Student Awards & Recognition

International Student Award

The CIS International Student Award recognizes outstanding students at member schools for projects which exemplify internationalism. International Student Awards are presented to an individual student or a group of students in recognition of their contributions to the promotion of global citizenship and the development of international awareness in their communities.

Award submissions are on hiatus at this time.

Meet the recipients


Awards for individuals

Maia Alabdelwahab, 16

American International School - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Project: Sheyma Project and Raising awareness of social issues

Maia has spearheaded two projects that have made a significant difference to the lives of others. First, with a group of UNICEF Club members she initiated and coordinated the collection and creation of shoeboxes full of gifts for refugee children as a part of Project Sheyma. This project involves students filling shoeboxes with items that a child refugee of a similar age would need and enjoy and then writing a note to that child. Maia's team partnered with a school in Jeddah, and advertised and organized the filling of the boxes and their storage. When her original plans for collecting boxes did not succeed, she problem solved and succeeded in getting the owners of shoe shops to donate the boxes. She and her team then solicited donations and donated their own money to ensure that the shoe boxes were filled with gifts. Maia and two other UNICEF members then travelled to Jordan during Week Without Walls, visited the refugee camps and distributed the gift boxes themselves. The entire 4-month long project was entirely organized and sustained by Maia, leading a team of students from the UNICEF club.

Second, Maia's creation of outstanding videos, inspired by her IB Nature of Science and English courses, The videos shared a social justice message and an understanding of the world that is likely to spread through social media. Maia used her self-taught skills in video production to make high quality, professional videos that are already making an impact. Maia is therefore a change maker and a multiplier who has the potential power to influence many young people at this exciting time in the history of Saudi Arabia.

Badr Al-Yahya, 17

Muscat International School, Oman
Project: Community Service

Badr has represented the school in both swimming and the Model United Nations. This has contributed to his development, in which he has flourished as a student academically, and through both collaboration and cooperative activities with the Head of Secondary and our Head of Careers and University Admissions. He managed a team of students for various school activities such as parent afternoons, the Charity Carnival, and Pink Day. Badr has become the unofficial Spanish liaison representative of the Head of Secondary, as he has helped new Spanish speaking pupils adjust to life here at MIS and Oman. A task that requires an intuitive understanding of how to deal with people and a real sense of pastoral care for our younger pupils here at MIS.

This student has been nominated for their reliability, trustworthiness and self-belief which makes them a shining example to all of their peers in Grade 12. He has illustrated maturity beyond his years, and captures what it means to be a model student at MIS, Prefect and ultimately the Head Boy.

Theodore (Theo) Bien, 18

Bangkok Patana School, Thailand
Project: Habitat for Humanity Community Action Team

The Habitat for Humanity Club at Bangkok Pantana partners with Habitat for Humanity to help improve the quality of life for Thai people by building homes and transforming communities. Theo Bien led the Habitat for Humanity Club from March 2017 – March 2018. Theo was a key driver in multiple school activities focused on addressing inequality and raising funds and awareness for the house-building project. His enthusiasm, passion and dedication to the project were key factors to its success.

This year the club raised awareness about the impact of poor housing on communities and the impact a sustainable housing programme can have to improve the quality of life. The club held campaigns during lunchtimes and at school events raising funds and educating students, teachers and parents using displays, activities and videos to promote the cause. Theo was seen to be at the heart of all of the campaigns by leading and coordinating them.

In addition to raising awareness, the club raised funds (220,000 baht) and carried out an annual build to provide a home for a family in rural Thailand. This year, Theo led the team build to Rayong and was instrumental in the success of the project. Before the event, he was involved in the planning of the trip, ensuring enough funds had been raised, the team had been selected and all logistics covered. During the building project he was a key player with his tireless energy and enthusiasm. He motivated the team members ensuring the completion of tasks each day and following the build he worked with the team to reflect on the success and identify areas for improvement.

Rairat (Am) Chunnananda, 17

NIST International School, Thailand
Project: ServICE [Inspire, Connect, Empower] Conference

Rairat (Am) Chunnananda has promoted and led the ServICE [Inspire, Connect, Empower] Conference in Bangkok since its inception in 2011. Through Am's leadership, the conference has become the principle platform for students in Thailand to connect and share their service-learning projects and experiences. On the first day of the conference, students are inspired through service activities and simulations. The second day connects students through How-to session and a NGO/Service Group fair. While the final day, empowers students through consolidation of learning and action planning.

Am's sustained commitment to ServICE has brought together hundreds of student service-leaders from the Bangkok-Pattaya region. The student-led keynote addresses, workshops and impressive collaborative projects born out of ServICE are inspirational. Beyond Am's unassuming leadership, she has also led workshops on conducting authentic needs analysis for service projects, her work leading the Mushie Mushie service group at NIST and her work with 2Develop OmGoi.

Maryam Daya, 18

Raffles World Academy, United Arab Emirates
Project: RWA Debate Club

Maryam was appointed Chairperson of the RWA Debate Club at Raffles World Academy for the 2017-18 academic year. Along with her academic commitments in the final year of her Diploma Program, as well as her responsibilities as Head Girl in her final year, she ran the club as a member of the senior student leadership team.

As part of this leadership team, she was responsible for selecting topics for debates based on current and global issues. As Chairperson, she was required to moderate and summarize the content of the arguments made, collaborate with fellow Raffles World Academy students from around the world, as well as train younger members of the club in preparation for local and international debating tournaments.

Ojas Mandlekar, 16

Franconian International School, Germany
Project: BookBridge

Ojas Mandlekar is a leading figure in the success of the school as a regional centre for the BookBridge project ( developing a partnership with learning centres in Mongolia, facilitated through book collections, fund raising and intercultural learning. Ojas has made a substantial impact as part of this project, going the extra mile, turning up for every event as well as being responsible for organizing/facilitating many of the activities.

He is also the leader of FIS MUN, and in that role, was instrumental in advising a group in a Mongolian partner school on how to go about organising their first MUN conference.

Ananya Sri Maskara, 16

The British School, New Delhi, India
Project: 7th Period

Ananya is to be recognized for her community service initiative over the last two years. On her own accord, she began 7th period, a social initiative aimed at decreasing the stigma around sanitary napkins for students across Delhi. Through providing girls between the ages of 12-18 (Class VI-Class XII) with sanitary napkins, her aim was to increase access to sanitary napkins, while simultaneously decreasing the stigma and negative attitudes towards the natural process of menstruation. Every month Ananya goes to the 'Khushii' foundation to distribute 100 packets of sanitary pads to the girls there and educate them upon the importance of menstrual hygiene and how they can too felicitate conversations in their homes to help spread awareness. To pay for the sanitary napkins she has been selling handmade candles for rupees 200 per piece. This not only funds the project but it creates conversation and dialogue. For this initiative, she will be receiving a Young Leader Award from the Women's Economic Forum on May 1st and will also be speaking in two parallel sessions. Furthermore, she met President Justin Trudeau when he was in India on February 22nd as part of the Youth Leaders programme.

Margherita Mayr, 18

International School of Milan, Italy
Project: Model United Nations & Seeds and Chips

Margherita is an Italian national and proud of her cultural heritage, however she has also demonstrated a very open and international outlook in her friendship groups, involvement in extracurricular activities and in supporting school initiatives. Highly respected by the school community, she was elected student President in 2017. Her leadership ability and inclusive attitude was clearly evident in her organization of school fundraising events such as Red Nose Day, Peace Day and participation in the school's International Evening as presenter and performer. Throughout her high school years, Margherita has taken part in a host of drama, musical, and sporting activities, and was Captain of the school volleyball team. Margherita clearly enjoys a challenge and works hard to solve problems and encourage a sense of community and international spirit.

Her passion for international and Geopolitical issues made Margherita a key member of the school's Model United Nations team, where she won the prize for best delegate for four years running. One of her many achievements on the MUN team was being selected to present her view on the impact of globalization on food as a "teenovator" at the Seeds & Chips Conference in Milan, attended by President Obama, the Mayor of Milan Sala and former Italian Prime Minister Renzi. In her presentation she reflected on the global distribution of wealth and the planet's resources.

Madeleine Parr, 17

The Overseas School of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Project: ReefKeepers

ReefKeepers is a student-initiated service program born out of student interest in the reefs and coastline habitats around Sri Lanka. As the leader of the Service Program, Madeleine Parr has been responsible for organizing activities and leading discussions with groups of 8-12 students of all different nationalities. She has facilitated their creative involvement in identifying local issues that have global impacts. She has encouraged everyone, despite language differences, to communicate their understanding in ways they feel comfortable (video, drawing, design, etc).

For the last 2 years, Madeleine has directed the group's attention towards finding ways to reduce the use and impact of plastic consumables in our community. The group has helped to institute reusable plates, cups and cutlery in the school's canteen. They have provided a means to collect and up-cycle plastic bags to be made into reusable products in conjunction with a local non-profit, Rice and Carry. They have also designed, produced and introduced reusable mesh veggie bags to be used in grocery stores instead of plastic bags. This design is soon to be introduced into local supermarkets. In addition, the group has provided free screenings of environmental documentaries to the school community and local schools. With many more ideas for beach sweeps and education programs in schools, ReefKeepers is sure to make more in-roads into supporting our Sri Lankan community as they combat the threats to our global ocean environment.

Erin Penstone, 11

Bangkok Patana School, Thailand
Project: Student Environmental Committee (SEC)

The Student Environment Committee (SEC) is formed of students who volunteer their time in order to generate, implement and monitor environmentally sustainable practices in and around our committee. The SEC also actively promotes a sense of environmental responsibility towards local and international issues.

Pun Pun is an organic farm and learning centre in the north of Thailand, where sustainable living is taught and promoted through the processes of seed saving, natural building and appropriate use of technology. As a volunteer, Erin has spent her school holidays volunteering here, in order to learn sustainable farming techniques, as well as help build natural homes for rural communities. Erin has been an active member of this committee and has successfully reduced the school's reliance on plastic, by offering sustainable and reusable alternatives.

