Tackling Racism Workshop: Establishing Structures and Systems to Tackle Racism and Promote Equity in our Schools and Universities

Date: 23 November 2021, 10:00–12:30 Central European Time (CET)
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Location: Virtual

Where do you perceive, or does data indicate, inequity in your school or university?

How do you surface often hidden inequity? Where do we begin in addressing the complex and sensitive issues of power, privilege, equity, and racism?

Many CIS member schools and universities face these issues, in diverse ways.

Join fellow university and international school professionals in this interactive workshop to apply the learning outcomes to your institutions.

You can expect to:
  • understand who holds privilege in your school or university and who does not
  • recognize the structures and systems within your own school or university that promote inequity
  • learn strategies to tackle racism in order to address inequities in your school or university
  • equip students with strategies to tackle issues of racism and inequity as they transition from school to higher education

How to register

Registration deadline: 22 November 2021
Fee: €200 (excluding VAT)

Registration has closed

Who is this workshop for?

  • School heads, principals, social-emotional counsellors, teachers, and university guidance counsellors and staff at CIS member schools.
  • University admissions representatives, faculty, and staff at CIS member universities.
  • CIS Affiliated Consultants and supporting members.
  • CIS International Accreditation evaluators.

If your institution is considering membership and interested in this event, please email globalcitizenship@cois.org.

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Take-aways from previous participants:

I really saw the divide between the emotive work and the academic/structural work in this session. They are intertwined, but to address each part of the work with a different mindset and know that one can't be a success without the other. Simple, but a lightbulb moment for me.

Collecting the stories is a way to start. Leadership buy-in is essential.

Developing a mission and vision specifically for DEI and relating it to the existing institutional mission and vision is a strategy I am going to take forward.

Despite the challenges of a strict Eurocentric curriculum, we should discuss and develop ways to decolonize our curriculum, beyond a tokenistic inclusion (i.e inclusion of BAME authors) working towards something more meaningful where students are learning and developing the skills to challenge current systems of power and privilege.

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