University Counsellor Tour

The University Counsellor Tour offers guidance counsellors from schools around the world the opportunity to visit higher education institutions in a region of the United States or Canada annually. The tour is organized by the CIS Guidance Committee and takes place during the month of July.

Upcoming events

2020 events update: We are focusing on what we can plan and do with a high degree of certainty this year, considering our collective health and safety and ongoing uncertainties for global travel and gatherings. We won’t be hosting any in-person events for the rest of the year, including our annual CIS University Counsellor Tour.

We will offer virtual events for counsellors to continue essential conversations, networking and learning opportunities. Registration for virtual events will open no later than July. Please keep checking the events page for the latest schedule; members will also receive the event information in their Member Updates.

Are you a member? Join a series of country-focused webinars, entitled Monitoring a changing landscape. University representatives explain how they are adjusting admissions procedures and policies during challenging circumstances. Log into the CIS Community portal > KnowledgeBase > Webinars to find conversations with universities in Germany, Australia, Spain, Italy, Ireland, the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, with more to follow.

CIS University Counsellor Tour | 2019

“One of the best tours!”  “This is my third CIS tour and it is always very well organized and lots of fun as well” “I really enjoyed this tour as the universities really made the effort to get counsellors involved in hands-on activities or giving us specialized tours and taster lectures. A most refreshing change from just providing us with facts about the universities. Show rather than tell :)—2019 survey feedback

by Michelle Duschang, Director of International University Counseling at Hisar School in Istanbul, Turkey

Even after 28 years either on the university or school side of the admissions counseling desk, participating in the CIS University Counselor Tour last month I was astounded, yet again, by the supportive, collaborative and genuinely enthusiastic community of people I work with every day. At times our community that spans the globe seems so small. However, this experience reminded me how diverse and vast our network really reaches and how much we learn from one another.

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by Marisabel Figueroa, 2017 CIS University Counsellor Tour Leader

Thirty-one counselors from twenty-six different countries embarked on a journey through the heartland of the USA. This diverse group visited seventeen universities in seven days. The tour started in Cleveland, Ohio and we made our way through Ohio, up the state of Indiana, and over to Chicago, Illinois. The goal was to travel west and visit as many universities between Cleveland and Chicago as possible.

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The information we gained about scholarships and admissions, study abroad options and the variety of campuses and programs was simply awesome. We came back to our students and prepared a presentation of the 400 or so photos we took and had a wonderful Q&A session debunking myths and confirming realities! We also made some incredible contacts and are now feeling much more able to provide our students with an educated response to their questions or, feel comfortable that we have people we can reach out to if aren't sure of the correct answer.

Cleveland District State High School, Australia