Kate Reidinger, 18

ISS International School, Singapore
Project: Warm a Heart Project

The Warm a Heart Project was a project that Kate initiated with other students at ISS to benefit the Club Rainbow organization. Club Rainbow is an organization dedicated to helping children under the age of 20 with chronic illnesses. It is also dedicated to helping their families. With this activity, Kate hoped to raise awareness of chronic illnesses and raise the issue within the ISS International School community. Kate described her project, in her own words:

We wanted our CAS project to be meaningful, so we started looking into organizations in Singapore which help local Singaporeans. We ended up choosing to work with Club Rainbow, an organization which helps Singaporean teens with chronic illnesses. We visited the organization's office in Chinatown and talked to the head of the organization. We asked her about their aim and their core principles, and also asked what we could do to help. From the meeting, we planned a bake sale to raise money. We planned to make heart-shaped cookies and decorate them with rainbow colors to match their logo. We took action by baking, decorating, and selling cookies and brownies. We sold the baked goods at break time and lunch time at school to our peers and teachers. This was successful as we earned approximately $200 to donate to Club Rainbow.

Ronit Sethi, 11

Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School, Thailand
Project: An Internationally Minded Ambassador

Ronit has demonstrated the true spirit of internationalism whilst attending this year's FOBISIA Maths Competition 2017-18, as well as the Tournament of Minds Competition 2017-18, both of which were against other International Schools in Asia. For both events, he showed dedication and commitment to prepare himself for the competition and entered into the experience with positivity and enthusiasm.

Throughout this competition, Ronit used his problem-solving skills, enterprise, time management, and discipline to work collaboratively within a competitive, international environment. His group's final presentation showed true international mindedness. Ronit is an outgoing, friendly boy who consistently made the initial interaction when talking and socialising with children from different international schools. Ronit exemplifies our school's Life Value of International Mindedness.

Awards for groups

Lower School Students

ACS Hillingdon International School, United Kingdom
Project: Taking Ideas and Putting Them Into Action

Each year, students from ACS Hillingdon come together to support people in need and advocate for different causes in the local and global communities. Students practice empathy by thinking, planning, and putting into action ways to help others of different backgrounds. The goal is to make the community and wider world a better place.

Over the course of this past year, the Grade 4 students met as a team to brainstorm different ways they can make a difference in the lives of others as well as organisations they would like to assist. Throughout the school year, they would listen to ideas and brainstorm ways they can put them into action. Examples of how they spend their time include creating posters and videos, rehearsing for an upcoming assembly, collecting books and packaged food, and packing books and food for donation. Many hours were spent planning for the different projects and events hosted this year in order to make an impact on others.

The Lower School students continue to focus on organisations such as Save the Children, Padstones, and Great Ormond Street Hospital. This year, they also focused on assisting MacMillan Cancer Support. The organisations not only support those in need in the United Kingdom, but reach out to others of different nationalities and backgrounds. This year, they raised £123 for Save the Children by organising a Holiday Jumper Day, £176 towards Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity, as well as £443 for MacMillan Cancer Support.

Their perseverance, hard work, and thoughtfulness has made big impact to their local and global community.

Anglo Singapore International School, Thailand

Project: Library Renovation, Disadvantaged School Project

The project was an extension of our community outreach programme in 2015 and 2016 which our students conducted one-day activities of teaching students from our sister school and repainting their classrooms. Subsequently, our senior cohort was determined to do activities that would leave a lasting impact on the community. After discussing with the teachers at the school, they allowed our senior students to pursue their renovation plans. Our senior students conducted site surveys to complete room measurements and planned activities where they would include our underclassmen in the project. They spent many months working on designing new library layouts, contacting suppliers, creating fundraising plans and task assignments.

Our lower secondary students contributed by clearing the space of the library and removing all the furniture and books. The next class contributed by sorting the books and painting the library. To complete, the senior students carpeted the room, installed new furniture and rearranged the books into their respective corners. This project is driven mainly by a group of our senior students who were able to plan and supervise the younger batches to engage and contribute to this worthy cause. The entire budget for this project was 183,483 THB.

The success of this project was evidence of our students' determination and sense of altruism. It was truly a fulfilling experience for both the students and staff involved to see the students practice democratic values in determining paths that they would pursue. The strong sense of passion and leadership made allocation and execution of the job much more effective. At the end of the project, the local community organized a Thank You remark for our students' effort. Their gratitude really was well worth our students' contributions, and everyone was very satisfied with the outcome.


Awards for individuals

Sharaf Awad Rahman Momen, 19

ISS International School, Singapore, Singapore
Project: Junior Achievement Company Program

Sharaf Momen was elected president of Mindful Mugs company, as part of the Singapore Junior Achievement Company of the year competition 2017. 15 of Grade 12 students formed this company, sold stock, designed ceramic mugs to encourage and raise awareness of mental health. Board of Directors were appointed to head the business functions of marketing, production, finance, human resources and operations management. The company made a profit in the end and the sale proceeds were donated to the Institute of Mental Health. For all Sharaf's ingenious efforts as the Company President, ISS was judged the first runner up (second place) in being the best running company. 

Pucknipa Bhengsri, 11

Bangkok Patana School, Thailand
Project: The Happy Prince - Thai Culture

Puckni has combined her passion for Thai traditions with her newfound love for singing, by performing as part of the cast of an opera called The Happy Prince, at the Thai Cultural Centre, in order to raise money for The Young Soloist Programme. She also recently performed as part of the choir at Patanas’s 60th birthday party, as well as singing the national anthem during the Songkran assembly.

During colder weather last year, Puckni travelled to the North of Thailand with her family where she handed out blankets to those people suffering from the colder weather conditions. Puckni is also a proud Junior Librarian and she sits on the School Student Council. She is always one of the first people to offer her help and support to new students coming into the year group. Her kind, caring attitude, her integrity and her smile are simply infectious.

By showing a deep sense of pride of her own culture and a desire to share the customs and traditions of Thai Culture with international students and families from around the world, Puckni exemplifies internationalism in her school and community.

Flavio Cannizzo, 17

Raffles World Academy, United Arab Emirates
Project: The Undecided: Senior School Rock Band

The Undecided is Raffles World Academy's first senior school rock band. It was founded by Flavio Cannizzo, when he entered the IB Diploma Program in Grade 11, and since then the band has performed at every school event. Their enthusiasm for performing has seen them reach out to other event organizers outside our school and they have performed in hotels, exhibitions and cultural events in the larger community, as well. The band's enthusiasm for music is contagious and it has inspired a legion of younger musicians at our school.

Students at our school are enrolled in the IB Diploma Program in Grades 11 and 12. We do not offer IB Music as one of our courses in the curriculum. Flavio is a self-taught musician who plays multiple instruments. He was the founder of our first ever senior school rock band and has been largely responsible for generating great enthusiasm for music not just within our school during events, lunchtime concerts (that he initiated), etc. but also in the larger community. The Undecided has performed at numerous events in the local community free of charge. They have played together for two years now and are a standard fixture at every school event.

Laila Elegaky, 17

American International School Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Project: Commitment to the local and international community in Egypt

Laila's sustained commitment to service in an international context is demonstrated by the number of projects she has been involved in, which have served our school community, the Egyptian community in Riyadh and communities of impoverished villagers in Egypt. Over a number of years, Laila has been involved in advocating for the rights of villagers in their disputes with officials and governments agencies. She has also worked to supply villagers with meals at religious and national festivals, as well as building playgrounds and gardens for them to enjoy. She has played a key role in organising an annual gala at the Egyptian Embassy to commemorate a significant national event (October 6th Liberation of Sinai Celebration). This is in addition to her work with our school community as a Student Council Officer. In addition, Laila has served one of our community swim teams by coaching fund raising and supervising. Laila is an exemplary global citizen who selflessly takes action to make the world a more peaceful and equal place. 

Nuzhat Fatima, 18

The British School, New Delhi, India
Project: MY PAD

Nuzhat’s desire to contribute to the community has been significant. During her years in Delhi and at the British School, Nuzhat realized that without learning the local language (Hindi), she would not be able to connect with the local people. So she made great efforts in learning the language and by the end of the first year she became conversant in Hindi. This gave her the opportunity to explore the less glamorous side of India, Delhi in particular. She was moved by the lack of access to rudimentary health and hygiene facilities for marginalized women and wanted to provide them with knowledge about female health issues.

She took the lead in the work with one specific habitat ‘Vivekanand Settlement’ school through the school’s outreach programmes and planned an independent student leadership initiative 'You For Her' with an aim towards raising awareness difficulties about menstrual health and hygiene. She broke the taboo about talking about it and motivated her male peers of Year 12 to lend support to the initiative and together they raised awareness about the problems of less privileged women. Nuzhat also went out of her comfort zone to contact a well-known local NGO ‘GOONJ’. She found out where they were located on the border of south Delhi and visited them. In Year 13, she organised a fund raiser through the PSA and collected funds to buy an eco -friendly sanitary towel called "MYPAD" for use by the local women of Vivekananda settlement. Along with our collaboration, she organised an event where the Goonj representative and a lady doctor talked to the women about their personal problems and MY PAD’ was distributed. As a result, the women became aware of their rights and gained valuable knowledge. The programme was a success and is still an integral part of the school’s outreach programme and continues to flourish.

Nuzhat was nominated for the CIS International Student award for a genuine commitment to initiate, sustain and complete a highly significant human development project, while interacting with people of other cultures and political systems. 

Hajar Khalid, 17

American International School Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Project: People of Colour

Hajar Khalid is an advocate for the rights of people of colour. Inspired by the "Black Lives Matter'' campaign, she initiated a Black History Week on campus, where a series of presentations, talks, film showings and discussions culminated in a lunchtime exhibition on the civil rights movement and the continuing struggle of people of colour to gain equal rights. Her advocacy extends to the Poetry Slam Club, where she writes her own poetry, performs it and educates her peers about black and minority poets and their work. Hajar has also been a powerful voice in our International Women''s Day assemblies, which are now entirely student created and run. This year Hajar extended her advocacy beyond the walls of our campus when she wrote and delivered a TedxYouth@AIS-R. For Hajar, education is not simply about marks, but making a difference. She is a powerful role model for young women of colour everywhere!

Arabella Langdon, 11

Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School, Thailand
Project: School ambassador at FOBISIA Competitions

Bella has demonstrated the true spirit of internationalism throughout her school career. She has demonstrated outstanding commitment to extracurricular activities, showing dedication and perseverance in her participation.

