Global Citizenship & I-DEA

Based upon years of experience working with diverse school communities in more than 100 countries, we have seen the challenges in bringing together staff, students and parents from multiple cultures. These challenges impact the ability of leaders to influence their community and for educators to effectively collaborate.

We help schools develop their leaders and teachers while evaluating their educational strategy to discover new ways to live their mission. We help you engage your teachers, leaders, students, and the larger community in intentional work leading to practical development and intercultural learning.

What actions will impact your staff and community?

  • Develop and refine your leadership skills to excel in a diverse environment and avoid surprises.
  • Uncover biases that can negatively impact your community and school programmes.
  • Measure your intercultural competence and identify strategies to make improvements.
  • Evaluate your mission and strategy for school development.
  • Explore the impact of your programmes and provide guidance on how to enhance intercultural learning.

How can we support you?

  • Tackling racism workshop series—This introductory series has been expanded and evolved into a three-day workshop offering members practical tools and effective approaches to activate conversations that will help your school move towards equity and inclusion. Our new Inclusion via Diversity, Equity & Anti-racism (I-DEA) Foundation Workshop will take place on 17–19 May.
  • CIS Affiliated Consultants can help your school community navigate aspects of inclusion via diversity, equity & anti-racism (I-DEA), intercultural competence and intercultural learning.
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