Framework and Protocol

CIS International Accreditation is fully and entirely developed by CIS, reflecting our mission, values, diverse membership, and our Code of Ethics. Educational leaders developed the protocol based on research of school development and improvement, with feedback from more than 200 schools in 50 countries.

There are four drivers for our protocol:

CIS Accreditation Drivers

Purpose & Direction

The implementation of the mission, vision and values, including the development of global citizenship, as defined by the school.


Protection, safety, security and overall wellness.

High quality learning and teaching

The nature and quality of learning and the resulting progress made by the students.

The Development of Global Citizenship

As defined by the CIS mission and definition of global citizenship.

Furthermore, it is characterized by:

  • the inclusion of recommendations made by the International Taskforce on Child Protection, embracing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the UN Declaration of Human Rights
  • the CIS Community Survey, managed by CIS research experts, which allows your school to include specific questions for an annual climate survey
  • a strong focus on futures learning
  • the promotion of sustainable school improvement, innovation and the research-centred school
  • a strong foundation based on research and developing pedagogies
  • online tools for collaborative planning and writing reports

Schools interested in membership and CIS Accreditation can contact CIS.