Bella’s has been an integral part of the U11 girls’ basketball, athletics and swimming team this year, as well as being captain of the Under 11 Girls' Football team. She is an enthusiastic athlete who is always willing to give every task and skill her best effort. She is always keen to learn more and help others, including the teacher, with organisational set up.

During the FOBISIA International Games in KL, Malaysia, Bella demonstrated that she is a very talented sportsperson. She showed strong leadership skills and worked effectively in a team made up of different nationalities. In addition to this, she consistently made the initial interaction when talking and socialising with children from different international schools.

Meghan McMorrow, 15

American International School of Vilnius, Lithuania
Project: Green Team

Meghan started the Green Team at AISV and initiated all the projects that this club has done this year.  She wrote a proposal for the funding of recycling stations around the school and once approved, set up the stations all around the campus. 

The AISV Green Team has created an energy around the importance of being a global citizen.  Through their recycling program, which set up multi-bin stations around the school and provided education about recycling to all students K-12, the Green Team strives to stress the importance of lowering our impact on the Earth.  The team eliminated the use of paper and plastic cups around school.  They sponsored a contest among our middle school students to design a logo to be created into decals which are given away to students using a refillable water bottle.  They continue to work toward educating the AISV students about reducing, reusing and recycling.

As a member of the larger AISV Global Service Team, Meghan works to support refugees moving to Lithuania.  This includes working to support a food and clothing drive and working directly with refugees at a local Vilnius day center.  Meghan also serves as treasurer for our upper school student council.

Abdul-Latif Mukri

Muscat International School, Oman
Project: Key Participant & Organiser of Fundraising Events

As a long term student [since 2003] at MIS and Deputy Head Boy, Abdul-Latif was one of the key organisers of many fundraising events for local charities, paper recycling campaigns, International Days, Sports Days, educational excursions, local news coverage - all of which require much extra time and planning of logistics outside of school hours and personal attention to detail and leadership.

With over 62 nationalities in our school, Latif has worked with many students, teachers and parents of differing backgrounds and nationalities, giving his time and energy willingly, and disseminating the school’s ethos of mutual understanding and cooperation at all times. He has been exemplary in this role.

Mei Lin Nall, 17

NIST International School, Thailand
Project: Operation Smile Thailand

Mei Lin has been voluntarily involved in the Operation Smile Thailand service project for a number of years. She has organized and participated in Smile missions which have involved visiting rural areas of Thailand and supporting students with cleft pallates through their corrective surgery.

Over the last few years Mei Lin has worked with students from other schools on a hugely successful fundraiser that has been the most successful example in Bangkok schools.

Another great example of her commitment to service in general is her excellent TED talk on the gift of giving.

Emma Olson, 16

American International School Lusaka, Zambia
Project: Keeping Girls in School

Emma's project is rooted in promoting and supporting young women in the pursuit of education and better of themselves. In Malawi, as in many Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDC), once young women reach puberty and begin to menstruate they are unable to attend school during this time, which leads gaps in their education and at times can represent the end of their educational journey. By teaching local women how to create feminine hygiene products, Emma hopes to provide opportunities to these young ladies.  

Emma is currently living in and attending school in Zambia. She returns to Malawi every summer to promote and implement this project. 

Zong-Yan Wang, 17

Moscow Economic School, Russian Federation
Project: Develop iOS 10 Apps with Swift

Zong-Yan Wang has contributed to the school through his work as Student Council President. A speaker of four languages (English, Chinese, German and Russian), Yan is also a member of Apple Genius team Moscow Economic School. As technology is a vital tool in our everyday lives, the knowledge of coding has become more essential than ever. Therefore, programming becomes “international” languages that can tight most of the population of the modern world.

A major project that Zong-Yan helped organize was about “joining hands for a better tomorrow” which perfectly reflects the spirit of the whole event. As part of this project, he and other teammates developed a 6 week-long iTunes U course (in English) to teach the whole world to program on Apple's programming language – Swift. This project unites users with almost 263 Apple developers in the world and provides them with an opportunity to collaborate worldwide. Developing apps requires creativity and can be used in service to others.

Everyone who successfully passed this course was able to develop complex iOS 10 apps with Swift without any previous programming experience.

Yan's role in this project was to organise team members and share information about this course within school. He was also very enthusiastic and encouraged everyone to have a memorable experience.

Annabelle Willeme, 17

The International School of Uganda, Uganda
Project: ABSS: the Athletic Board of Senior School

Annabelle Willeme founded ABSS, the Athletic Board of Senior School. Her original aim was to raise school spirit through inclusive sports, games, and health competitions held during lunches, on morning breaks, and at Family Festivals throughout the school year. However, the ABSS organisation developed further into the community as she began fundraising for various partner organizations such as the Hope of Children and Women's Refugee Center and the Bright Parents' School for local Ugandan children ranging in age from 6-17 years old. She organized - though ABSS - several development projects at Bright's Parent School, such as having health and hygiene speakers come to the school, championing a water filtration project for clean drinking water on the BPS campus, having new chalkboards created and installed, and a number of other projects. Annabelle did this with the enthusiastic collaboration of the Bright's Parent faculty and administration as well as with ISU students.

Saad Zahoor, 17

British School of Kuwait, Kuwait
Project: Ecotherm

Saad’s motivations to work with Ecotherm stem from his desire to help people less fortunate than himself, and his commitment to being a global citizen. Humanitarian by nature, and with an international outlook he has sought to nurture through his interactions with his fellow students, the opportunity to work with an organisation in another country was one he could not pass up.

Possessing a strong sense of social responsibility and an affinity towards helping local communities, Saad became involved with a small solar energy business in Pakistan. With limited resources and expertise, the business needed input to help take it forward from operating at a local level.

Making use of the knowledge and skills he has nurtured both independently and through school, and demonstrating outstanding creative vision and a strong commercial mind, he designed and developed a number of systems that have helped Ecotherm to grow into one that now trades nationally and internationally.

The drive for sustainable energy solutions is very much a global one, and Saad has been keen to be involved in – indeed he has been an integral part of – Ecotherm’s growth internationally, thereby promoting the use of sustainable energy beyond borders. 

Awards for groups

Working together to make a difference

ACS Hillingdon International School, United Kingdom
Group name: Lower School Students 

The students at ACS Hillingdon are always finding ways to help others. This year they raised £146 for Save the Children and £236 for Comic Relief by organizing a school wide Holiday Jumper and Red Nose Day. In addition, we welcomed back Dr. Emiko Nakayama, ACS Hillingdon alumni, to tell us about the incredible work she does for Médecins Sans Frontières. Students were inspired by MSF, which provides medical care wherever it is needed around the world. So far we have raised £340 to support MSF. Our students have a passion to help others and commitment to global citizenship, which shines in each meaningful project they take on.

Our student council officers spend time during their lunch, recess, after school and sometimes on the weekends to run our student council. They are in charge of our monthly meetings with the entire fourth grade where they set agendas, brainstorm ideas, problem solve, and plan events and fundraisers throughout the year. In addition, our students communicate with our parents and the rest of the lower school at our monthly assemblies. Much planning is involved and often times students volunteer to spend their time outside of the regular school day to work on projects.  

Effects of ADHD in Education

Anglo Singapore International School, Thailand
Student names: Angel Chan Kah Mun, Jin Seob Lee & Sorakrit Chonwattanagul 

This group was interested in researching Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in terms of the effects it has on education. This project exemplifies internationalism by considering the differing cultural perspectives of ADHD and increasing understanding of how these differences affect education. The group noticed that in some cases, students with ADHD are alienated by their peers and experience academic and social disadvantages. However, they felt that all students deserve the same learning opportunities in school. Therefore, the group was interested in better understanding ADHD and researching in-classroom methods teachers could use to better support students. The group thoroughly researched ADHD via three methods: 1) online research, 2) interviews with teachers, school counsellors, and professors in the field, and 3) questionnaires to secondary students around the world. After collating and analysing their results, the group delivered an educational presentation to the teaching staff at our school, in which they introduced four in-classroom methods the teachers could utilise. The response was positive and they achieved their objective in bringing about a positive change in our school. 

Rise and Shine

International School Dhaka, Bangladesh
Student names: Rayna Anis Salam, Peya Mynoddin

Peya and Rayna run an after school arts program for "Friends for the Poor" school. This is a school in the slum area quite near to International School Dhaka. Each week students from the "Friends of the Poor" school come to IS Dhaka and engage with several of our secondary students in a variety of arts programs.

Visual arts, theatre and music are the three areas explored within a global perspective. Students are exposed to various artistic expressions in those three forms from around the world. The students even took this program to Nepal and shared their experiences with another school there and came back with some great ideas for collaboration and exchange.

Rayna and Peya have been committed to this project for the past two years, reflecting and improving throughout that time. They have created a new language of expression for students from less privileged backgrounds who have never known art as an avenue of fun and cross cultural commonalities. They have focused on art as a means of exposing these students to a new way of understanding the world around and beyond them. 

Rayna and Peya have worked hard to bring in younger ISD students to work with them. The younger students plan programmes and volunteer their time, but are also learning about Rise and Shine from an organizational, logistical, and philosophical point of view. Both Rayna and Peya are hopeful that this programme will continue long after their upcoming graduation. 

Nepal Project Trip

Stockholm International School, Sweden
Student names: Giordan Yates, Sebastian de Paz, Hallie Marcellus, Julia Vestberg, Carl Vestberg, Cody Marcellus, William McCrea, Olivia Taha, Tess Engvall, Maya Månsson 

The Stockholm International School’s Nepal Project was founded in 2014 with the help of world renowned UN humanitarian, Peter Daglish along with the Himalayan Voluntourism Organization in Nepal. Since then we have seen the project grow before our eyes, turning into a school wide initiative. 

In the spirit of international understanding and cooperation, the vision of the SIS Nepal Project is to assist in the development of a strong, healthy educational environment in the Shila Devi Basic School in Nepal. As a group, we strive to provide the Nepali students with high quality education and to improve basic needs and comfort to ultimately broaden the horizons of the Nepali students and our own students. Furthermore, through contact with the Nepalese students, SIS students have been given the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the world and develop a sense of international mindedness; through this long term commitment students have and will continue to gain an understanding of the concept service and what their contribution can mean on a global scale. 

