Apply for School Membership

Is your school committed to the development of your students as global citizens?

Our membership application process and support are conducted in English.  In addition, CIS membership resources and services are also provided in English.

To qualify for membership, your school must demonstrate its commitment:
  • to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue their lives as global citizens; and
  • to provide high quality international education.
To become a CIS member, your school must:
  • meet CIS Core Membership Criteria
  • live by the CIS Code of Ethics
  • be fully accredited by a recognised national agency; or commit to begin the CIS International Accreditation process within two years of membership approval

Additionally, your school must:

  • be operational at the time of application
  • provide a sequential course of study leading to full primary/elementary and/or secondary education
  • apply as a whole school (not a section of the school such as the International Section or only the primary or secondary school)
The school membership application process:
Step 1 Submit basic information about your school.
Step 2 Submit documentation to demonstrate that your school follows the CIS Code of Ethics and provides an international education programme.
Step 3 Self-Evaluation - Evaluate the alignment of your school’s policies and practices with the CIS core membership standards. 
Step 4 CIS Evaluation - CIS reviews your documentation and its alignment with our core membership standards. If aligned, 
Step 5 CIS Visit - CIS professional staff visit your school to verify that your practices align with our core membership standards.

Review the school membership benefits and services and annual membership fees. Then start the school membership application.