastructure and sustain practice through leading others.

Strand B: Practicing and nurturing I-DEA in a learning community

This strand is for educators who champion I-DEA through their instructional practices. Engage with ideas and tools to enhance your learning and teaching. Sharpen your I-DEA advocacy through community collaborations.

Expand your thinking by:
  • connecting with and learning from passionate educators who model the mindsets necessary for I-DEA work
  • engaging with leaders, practitioners, and students in CIS member schools by reflecting together and co-constructing action
  • examining how to uphold the rights of every child through championing I-DEA commitments
  • learning how to embed I-DEA values throughout your school’s infrastructure in dynamic, ongoing, and interconnected ways
  • re-envisioning the role of stories and data to identify opportunities to implement initiatives and make informed and ethical decisions
  • developing an understanding of ways to take action in your school context: strategies, approaches and tools
  • committing to taking action that will result in fewer disruptions to change efforts, less disheartenment, fewer isolated interventions, and greater use of resources
  • igniting your advocacy drive by leveraging your sphere of influence and championing initiatives and/or interventions.

Speakers, showcase presenters & facilitators at the event

Showcase Presenters

How to register

Join this workshop to gain inspiration and the courage to act.

Who is this workshop for?

School leaders, educators, social emotional counsellors, university guidance counsellors, plus our evaluators, affiliated consultants and supporting members.

CIS member school

Registration Deadline: 13 February 2023
Fee: €550 (excluding VAT)

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It doesn’t stop there!

Join a follow-up session to reflect, reconnect, and advance what you’ve learned

Our support for you and this work continues after the workshop ends. Come back for a half-day follow-up session to reflect, reconnect, and advance what you’ve learned.

You might already have taken some courageous risks, or you might have been taking time to think more deeply and are starting to feel ready to take your next steps and advance forward … wherever you are on this journey, you are invited to join, share, listen, learn.