In order to create personal connections between our two communities, there is a yearly trip to Nepal where ten students are selected to travel to the Shila Devi School to teach and work with the students there. Moreover, this project has become embedded in the school community and the curriculum of the students at SIS. It is a school wide initiative that everybody is in favor of, and works to maintain our ongoing commitments. Our goal has not only brought our school community closer but has also taught everyone about the concept of internationalism as well as what it is to be a global citizen.

The Zhang Family

Teda International School, China
Student names: Bei-er (Kaylee) Zhang & Xuan-yuan (Terrence) Zhang

On the evening of March 24, members of the Teda community were invited to a concert of beautiful traditional and contemporary Chinese instruments led by a very talented brother and sister team:  Kaylee Zhang, Grade 3, and Terrence Zhang, Grade 2. Not only did they plan and perform in the concert, they also illustrated the invitations and poster announcements, and donated all of their red envelope money from this benefit concert to the charity of Dagang Sunflower Autism Rehabilitation Center. In total, they raised an extraordinary 12,782 RMB! By involving the community and reaching out to those in need, Kaylee and Terrence have shown how important it is to make a difference where we live. 

Lighting Up Kilinochchi

The Overseas School of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Student names: Chayan De Silva & Amanda Amarawansha

Kilinochchi was one of the areas which suffered extreme devastation during the 25-year civil war in Sri Lanka. The area is inhabited by Tamils who today continue to face intense discrimination from Sri Lankans due to the war. These Sri Lankan boys have crossed cultural barriers demonstrating empathy, caring and concern for those who are underprivileged. They have established the foundation for Kilinochchi to continue to receive the sustainable, renewable energy providing a better life/opportunity for these who have suffered over the years.

Chayan De Silva designed a highly effective portable solar energy kit to install in economically struggling homes. He sought funding for the kits through local and international donations. Chayan's solar kits were developed, built and tested on his own time at his home.  He collaborated with Amanda Amarawansha to locate 30 homes in Kilinochchi, which were without electricity and were without means of receiving it.

Chayan and Amanda visited Kilinochchi at their personal expense during holidays to visit the homes and ensure the kits could be installed. The actual installations took place during separate holidays. Please note this is an 8 hour drive one way from their homes.

Habitat & Housing assisted with the roof installations, which will be updated in future years. Chayan’s kits & Amanda’s collaboration provided a sustainable, renewable energy resource to those truly in need. Children can now study in the evenings with light rather than candles.


Awards for individuals

Faiqa Al-Harthy, 17

Muscat International School, Oman
Project: Organiser of key fundraising and awareness-raising school events

Faiqa Al-HarthyAs Head Girl, Faiqa was one of the key organisers of Pink Day, raising cancer awareness and funds, and International Day, festooning the school in a myriad of colour and then taking care of the logistical arrangements for the event. With over 60 nationalities in the school, Faiqa has worked with many students and teachers of differing backgrounds, giving her time and energy willingly, and disseminating the school’s ethos of mutual understanding and cooperation at all times. She has been exemplary in this role.

Abdulla Al-Hemaidi, 16

Al Khor International School, Qatar
Project: Doha Centre for Media Freedom and other global projects

As an ambassador for his school, Abdulla has led a team of National Scholars in cooperation with Texas A&M University (USA) to explore the characteristics of fuel for a better future. He was a reporter at the Doha Media Centre and covered a United Nations conference. As a key member of the school body he supports many school events and exemplifies the developing qualities of an outstanding citizen. Abdulla has intertwined himself into the very fabric of his community, with a significant influence in the locality. He performs the role as an interpreter to political dignitaries and community members of the Al-Gannas Society in Qatar.

Abdulla has demonstrated an empathy and compassion to benefit others, this has been combined with an excellent understanding of global perspectives. He has been able to make the journey from a young learner, to an academic, as well as an ambassador for Al Khor International School as a proactive, practicing global citizen. 

Freya Bonenberger, 18

The British School, New Delhi, India
Project: Empowerment of Underprivileged Children

Freya BonenbergerFreya’s love for India and desire to contribute to the community has been significant. After moving to Delhi six years ago, she made great efforts in learning the language, and by the end of the first year she became fluent in Hindi and conversant in Urdu. This gave her the opportunity to explore the less glamorous side of India, Delhi in particular. She took the lead in the work with one specific group, the ‘Annapoorna’ school through the school’s outreach programmes and spent hours teaching them English language skills. What began as a CAS activity, was taken way beyond the mandatory hours with Freya investing a lot of time and energy in making it meaningful for them. She planned all the sessions over two semesters and executed them with care and concern. The language skills taught had a specific purpose--to empower the children to do well in English thereby ensuring better access to the job market in India.  For the underprivileged children, the whole process of interacting with Freya and her team was in itself an empowering process. They became more vocal and aware of their environment and were motivated to improve their skills. The programme was a success and is still an integral part of the school’s outreach programme and continues to flourish.

Thanh Chau Do, 17

Renaissance International School Saigon, Vietnam
Project: Save the Rhino Appeal

Thanh Chau DoChau entered the Wild Rhino Competition by The Wilderness Foundation and was chosen to spend 2 weeks in a Game Reserve in South Africa. She shared what she learned during whole school assemblies and spear-headed a very successful event to raise awareness of the plight of the world’s rhinos and raise funds for The Wilderness Foundation. Chau also co-planned another initiative, Wilderness Foundation Forever Wild: Feral Steps Piano Competition. The event involved competitions between pupil pianists from several International Schools in Ho Chi Minh City. It was a perfect opportunity to present the plight of the world's dwindling rhino population to a widely diverse audience.

Arineeta Deb, 15

International School of Hyderabad, India
Project: The Joy of Giving Project 

Arineeta DebArineeta Deb has shown tremendous initiative in spearheading a team during the Joy of Giving week, which involved collection of material[ dry food, clothes, books, etc] for the lesser privileged. The activity called for a demonstration of organizational skills and coordination with students across different age groups and ethnic backgrounds. She has also been a key participant in several other service learning projects at school such the Story Sack and a Drama production for children from an underprivileged background. 

Roman Fekante, 18

Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School, Thailand
Project: Peer Support

Roman FekanteFollowing an In School Assistance programme, Roman has taken the initiative to provide support to students and has worked tirelessly to ensure children are happy at our school. She has encouraged the inclusion of all nationalities at school by spending break times facilitating communication and interaction of students from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. She has also encouraged positive participation from students in events such as the charity bake sales that she has been heavily involved with to raise funds for local charitable organisations.

Nikhil Goyal, 18

NIST International School, Thailand
Project: “Om Goi" project and NIST Fair Trade Coffee

Nikhil has been a driving force behind a number of service projects at NIST IS including the "Om Goi" project and NIST Fair Trade Coffee, both of which have helped local communities in Northern Thailand and Cambodia further develop and gain income based on Fair Trade Coffee and water purification projects.  These two main projects he has been involved in show his compassion and his ability to see the bigger picture.  He has exemplified all that is good about students having the chance to interact with their host community and communities beyond the national borders. Nikhil has been a role model to the school community and has encouraged others to follow his lead in giving time, energy and enthusiasm to helping those less fortunate than himself in terms of opportunity and support for local communities.

Tainika Kane-Potaka, 14

International School of Hyderabad, India
Project: Middle School Production 

Tainika Kane-PotakaA great team player, Tainika Kane-Potaka successfully directed the Middle School Play , ‘When I Grow Up’ and demonstrated an amazing repertoire of skills with respect to managing her team and ensuring that everyone played a vital role in the end product. Her creativity extended not just to direction, but also to choreography, scripting and editing while maintaining a calm and mature front all the time, especially when dealing with unforeseen obstacles. 

Naman Kasliwal, 11

Bangkok Patana School, Thailand
Project: Environmental sustainability through reducing human impact

Naman KasliwalNaman’s role within the Student Environmental Committee has been to reduce the use of paper cups in school and encourage people to use a reusable plastic bottle. As a key member of this group, he has showed strong leadership skills throughout the project, working collaboratively alongside students from KS2 through to Y13 from many different nationalities and cultures. In his own time, Naman has researched possible ways of achieving the goal of his group and, through giving 100% at all times, he is making a visible impact in terms of reducing our environmental human impact at Bangkok Patana School.

Urjashi Laha, 13

Pathways World School, India
Project: Astitva: Our Bit to Nature for Our Existence

Urjashi LahaThe essence of project ‘Astitva: Our Bit to Nature for Our Existence’ is centred around spreading awareness to people about the importance of every individual’s contributions to nature. The endeavour of a 13-year-old student at Pathways World School, Aravali’s main objective is to spread the message through the creative expression of a dance & drama; conceptualised, scripted and choreographed by Urjashi Laha and propagated through various forms of media to reach out to the masses. More information on this project can be found at 

Benedetta Landi, 18

The International School of Milan, Italy
Project: Model United Nations (MUN)

Benedetta has made a major contribution to promoting MUN in school and raising student awareness of international issues. She has been a committed member (and leader) of MUN delegations, workshops, committees and clubs during High School, demonstrating a genuine passion for geo-political issues and the political process involved in United Nations diplomacy. She has taken part in 4 full MUN simulations and was a member of a special delegation to MUN EXPO last summer. She has held the role of National Ambassador and Chairperson of an MUN Committee. Benedetta’s passion and leadership have inspired her peers to engage with, debate and take action on global issues from a context of collaborative problem-solving involving multiple and contrasting perspectives.

Mathis (Ken) Lohatepanont, 16

KIS International School, Thailand
Project: Thai and global politics

Mathis (Ken) LohatepanontIn a series of blog posts stretching back to 2012 and beyond, Mathis (Ken) has sought to explain, using wit and erudition, situations as diverse as the 2011 floods in Thailand, the Greek financial meltdown, the rise in popularity of Donald Trump in the USA and the reasoning behind the coup that took place here in 2014. In all of these he takes an apolitical stance and is open to both comment and discussion with his readers. He has used his blog to educate not just himself but also countless readers of his pages.

