Tackling Racism: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in our Schools and Universities

A CIS virtual workshop series

We are all accountable for purposefully and intentionally tackling racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion in schools and universities across our global CIS community.

Progress is dependent on strong foundational concepts that are grounded in being self-reflective, deliberate, and evaluative. Taking time to develop and strengthen our foundations—individually and institutionally—is essential, no matter how progressive or rudimentary we are in our thinking and actions. 

We can help you do the groundwork during these one-day, 2.5 hour virtual and interactive workshops we will address intercultural competence and help you achieve equity in your schools and universities.

You and your institution will be in a better position to address the challenges faced by non-dominant racial and cultural groups, and the resulting bias and discrimination, by developing the behaviours and understanding at the core of intercultural competence.

In these three interactive workshops, you will join guest speakers and your peers from international schools and universities to collaborate and build your understanding of intercultural competence and its role in tackling racism and creating equity.

Our workshop leaders:

headshot of Eeqbal Hassim
headshot of Cynthia Roberson
headshot of Joel Llaban
headshot of Terrence Harewood
headshot of Eleanor Parker
Eeqbal Hassim Cynthia Roberson Joel Llaben Terrence Harewood Eleanor Parker
headshot of Derek Brinkley
headshot of Erin Robinson
headshot of Judith King Calnek
headshot of Ann Straub
headshot of Chris Green
Derek Brinkley Erwin Robinson Judith King-Calnek Ann Straub Chris Green


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