CIS Symposia on Intercultural Learning

What does intercultural understanding and its practical application look like in international schools?

At our 2020 Symposia, we get straight to the heart of the matter, learning about both the latest research and practical ideas for participants to incorporate within their school communities.

Our presenters represent both university and school communities who share their expertise, latest research and successful practice during interactive sessions that are tailored for our CIS international school community.

What does the programme look like?

You can expect:

  • small group interactive sessions focused on practical ways to improve intercultural learning in schools

  • session content that is based in research and proven practice

  • connections that are fostered by signing up for a particular strand where the same group stays together over the course of two full days

  • to connect with other school leaders focused on enhancing intercultural learning and global citizenship
  • practical ways to improve intercultural learning in school

When and where?

Symposium on Intercultural Learning | Leiden
Leiden, The Netherlands

27–28 January 2020
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Symposium on Intercultural Learning | Singapore

7–8 February 2020
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The two-day programme at each location includes inspiring keynote presentations and a choice of two strands.

Call for session proposals

Do you have insights or practical examples of success that support the development of intercultural learning across the international school community? We want to hear from you!

The selection committee encourages presentations from these groups:

  • University faculty, researchers, or doctoral students
  • School leaders or teachers conducting action research
  • School leaders or teachers engaged in innovative and proven practice as evidenced through sound assessment measures

Your session proposal should consider topics related to the development of intercultural learning within the following categories:

Strand 1

Leading Schools Interculturally: A school’s foundation and strategy for developing global citizens

Designed for: school leaders and others responsible for leading the strategic development of global citizenship

Example topics:

  • Agreeing on key terms: international mindedness, intercultural learning, intercultural competence, global citizenship, etc.
  • Crafting and assessing guiding statements and school policies and procedures related to intercultural learning/global citizenship
  • Designing a successful staffing and professional development plan that promotes effective intercultural learning/ development of global citizenship
  • Hiring for and developing a team to model intercultural leadership and promote intercultural learning/development of global citizenship
  • Defining big picture KPIs for intercultural learning/development of global citizenship

Strand 2

Developing Global Citizens through Co-Curricular Programs: Making intercultural learning explicit and meaningful

Designed for: CAS coordinators, Service Learning Coordinators, Co-curricular and Activities Coordinators, Community Outreach Coordinators, Assessment Coordinator, Curriculum coordinators, Educators responsible for global citizenship development

Example topics:

  • Creating sustainable service learning/community engagement programs that promote the development of global citizens.

  • Designing an environmentally sustainable school environment linked to students’ responsibility and learning.

  • Offering virtual or on the ground co-curricular programs which focus on global and local connections and perspectives.

  • Capitalizing on students’ leadership skills, passions and interests to develop, implement and assess co-curricular program impact and learning.

  • Assessing the impact of students’ intercultural co-curricular learning 

The deadline for submission is Monday 7 October 2019. Though sessions should be based in research or proven practice, this is NOT a traditional research conference with white paper presentations, thus sessions should be interactive and provide practical ideas for school leaders.

- Call for proposal submission has closed -


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