Siddhartha Manaktala, 7

Pathways World School, India
Project: Pure Hearts - A Children’s Initiative

Siddhartha has been very actively involved in working for society since he was 5 years old. A few kids from our residential community got together to form a club called Pure Hearts in 2014 with the objective of taking up initiatives towards helping society. Siddhartha has been a founding and active member of the club since its inception. He has been deeply impacted by various issues facing our society today and works with passion and determination towards projects the group undertakes with the objective of giving back to society.

The aim of this club is to raise funds for various social concerns, including flood relief, cancer treatment, acid attack victims, medicines for old age homes, organising eye camps for the under privilege, campaign against consumption of tobacco and many others.

Siddhartha’s concerns and related initiatives have no geographic boundaries and are focused on for the good of humanity. Saving trees, consumption of tobacco, saying no to plastic are examples of initiatives that exemplify his concern and work towards betterment of society at large.

Molly Nylund

Stockholm International School, Sweden
Project: For her thought-provoking movie on Global Citizenship

Carlotta Kunze, 17

Bandung Independent School, Indonesia
Project: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 

Carlotta KunzeThe project Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is an organisation that focuses on children with cancer and supporting the family with raising funds for medical care, transportation to the hospital as well as supporting the costs of accommodation for families who live outside the city. 

Tanaka Nhokwara, 18

The International School of Uganda, Uganda
Project: Facilitating the 2015 Ugandan Model United Nations

The Ugandan Model United Nations Conference is a student initiative established in 2014 and was spearheaded by Tanaka Nhokwara this year. The UGMUN provides a free forum that enables students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to debate global issues, without financial constraints.

Nina Podolsky, 18

The International School of Florence, Italy
Project: TedX and Student Council

Nina PodolskyAn encouraging and natural leader, Nina rallies all students to come together and participate in a wide range of creative, athletic, academic, and altruistic activities, helping to foster a strong sense of fellowship. As an active member of the Student Council, Nina helped to organize two Student Forums in which students take shared responsibility for school-wide learning for the day. Nina was also the main coordinator of a TEDx event which was curated by ISF last year, where the theme was “Exploring an even bigger world”, which aimed to embrace the diversity of the youth present, both as speakers and as audience members.  

Savannah Powell, 18

International School of Indiana, United States
Project: Community Service Club / Social Justice Club

Savannah PowellSavannah Powell is a member of the student leadership team for the Community Service Club. She participates in and helps organize students to do translation and food service at the Crooked Creek Food Pantry in Indianapolis. Savannah also teaches English at Vida Nueva Iglesia Metodista Unida and created a library so that members can easily find English books to read. 

Savannah created and s the Social Justice Club at the school. She led an assembly on Martin Luther King Day entitled, "Choose Love Not Hate." As part of this she led the student body in the creation of a video to highlight the school’s diversity and acceptance of others. Students from over 30 different countries participated in this video.

Saburo Suzuki

Stockholm International School, Sweden
Project: For his work and engagement with the SIS MUN programme and conference that this year has grown into the regional conference. 

May Thandar, 18

ISS International School, Singapore, Singapore
Project: Down Syndrome Educational Outreach

May ThandarMay has been an active volunteer in the Down Syndrome Association of Singapore for three years. When she visited her home country at the end of last year, she took what she had learned in Singapore and created a presentation for a school there, in Myanmar, where she spoke with students of many different nationalities, in order to increase awareness of Down Syndrome in Myanmar and to inspire students to reach out to people with Down Syndrome. 

Xavier Weiss, 18

International School of Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Project: L.E.A.F. - Leave Earth Alone Foundation

Xavier WeissL.E.A.F. (Leave Earth Alone Foundation) is a non-profit environmental organization which aims to gradually reconcile human flourishment with environmental concerns. It functions locally to ensure that the whole school community becomes more aware of options available to them with regards to sustainable living. Local businesses have been approached for sponsorship of a “green campus” by installing solar panels on the roofs of main buildings. A Renewable Energy Strategy (RES) booklet has been written and distributed, a website created, and film clips shot on campus have been uploaded to promote awareness and involvement. There are plans to register the foundation formally within the Netherlands in the near future.

Tomoko Yasuda, 18

Yokohama International School, Japan
Project: Chiku/Sanagitachi project

Tomoko has been a leader of two service groups working with homeless people in the local community as well as working as an individual in these areas in her own time. She has also been the leader of the school-wide Student Service Committee. The Chiku/Sanagitachi project involved working with homeless communities in the local area. The groups donated food, raised funds to buy goods such as rice, clothing, and toiletries. The project then required students to work in the communities - night patrols to distribute goods, check on the well-being of homeless, making and serving lunches on a weekly basis.

So Yun Chang, 18

American International School of Guangzhou, China
Project: Global Issues Network - Shao Guan Scholarship Project 

So Yun ChangSo Yun Chang has led the Global Issues Network (GIN) community service club for the last two years. The group focuses on supporting a group of 60 underprivileged girls in the Shao Guan area in attaining a scholarship for their high school education. They travel to Shao Guan three times a year to work with these girls, their families, and the elderly in the local community. So Yun organizes these trips for the GIN group, and has been an outstanding leader of this project. She is very passionate and sincerely committed about her participation in these activities and has genuine interactions with the local girls. Most impressively, she builds capacity among others.

Xin Nuo (May) Zhang, 9

Teda International School, China
Project: Community Service to Street Cleaners

Xin Nuo (May) ZhangMay organized a small garage sale by collecting donations (including toys, clothing and monetary donations) from her classmates. May raised enough money to buy hand warmers and face masks for the local garbage collectors who keep Teda clean and beautiful.  May's modest vision made a difference in the lives of many men and women whose humble job is to sweep our streets.  She provided them with a little more comfort and warmth.  But beyond the physical gifts, May let these men and women know that they matter, that they are seen, that they are appreciated.

Awards for groups

Secondary 4 - Global Perspectives 2016

Anglo Singapore International School, Thailand
Project: Emotional Intelligence in Education

Student names: Natkamol Itthithavorn, Nichanun Puapattanakajorn, Sorawich Lim & Timothy Babia

This group was interested in examining the role of emotional intelligence within a school’s curriculum, both in their home country of Thailand and within the global sphere. The group initiated two projects – Spirit Week and Student Support Society. Spirit Week was conceived in hopes to increase school spirit and unity. The Student Support Society was a program comprised of an academic study group, peer emotional and stress assistance, and a future plans discussion forum. The group also collaborated with students from America, Japan, and Singapore, by examining how the different countries perceive and integrate emotional intelligence within their curriculum. This helped the group better understand their identities not just at a national level, but as global citizens as well.  All of their research and findings were presented and share with the school’s study body, thereby educating the school on this topic.

The Student Volunteer Club: Awake and Build

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan
Project: Together, we create goodwill

Student names: Zere Zarkymova (12th Grade), Zhaukazyn Esimzhumartova (12th Grade), Alikhan Turash (7th Grade), Amina Ayubaeva (7th Grade), Fatima Bazargalieva (7th Grade), Svetlana Zhetkeeva (7th Grade), Sabina Bolatova (7th Grade), Raihan Madeniet (7th Grade), Karina Kadyrbaeva (7th Grade), Azhar Askarbekova (10th Grade), Erik Zhanseit (6th Grade), Aidos Kamatayev –(10th Grade) 

The club organised a regional festival with the theme, “Together, we create goodwill”, supporting the integration of disabled people into society. We aimed to create an event where a positive attitude towards people with disabilities could be fostered through art, performance and crafts. Student worked on all aspects of the festival, supporting participants from local centres for the disabled.

Although the most students involved are first-language Kazakh speakers, Russian was chosen as the primary language for the festival, as it was the predominant language of the participants. Kazakh and English items were also included in the repertoire.

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Uralsk, Kazakhstan
Project: A NIS Story: Special Books for Special Friends

From left to right: Botagoz Sultangaliyeva (Project Leader & Dormitory Caregiver), Marina Serikkaliyeva (Grade 7), Beket Myrzanov (9), Albina Kashpayeva (7), Timur Bulatov (7), Dana Silybayeva (7), Islam Zhandaliyev (7), Zhannur Kazenova (7), Dias Sagatov (7), Rimma Davletova (7) and Zhanyl Kupeshova (Head of Dormitory). 

NIS Uralsk defines global citizenship as a commitment “that furthers our relationship with the world.” We might add “…and others’ relationship with the world.” Part I of our “Special Books for Special Friends” initiative gifted members of Uralsk’s visually impaired community an artful, NIS student-designed book featuring the 42-letter Kazakh alphabet in Braille & an accompanying variety of tactile creations animating the alphabet. Part II of NIS’ effort involved NIS students translating English & Russian language stories into Kazakh—a language seldom used to interpret foreign literature--& audio recording global texts in the native tongue.

Nepal Project

Stockholm International School, Sweden

Student names: Kresimir Krajnovic, Julia Vestberg, Hallie Marcellus

These three students have been leading the Nepal project for two years. They are responsible for hosting the Nepal Project Family walk in April together with the International Women's Organisation. The students went to Nepal last year and this year. Just after we returned from the trip last year there was the earthquake. The students then arranged a fair to raise money to help shelter the students and their families in Nepal. The students have also organised assemblies for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, all adapted to suit the different age groups, to promote the Nepal project.  The students also presented their work at the recent Nordic Network Conference to teachers from schools across the region. 

The lower school student council and lower school students

ACS Hillingdon International School, United Kingdom
Project: Helping others near and far

Making a difference in the lives of others is something the lower school students at ACS Hillingdon aim to do every school year. Our students raised £332.99 for Save the Children by getting our entire school community involved in a Holiday Jumper Day. In addition, Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) has treated some of our children and holds a special place in our heart. Students are organizing a team to take part in a 5K this May to support GOSH. So far we have raised £643.98! Our students have shown a true commitment to global citizenship and are always looking for a way to help others both near and far. 


Awards for individuals

Wasan Al-Balushi, 17

Muscat International School, Oman
Project: Cancer awareness and fundraising for charities and, as Head Girl, one of the key organisers of International Day and Pink Day, among other events.

Wasan has been involved in many events both in and out of school. On Pink Day, the cancer awareness event, Wasan has led the school body superbly. She was an excellent ambassador in putting the cancer awareness message across to the student body by poster and verbal dissemination. In International Day, Wasan was part of the team to festoon the school in a myriad of colour and then usher parents and dignitaries for the celebration. She was also responsible for the organisation of seating and helping to organise the student body into the different countries represented.

