Tackling Racism Workshop: Addressing Implicit Biases

How do we address our implicit biases and those of others before these lead to systematic and structural racism and discrimination?

Join this interactive workshop to examine the Stereotype Wheel, explore research on our natural tendency to have implicit biases and how these influence our institutions, teachers and students, plus strategies to counteract them.

You can expect to:
  • understand that bias is a natural human tendency that, left unchecked, can undermine equity in our schools and universities
  • recognize our own and others’ implicit biases, including those around race and culture in our institutions
  • learn strategies to address implicit biases

Take-aways from previous participants:

A question that really resonated with me as an international school educator: "If practice doesn't align with the promise, is it truly international?"

This workshop definitely helped provide a framework and tools for me to unearth more of my own biases.

When now looking at the curriculum, I plan to ask myself three questions that Eeqbal posed: 1. What perspectives are being presented? 2. What's being privileged? 3. What's missing?

Good insight into how to help children learn to question their judgements and conclusions—how to examine their implicit biases.

This session provided a practical introduction to the concept of implicit bias which enables us to be more reflective and metacognitive in our approach to identifying and gently challenging mindsets that are blind to some implicit assumptions and habits of interacting.

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