Evaluation Teams

Our peer evaluation model is a hallmark of the CIS International Accreditation philosophy. We believe that gaining perspectives from fellow member schools is a vital aspect of school evaluation. A diverse team enriches the accreditation process through the sharing of knowledge and effective practices, to the benefit of not only the schools being evaluated but also the peers involved in their evaluation. Volunteering as an evaluation team member provides significant professional benefits for faculty and leadership members. Our peer evaluators consistently rate the experience as the best professional development they have had.

CIS educators can play a crucial role in upholding the highest standards in international education by joining a team of peer evaluators. Our evaluation teams play a critical role on accreditation visits—assessing the school’s alignment with standards and driving the school’s efforts toward continuous improvement. Evaluators make a positive impact on our global membership community while learning and refining the skills that are used throughout an educational career.

Understanding and seeking the depth of what it means to be truly internationally minded, knowing the world is one with the determination to improve and learn from each other, is what I have experienced on the team visits... I hope to continue to experience this learning and professional development... as I immerse myself into school' evaluation and improvement.

Evaluation team member

The requirements for becoming a CIS Accreditation Evaluator are:

  • Affiliation with a CIS Member or CIS Accredited School
  • A university or college degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree
  • A teaching qualification/license or an appropriate educational qualification in an area of expertise e.g. counselling/library sciences
  • Suitable background checks and a reference from your current or most recent employer. See our safeguarding policy summary for further information
  • Two years of current, full-time experience at a primary or secondary school
  • Experience working in an English language context
Do you have staff at your school who wish to become CIS Accreditation Evaluators?

Make sure the interested educator is on the list of contacts at your school, available via the CIS Community portal for schools. Each individual can then complete the interest form under Services > Become an Evaluator.

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Peer evaluation is at the core of the CIS International Accreditation experience—educators lead, strengthen and shape international education together. Our new Director of School Evaluation & Development Services, Simon Camby, explored how peer evaluation training works from the inside.

In the middle of the pandemic, a dedicated group of 102 educators from 71 schools in 39 countries across every continent found the energy, time and commitment to complete an online training course in April to develop the skills and attributes of a CIS accreditation team evaluator. School improvement and learning from each other, right now, is more critical than ever.