Aviral Asthana

International School of Hyderabad, India

Alisar Awwad

The British School, New Delhi, India
Project: Empowering an underprivileged section - mainly women and children by giving them culinary and music skills.

During her years in India and at the British School, Alisar connected with many local people including underprivileged women and children through music and other activities. She took the lead in the work with one specific group, the ‘Annapoorna’ school, and through the school’s outreach programmes spent hours teaching music and culinary skills. The skills taught had a specific purpose--to empower the women by giving them skills and an avenue to learn. They became more vocal and aware of their environment and were motivated to improve their skills. In order to do this work and communicate with the groups, Alisar learned Hindi as well.

Farah Abdelhameed, 18

The British School of Kuwait, Kuwait
Project: The Spring Carnival

Farah has devoted an incredible amount of time and effort in seeking to ensure the success of the Spring Carnival initiative. As well as coming up with the initial concept, she has overseen the many demanding aspects of planning, promoting, organising and hosting the entire thing. For the second year running, Farah has spearheaded the organisation of this event, motivating and leading her fellow students in raising both funds and awareness for worthy causes. This year the beneficiaries of the event were the Teenage Cancer Trust (UK), the British Liver Trust (UK) and an underprivileged school in the Tawal region of the Nepali Himalayas.

Hasith Balapatabendi, 17

Overseas School of Colombo, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka
Project: Pursuit of Happiness & Secretary General COMUN

Hasith Balapatabendi was the Secretary General for COMUN 2015, the 4th largest MUN in Southeast Asia and the largest MUN in Sri Lanka. He worked with various international and local schools throughout Sri Lanka in organizing and overseeing the entire three-day event, bringing together over 400 students to debate global challenges. Hasith has also established the Pursuit of Happiness Project, a community project which “spreads awareness about people and places in need, through the medium of visual biography, which connects ‘you’ with seemingly far away realities and provides opportunities to make a difference”.  The Project’s blog shares these stories throughout the world. Hasith has mentored younger students during the year who will continue his project once he leaves OSC.

Azim Baruno, 15

Muscat International School, Oman
Project: Fundraising for Cancer Awareness

Azim was selected as one of the largest fundraisers for Pink Day – the National Cancer Awareness Day. Azim was a front runner in this, organising and fundraising, involving himself with many people in the school and local community in order to raise awareness and funds.

Javier Enrique Duque Malpica, 13

Muscat International School, Oman
Project: Charity Fund Raising

Javier has consistently shown throughout the academic year 2014-15 to demonstrate a clear commitment to sustained interaction with students of all nationalities within Muscat International School. He has used his position on the School Council with great effect, particularly during our Annual School Charity Carnival in which the stall he was running raised a significant amount of money for local charitable causes, for example, Cancer Awareness, Disabled, Children's Cancer Ward at the Royal Hospital, leprosy patients, Ramadan Food Collection for Eid.

Arnold Foda, 17

The Awty International School, Houston, Texas, United States
Project: Community Service & Africa 21 Think Tank

The purpose of Arnold’s project was to help others better understand the problems associated with the protection and promotion of sustainability in Houston and around the world.  His work with Africa 21, whose main emphasis was on these problems in the emerging nations of Africa, increased his desire to return home to see what he could do with his new found knowledge.  He brought the ideas that he learned through Africa 21 back to his fellow classmates, and they started a club whose mission was to feed and help shelter the homeless here in Houston. The issues they dealt with are typical of problems that many countries face today.

Isabelle Fortuna, 18

International School Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Thailand
Project: Operation Smile Club

Izzie has been the face of Operation Smile at ISB for the past 3 years – ever since she became an officer – and an active member since her freshman year. Under her inspired leadership, the Operation Smile club has raised hundreds of thousands of baht to provide operations for children in Thailand with cleft lips and palettes. Izzie has spearheaded such popular fundraising events as the Color Run for Smiles, Tape a Teacher to the Wall, and Panther Runs. The goal is to provide a better quality of life for children regardless of religion or ethnicity in all countries. And, as befits the club she runs, she does it all with a beautiful smile!

Zeyu Hu, 18

NIST International School, Bangkok, Thailand
Project: Maeramit Village Development Project

A group of NIST IS students engaged in development projects that gave Maeramit hill tribe village in Omgoi, Chiang Mai a safe source of water for the first time ever, worked with the locals to build 8 families their first ever toilet and bathroom, and donated a lot of educational supplies. Zeyu has been a very charismatic leader of the group and has engaged extremely well with all participants. He has interacted superbly with the Thai hill tribe people, liaised with adults from development organizations and local hospitals, and facilitated meetings of villagers although many of them only speak their indigenous Karen language.

Jang HyeSung, 18

Renaissance International School Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Project: Model United Nations: Journey from Delegate to Deputy Secretary General and Leader

Over the course of the last 6 years, Sung Jang has developed from a delegate at Model United Nations Conferences into a young man who has taken MUN into other schools in the region. He has helped train student leaders from other schools and has spent countless hours supporting MUN students from all over Saigon in their preparations. He was instrumental in the organization of the last two Saigon MUN conferences and held the position of Deputy Secretary General at the last regional conference with close to 400 participants from various countries. It is entirely student led and organized and Sung was instrumental in organizing this.

Jahnavi Kothari, 12

École Mondiale World School, Mumbai, India
Project: Art from Behind Bars

Jahnavi is a core member of the group ‘Art from behind Bars’ that raises funds to buy art material to send to artist prisoners interred in various jails. She has actively helped fund four exhibitions and participated in promotional rallies for each. For the last prison art exhibition Jahnavi visited the Nashik Jail to interview three artist convicts for our publication “Surrealist….a collection of short stories and verse inspired by art from behind bars”. She also used the information from these interviews to make a short documentary on the impact art has had on them in prison life. Jahnavi helped organize the format of our press conference for the last AfBB art exhibition and book launch and supervised the other participating youngsters. Although the media presentation was planned in English she was able to spontaneously change to Hindi when required.

Gabriela Mikolajczak, 12

Pechersk School International, Kiev, Ukraine
Project: CAS Programme

Gabriela is an outstanding participant in the school's CAS programme, supporting and leading programmes that range from building shelters for animals at a local dog shelter, making and handing out sandwiches for the homeless, and this year, delivering food, clothing and blankets to one of the many new refugee centres that have sprung up outside of the city in response to the crisis in Eastern Ukraine. In addition, she is particularly sensitive to making new students from around the world feel at home at school and goes out of her way to befriend students at all grade levels and of all nationalities.

Jerome Peter Agana Santos (Rocky), 18

Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School, Bangkok, Thailand
Project: ‘Looking to the Poor’ South-East Asian Conference

Rocky was part of the Service Team that organised this year’s ‘Looking to the Poor’ Conference. In his role as Stage Manager and Assistant Director of this event, Rocky was charged with stage management and worked with a team to create audio-visuals and voice-overs. The conference involved months of planning and resourcing, and coordinating with participants from many South-East Asian countries. Many of Rocky’s activities as a Youth Leader in the catholic community in Thailand involve organising activities and leading youth assemblies and camps for members to improve their life skills. His sustained efforts and service are commendable.

Kristina Sarkisova, 16

Moscow Economic School, Moscow, Russian Federation
Project: Make-A-Wish program

Kristina was the leader of the volunteer group for the program “Make a Wish”. The purpose of the program is to bring children with disabilities in touch with advocates, to aid them in fulfilling their wishes. As leader of the group, Kristina spent time with the children, communicated with people from all over the world, and demonstrated excellent organisational skills. 

Shyam Sunder, 17

Pathways World School, India
Project: The Power of One

Shyam has been an active volunteer for the Ekal Vidyalaya foundation, an NGO dedicated to providing education and village development to rural India through the establishment of single teacher primary schools. He took part in a social media contest hosted by Harvard Model United Nations India and won the contest and received a generous donation for the NGO. He organized a visit to Amrakhavas, a tribal village in Rajasthan and interacted with the residents to understand the economic and social challenges faced by them, and to experience the Ekal classroom environment.

Nikhar Tandon, 14

École Mondiale World School, Mumbai, India
Project: Foundation Samvedna

Nikhar Tandon’s Foundation ‘Samvedna’ has adopted the Bamanwada slum at Vile Parle East and especially the Municipal school there. She has conducted activities with them, including an art workshop and a donation drive at her school to collect stationary items for the students of that school. Nikhar also interacted with the older group of people there and sponsored cataract surgeries as part of her medical camp. This involved organizing a celebrity-attended function to raise a substantial amount for the medical camp, interacting with the people at Bamanwada, getting to know their problems, writing to doctors to volunteer their services, executing the plan and finally taking 7-8 older citizens to an eye hospital for their cataract surgeries. 

Poohpha Warakulnnukroh, 11

Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School, Thailand
Project: Participation in a wide range of events in The Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) competitions.

Pooh has demonstrated the true spirit of internationalism whist representing our school in a range of FOBISIA events, including the International Games and Maths Competitions. He has very ably lead his culturally-diverse team through the stresses of the competitions and has been an exemplary captain and leader during the sports events. Pooh is without a doubt committed to initialising and maintaining quality interactions with students of different nationalities within our international school as well as when representing BKKP around the globe. 

Awards for groups

CAS Trip Organisers

Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School, Bahrain
Project: CAS Charity Trip to Cambodia

In preparation of the CAS charity trip, the students organised multiple fundraisers three months in advance. With the funds raised, they purchased gifts for the children of the school, disability centre and orphanages they visited. The students visited “Hope Island" where they renovated local huts, planted trees, painted a part of a new vocational centre and distributed a month’s supply of food. They also visited two orphanages and a disability centre where they played with the children and gave out gifts. Students kept a journal reflecting upon their experiences. Following their return they shared their photos and reflections with the local community.

Lower School Student Council and Students

ACS Hillingdon International School, Hillingdon, United Kingdom
Project: Making a Difference

The lower school students at ACS Hillingdon come from all over the world and join together to make a difference. They show international-mindedness and focus on making a positive impact on the lives of others and they continue to do this in different ways each year. Among the projects they have run, are: a Holiday Jumper Day which was held to support Save the Children and their work with children from 120 different countries; a spirit week, where staff and students were able to dress up to support two organizations, the Wildlife Aid Foundation and Comic Relief. The students have also focused their efforts on raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital, one of the world's leading children's hospitals. 

