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Developing understanding and an action plan for Global Citizenship in your school through onsite or virtual workshops.

It’s not easy to know if you have blind spots when it comes to working with different cultures in your school. If you have experienced challenges, do you have a plan to change how you work to ensure oversights are not repeated?  

We customize our professional learning workshops to guide your leaders and staff to a shared understanding of global citizenship. Our bespoke solutions will further develop your vision and lead to an action plan to evolve behaviours and programmes impacting your entire community.

Workshop on Intercultural Leadership: Bridging Cultural Differences in our Schools

Although if often goes unrecognized as such, cultural differences are often at the root of conflicts that arise in international schools.  Being aware of our own cultural beliefs, assumptions, and behaviours allows us to recognize cultural differences and commonalities and adjust our perceptions and behaviours accordingly. Remaining true to our core beliefs while knowing what behaviours and beliefs we can flex in interacting with differences among colleagues, parents and students requires an awareness of ourselves and an understanding of other’s cultural frameworks.  How does this work in a multicultural school setting when often there is not time to consider multiple points of view and cultural norms? How do the various stakeholders in our schools view leadership and your role in the school? And lastly, how does your role as a leader influence the development of global citizenship throughout the school?

School Foundation for Developing Global Citizenship

CIS member schools share the goal of developing global citizenship in their students, but experience suggests such goals are sometimes daunting in their ambition and all too often frustratingly vague in their structure. In this workshop, educators who are responsible for the development of global citizens will look at how a school’s guiding statements, policies, culture and ethos can all work in tandem to foster the development of global citizens. Participants will begin to develop a school action plan for the development of global citizenship.

Additional workshops are available to meet the needs of your unique school environment.

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The shared definition of global citizenship was powerful in the creation which involved lots of discussion. We next defined what this looks like in practice.

Methodist Ladies' College, Australia