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CIS Cultural & Learning Survey

This tool will help your school community understand how cultural diversity can influence teaching and learning. The survey gathers data to help you understand students' preferences relating to individuality, collaboration, communication, cross-cultural understanding, relationship to authority, and more. Results can be used to inform decision-making at a variety of levels, from working with students individually to the whole-school analysis on a strategic level. With dashboards built for easy monitoring and analysis, you’ll be able to measure progress of students taking the survey, as well as filter results by grade, gender, parent nationality, and number of years in school to draw big-picture conclusions about cultural dynamics in your school.

This survey is an initiative between the CIS Research & Development team and the International School of Helsinki, and has been validated by experts in research and analytics at Boston College in the USA. Nearly 20 diverse schools participated to pilot this survey with over 4,000 students responses.

Further information is available on the CIS Community Portal for CIS member schools.