Our flagship service to develop global citizenship! A whole-school project-based approach encouraging a deeper dive into global citizenship to recognise and extend existing effective practices while guiding the development of intercultural competence for all stakeholders. Apply the CIS framework to develop your staff and programmes.

Under our guidance, your school will set a timeframe to explore and investigate global citizenship principles, practices and resources related to six carefully-selected project areas. During an initial school workshop, you will receive rubrics and criteria for self-assessment, as well as ongoing online support from CIS School International Advisors.

Schools seeking further validation of their achievements through this programme can choose to add an external peer review resulting in Global Citizenship Certification. Leading up to the review, CIS provides ongoing guidance and assessment of your school, culminating with a community showcase to highlight your development.

Schools engaged with Global Citizenship Certification will also be given access to the CIS Symposia, creating a fantastic opportunity to share effective practices, challenges and resolutions in relation to intercultural learning.

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CIS Global Citizenship Certification provides:

  • Validation and recognition for high quality global citizenship education
  • A means to enhance and confirm a school community’s commitment to international/intercultural learning and the development of global citizens
  • Professional development opportunities to help schools develop their leadership team and staff while opening new conversations and reflections about global citizenship, international and intercultural development
  • Project-based collaboration focused on the attributes, values and a range of skills to be life-ready

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Quote by Turning Point School, USA: “It exceeded our expectations. I knew that we would be responsible for looking closely at our programmes and how well we were doing as far as global citizenship, but I did not expect the projects to take us into so much depth.”