Students of Grade 3B

École Mondiale World School, India
Project: Funds for local orphanage

Student names: Aditya Srivastava, Anav Agrawal, Amyra Suri, Arav Bhathija, Ayaan Lamba, Khushalli Shah, Kashyan Damani, Maliha Ajbani, Muzammil Kapadia, Rhea Ghosh, Schenelle Saldanha, Varya Gala, Vivan Kuwadekar.

The Students of Grade 3B demonstrated empathy with the local community and chose to raise funds to donate to a local orphanage. All cooperated and committed themselves to this mammoth effort of earning money and spending it wisely which involved interacting with parent representatives During the project they communicated in English, Hindi and their mother tongue.

Buyuk Kolej, Ankara, Turkey

Özel Büyük Kolej, Ankara, Turkey
Project: Prevention of damages of natural disasters

Zehra and Ezgi did a research on prevention of damages of natural disasters. They visited areas hit by the 2011 Earthquake in Turkey and had interviews with the people affected by the earthquake. They made a presentation on the prevention of damages to their peers at school and also in an international youth forum which took place in Hidaka High School in Japan. They exchanged ideas with youths of different cultures, backgrounds and traditions from all around Asia.

PWSA-PYP Fund raising activity

Pathways World School, India
Project: Fund raising activities and initiatives for the victims of Nepal earthquake

Student names: Abbhinav Shriram, Chehak Sehdev, Aishwarya Sehdev, Ruhani Rathi, Ashrey Jain, Ujjwala Singh & Shaurya Jain

The earthquake in Nepal, April – May 2015, sent shockwaves in the international community and assistance poured into the hilly country from all over the globe. While the financial aid poured in, the Primary school students of Pathways World School, Aravali, also undertook fund raising activities for the victims. They held stalls selling Orange Tang, Iced-Tea and cupcakes in a shopping mall and their residential societies.

A shining example of benevolence and internationalism, the funds collected have helped in construction of classrooms in Nepal where children can go to school yet again.

The Power of 9 - Global Challenge

The Hutchins School, Australia
Project: Power of 9 - Global Challenge Water for Draiba
Student names: James Britton, Austin (Austin) Chan, Harvey Chilcott, Baxter Crawford, Angus Evans, Harrison Grant, George Halliday, Lachlan Hart, Truen Johns, Hugh Jubb, Jordan Kable, Neil Law, Declan Lee, Liam Mead, Brentyn Muir, Sembeyan Muthu, Luke Paton, Will Polley, Mitchell Rickards, Samuel Ryan, Quillan Spaulding, Nicholas Stenning, and Isaac Trail

For the last 2 years students have been developing a relationship with communities in the Fijian highlands. It became apparent that a concern for Draiba residents was access to clean drinking water. As part of their Global Challenge, the students chose to try and assist in tackling this problem. They contacted the community leaders in Fiji, seeking guidance and approval to assist in improving access to clean drinking water for Draiba. The positive outcome led to the students researching options for providing clean water and brainstorming ideas on how they could help. They teamed up with Waves 4 Water, and through them purchased high quality, easy to install, household water filters. Funds were raised by visiting local businesses and talking at events in the local community and school assemblies. A website was created which people could follow and was updated by the students. The students became advocates for clean drinking water and were successful in purchasing enough filters for each household in the village. The filters were presented to the village leaders and the students were involved in information and training sessions with the community. The monies raised from their sale went into a Draiba community fund to support ongoing water infrastructure development.


Awards for individuals

Duaa Ahmed - 15

Muscat International School, Muscat, Oman
Project: 'Cubscribe' National Journalism Contest and 'Listen Up' National Public Speaking Competition

Duaa spent a lot of her own time preparing the necessary materials for an article which was published in The Week magazine. All accompanying illustrations, graphics etc. had to be the work of the group ‘Cubscribe’, which Duaa forms part of. For the 'Listen Up' National Public Speaking Competition, Duaa wrote an original, interesting and entertaining 3 minute speech which she performed in front of a packed audience. In each group project Duaa worked on, she has hugely benefitted from being able to draw on each individual member's own cultural heritage to assist the group's work as a whole.

Aadhira Alim - 10

International School Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Kajol project has been operating at International School Dhaka for over 10 years. Aadhira Alim started working with the Kajol students at age 7 years and has been a committed student to volunteerring each week for this project. Aadhira has developed confidence and leadership in arranging her activity ideas, organising the groups of students and explaining what the activities are for each session. Aadhira is caring, open minded and respectful in all interactions and has a strong sense of responsibility in the wider community.

Ibtihal Al-Khalifin - 17

Muscat International School, Muscat, Oman
Project: Pink Day 

Pink Day is a yearly cancer awareness and fundraising event at the school and Ibtihal was one of the key organisers for this year’s event. In her role as a Prefect, Ibtihal worked to create awareness about cancer among the school body by means of posters, presentations, verbal dissemination and press coverage. She was instrumental in keeping everyone informed about what was required for the event and was responsible for stations where fundraising took place. She also helped organise the Pink Day Walk which thousands of people from the community take part in.

Samantha Antolini - 17

Mentone Girls' Grammar School, Mentone, Victoria, Australia
Project: International Captain of the School

Samantha has been instrumental in organising Mentone Girls’ Grammar school’s International Women's Week. She has worked closely with various sections of the school to promote and develop international cultural awareness and the responsibilities of being a global citizen. Samantha has involved students from different nationalities to work towards an international theme relating to women issues. She has also been heavily involved in Amnesty and worked closely with  student leaders to incorporate an international flavour in other initiatives.

Ayushi Ashar
École Mondiale World School, Mumbai, India

Ayushi has worked very closely with MUKTA -an organization that works with destitute girls between the age of 6 to 18 years. She began her volunteer work with them in 2010. Ayushi was also involved in setting up their web site Through her fund raising campaign she spoke very intensely about this organization to parents in our school during SPT conferences and to corporates for sponsorship. Ayushi has been consistent and practical in her approach in supporting Mukta. She has comfortably used English, Hindi, Guajarati and Marathi in dealing with the students at Mukta as well as sponsors and friends for collecting funds.

Chiedza Chibada - 15

Brookhouse School, Nairobi, Kenya
Project: Servant Leadership through Boarding House Community Service and Global Environmental Awareness

Chiedza has motivated her fellow boarding students to consciously engage in conservation and gender sensitisation activities. Her concern for the environment saw Chiedza participate in the 2013 Science Fair in South Korea, while in 2014 she attended the Plastic Ocean Pollution Environmental Summit in California. Her ability to discern and articulate her concerns has seen her excel in Inter-House and Inter-School Verse speaking. She was an active member of the netball, cross-country and athletics teams.

Chakrapoj (Bos) Chitwannapa - 17

NIST International School, Bangkok, Thailand
Project: OM GOI Development Trip 

Bos travelled to Maeramit Village in Om Goi District as part of a CAS trip where he participated in the preliminary stage of community development. This has helped him gain first-hand experience in learning about development and applying development tools in a rural village environment. Bos did some excellent work facilitating the needs analysis process and the school was impressed with the leadership he has shown. Bos will continue to work on the project with other NIST students and teachers, as well as with other schools, so as to help form a development project that will benefit the village in a sustainable and beneficial way.

Won Ji Chung - 18

International School Aamby, India
Project: English Language School 

Won Ji Chung as the leader of the English Language School (ELS) Team worked diligently for the ELS Team and has motivated other students. She is a very active member in the English Language School who has showed her enthusiasm in teaching English to students of the local community even though English is not her first language. When the ELS Team realized that the children at Ambavane Village were keen in learning English, they organised a fundraiser and raised money to buy books and set up a mini library at the local school. The fundraiser was a very successful event under the leadership of Won Ji Chung. 

The project has given Won Ji the scope to experience internationalism by ‘Think Global, Act Local’. She has leant to display tolerance to people of other nationalities, languages and ethnicity. The project has helped Won Ji to genuinely involve herself with a different stratum of Indian society and its culture. She has picked up snippets of different languages along the way to assimilate the spirit of international understanding and cooperation. 

Emma Clinnick - 17

Cleveland District State High School, Cleveland, Queensland, Australia
Project: Volunteering overseas and in home community

Steve Marshall Award Winner
Emma has participated in several overseas humanitarian trips in recent years. In 2014 she has volunteered at the 'Homeless Connect' convention which provides food and clothes to the homeless of Brisbane. She also travelled to Tonga where she built a house for a family that was previously living in a tin shack held together with tie downs. She has continued to lend money in a micro-loan through Kiva to a woman from Armenia who will put the money towards farming in order to provide food for her family. Emma has always actively sought opportunities to contribute to the international community in the true spirit of internationalism. 

Guillaume Dideron - 17

QingHai Project - Dulwich College Beijing, China
Project: QingHai 

QingHai is in a remote part of northwestern China, where the school also functions as a children's home. Conditions are cramped and unsanitary; resources are sparse. For two years, Guillaume has worked to develop the sanitation systems. His team has constructed a new building, which will provide the students with much better facilities. Guillaume also arranged for the installation of solar panels so the school can heat water (paid for by an award he won from ACAMIS). His team also delivered a series of hygiene lessons to the students in order to help them take better care of themselves and their environment

Nadya Ekhteraee-Sanaee - 18

Dubai American Academy, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Project: Model United Nations conference at DAA / Environmental Awareness

Serving as Deputy Secretary General, Nadya was one of the leaders the MUN club, taking charge to organise the first mini-MUN conference at DAA. She has shown great leadership and commitment to something that she is passionate about: making people aware of pressing global issues. Nadya was not only an active member of MUN, discussing and engaging in global issues such as the environment, human rights and the food crisis, but she got involved at a local level also: she highlighted the waste in Dubai, promoted paperless initiatives in the school, and ran UN Food Drives for the poor workers of Dubai.

Patrick Finley - 14

Atlanta International School, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Project: Promoting Irish Culture Through Music

Patrick performs with the Irish Traditions Ensemble in Atlanta. Patrick offers his talents as a solo and ensemble artist in the Atlanta community and here at AIS, and he does so in a gracious, mature way that has allowed us all to learn and appreciate Irish and Irish-American culture and musical traditions.  Each year, he heralds St. Patrick Day in MS Assembly, and he has even adapted his playing style to contribute to our Chinese New Year Celebration. He embodies the spirit of intercultural learning through the arts.

