School Membership: Benefits & Services

As a part of the CIS Membership Community, you can

  • Develop your community’s understanding of Global Citizenship to demonstrate your mission more intentionally
  • Assess the intercultural skills of your students and teachers to develop their abilities and prepare them for life no matter where their paths may take them
  • Connect your students and counsellors with CIS higher education members to learn about options for university study globally and how to provide more effective guidance and support for students as they transition to higher education
  • Evaluate your school with leading educational practice globally and apply for CIS International Accreditation to drive continuous improvement in your school community
  • Strengthen your child protection and student well-being practices as you learn from our internationally-recognised team of experts through our workshops, resources and briefings
  • Access the CIS KnowledgeBase of data, reports and resources on international education from our global community to benchmark your progress and learn from other schools
  • Reach our network of fully-screened affiliated consultants with the expertise to help you achieve your school improvement goals
  • Vote in annual elections and to amend CIS By-Laws; put your name forth for election to the CIS Board of Trustees
  • Add your school profile to the online CIS membership directory shared with parents, students and educators looking for high quality schools
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