Anahita Gottipatti - 18

International School of Hyderabad, India
Project: Helping a local school in India

Anahita has been involved in the Rosy’s School projects for the development of the school’s infrastructure, raised funds for school uniforms for Rosy’s School children and  initiated a Funday at ISH to raise funds to provide for their school supplies. She also joined hands with Interact Club of Hyderabad and helped the underprivileged, orphaned and physically challenged children in and around Hyderabad and has  interacted with students of Saraswathi Vidya Niketan and Don. Through her involvement in the above projects, Anahita has demonstrated empathy and care for the immediate community; with the help of the organizations she was involved with, she has identified the needs of the underprivileged society which included the destitute and orphaned children from the lower economic strata who are deprived of the basic needs of living and, has extended support in whatever way she could. 

Rohan Gupta - 11

Doha College, Doha, Qatar
Project: Science Learning Garden

The school council was given the task of implementing a community science garden that would benefit all children in our school. Rohan presented the idea to the children and set the challenge of designing the garden as part of a competition. He also set up a panel to judge the competition and winning entries were taken from all year groups and a final garden design was made. Rohan has started to implement the idea of the garden being used for after school activities which will be led by school councillors and teacher next year, to ensure the garden extends our childrens’ education. All students have been asked to present ideas that reflect their own personal ideas and cultures.

Joshua Hammond - 17

St Clare's, Oxford, United Kingdom
Project: Student Council and Model United Nations Projects 

Through his fundraising work as Student Council President, Josh has worked tirelessly to further the College mission statement: to advance international education and understanding. Josh and his colleagues raised money that has given educational opportunities to students in Africa. Additionally, through his role as Secretary General of St Clare's Model United Nations, Josh has involved all St Clare's students in an active and participative MUN conference which furthered their understanding of global issues.

Hyelyn Hwangbo - 11

Nanjing International School, Nanjing, China
Project: Promoting Environmental Sustainability in the School Community 

Hyelyn has taken on extra responsibility by involving herself in various environmental initiatives. She provided leadership and inspiration to others by serving on the Eco Team, contributing ideas, discussing issues and solutions, providing a student perspective, and helping the Student Council follow up with action. She has had an active role in promoting energy conservation in the school and in activities related to the NIS Earth Hour event. Her role has been instrumental in making our school more ‘green’.

Yiyi Jin - 18

Glenunga International High School, Glenunga, South Australia, Australia
Project: International Prefect 2014 - Uphold international mindedness as an integral part of GIHS School Values  

Yiyi Jin has been actively involved in local and international student immersion. She has hosted delegations from around the world,  conducted events to promote international mindedness through sport, competitions and club activities and continued to raise awareness regarding current and future educational global issues. She led a group of students that connected via video conferencing with an IB school in Singapore to discuss food sustainability and resources in the 21st century. Volunteering as part of her Creativity Action Service has supported her connection with the community. She has been an active member of the Governing Council Team. Her work in the Youth Advisory Committee and the Leadership Team included assisting in event management and participating events.

Harshini Karunaratne - 16

The Overseas School of Colombo, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka 

The Warehouse Project serves underprivileged children of the Maradana neighborhood. These children have little time for education and even less for fun. Harshini discovered Kaine’s Day of Play, a movement for creative self-expression, and she began to gather international support for bringing a Day of Play to the Warehouse Project. Her organizing efforts brought the attention of an Australian company, a Sri Lankan filmmaker and Sinhalese, Tamil and Expat volunteers. The kids built a world out of cardboard, and the project built a sense of great possibility. Harshini’s efforts transcend language. She is building a better world through play.

Benya Kraus - 18

International School Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Thailand
Project: Panther Productions 

Benya was the driving force behind the creation and success of the new student run media production, Panther Productions. A tireless worker and creative thinker, Benya organized weekly broadcasts covering all aspects of student life and activities at ISB. Panther Productions has transformed the way information is communicated to students, providing an excellent platform for students to advocate for their service clubs and causes. Benya works with anyone and everyone, across nationalities and grade levels, and has a gift for bringing people together to work on a common project. She exemplifies the spirit of internationalism at ISB.

Louise Kynast - 11

Muscat International School, Muscat, Oman
Project: Recycling Project 

A group of students worked with the Muscat Daily Newspaper on a recycling project. Students were required to devote time outside of lessons to collect and store paper for collection. They organised the collection of paper for recycling in school which was then collected by the Muscat Daily. Louise had to develop an understanding of issues related to the project. She worked closely with students of other nationalities and took the time to educate younger students about the importance of recycling and protecting the environment. She was skilled at explaining to others how local problems have an impact on global issues.

Elijah McKeogh - 16

International School Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Project: Leadership in GIN

Elijah has been a key member of the Global Issues Network Executive Committee which directs and manages 30 student-lead GIN Projects at the school. He has had particular responsibility for the media and very professional video productions for ISHCMC GIN. Elijah has also played a central role in organizing the GIN Saigon Conferences which were initiated and hosted by ISHCMC for two consecutive years. These conferences involved collaboration with other student leaders from 14 schools and universities in Ho Chi Minh City. The success of these events required a huge amount of communication, organizational and logistical skills.

Sasha Janisara Romanyk - 11

Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School, Bangkok, Thailand
Project: Changing a School Culture

Sasha exhibited many of the qualities enshrined in agreed Values of the school when she led the Student Council in its work to develop the Code of Conduct. She has demonstrated huge resilience, a the capacity to take risks, confidence, inclusiveness and compassion that belies her age. She promoted and profiled the Student Council, as a Team, who were willing, through her leadership, to change the culture of a school. The confidence and conviction she has shown when making presentations marks her as a young lady possessing the undoubted passion and potential to make a real difference to this world.

Shreya Singh - 16

Dalian American International School, Dalian, China
Project: Environmental Leadership Project

Shreya Singh’s leadership has expanded community action and global awareness at the Dalian American International School through projects such as organic waste recycling, beach clean-up, Earth day celebrations, and school recycling programs. She demonstrates skills in event and project planning, partnership development, and public speaking. Shreya composed Arroyo, a widely distributed music CD and developed an Energy Smart document which makes recommendations on energy efficient construction. She served on the international UNESCO-Inditex Business Leader Roundtable and on a DAIS committee which is integrating stewardship into the curriculum.

Truman Han Tay - 11

Teda International School, Tianjin, China
Project: Water Purification Project 

As part of the Grade 5 science program, students connected the life giving history of the Huang He in China to ancient civilization and contrasted that to the present condition of the Huang He. Students then envisioned a future for China and were posed with the question of making their vision a reality. Truman integrated his developing knowledge in science and history to design a service project that would raise awareness of the need to care for the environment through independent water testing. This project connected the reality of China's river problem to a global problem for us all.

Clare Vadez - 13

International School of Hyderabad, India
Project: The International Students Community

Clara was a Grade 7 ‘student buddy’ and was available to guide the new Grade 6 students at Middle School. She voluntarily made badges for the student buddies to wear and displayed a keen and sustained commitment to the student buddy system. The Grade 6 class has a great variety of students and she was aware of the different types of support needed. Clara also attends a government high school in Barcelona Escola Antaviana for part of the year. This school educates working class and middle class students. Clara demonstrates a clear commitment to sustained interaction with students of the other nationalities, languages or ethnic backgrounds in a spirit of international understanding and cooperation. She brings this learning back to benefit her peers in class with her behaviours, opinions and attitudes. She also organized a book fair for the school, in correlation with World Book Day (United Nations) and a cultural festival from Spain. She wrote informative pieces for the school newsletter about it and used the Student Council to promote it.

Julian Enrique Vargas Valenzuela - 17

Notre Dame School, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Project: Model United Nations 

Since Julian Enrique arrived to NDS he stood out for his kindness and peace, even during stressful situations, it was understandable why teachers and friends trusted him, and always chose him for any activity. But where he excelled was at the Model United Nations at Harvard and Yale Universities where Julian not only participated in all the debates and meetings but where he also served as mentor to all our young delegates. At these models he took new international friends under his wing that were attracted by his leadership and kindness.

Valeriia Voloshyna - 18

Pechersk School International Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine

Valeriia Voloshyna contributed to the school through her work as Student Council Vice President. A speaker of three languages (English, Ukrainian and Russian), Val also took the lead in two important service projects. She organized fund raising and visits to the local Orphanage for Visually Impaired Children and was one of the founding members of a project that distributed sandwiches to the homeless on the streets of Kyiv. In a CAS program requiring approximately 150 hours of participation over two years, Val logged nearly 400 hours of service to her school and community.

Yu Wei (Hermione) Wang - 17

American International School of Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China
Project: Root and Shoots - Environmental Group Leader

Hermione is intensely passionate about promoting awareness about the environment at AISG. This year, R&S (Roots and Shoots) Environment has had a number of very creative and awareness raising projects. Hermione has been the impetus behind these and, as a result, has brought environmental issues to the foreground of our community.

Cheng Xi Duan

American School of Warsaw, Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland
Project: Chechen Refugee Club 

Cheng Xi Duan is the President of the Chechen Refugee Club at the American School of Warsaw. This club serves the Refugee Reception Center in Linin, Poland. Over the years the club has organized both at ASW and at the center such activities as sports, crafts, BBQs, a movie showing, as well as field trips to the zoo and a movie theater. Other student groups have worked with the Refugee Club to provide such support as an International Women's Day lunch and a clothes drive. The Chechen refugees have put on musical performances, cooked traditional foods, and answered questions about life in Chechnya and in the Polish refugee system. The Refugee Club interacts monthly with the Chechen children. 

Ming Yang Zhang - 16

Teda International School, Tianjin, China
Project: Increasing Fundraising Capacity of the TIS Walkathon Fundraiser through Corporate Donations and Sponsorship

Zhang Ming Yang recognized the potential for greatly increasing funds collected during the annual Walkathon Fundraiser by approaching the many international corporations with a presence in the Tianjin Economic Development Area. She wrote a proposal to the Service Committee which was approved. Now with approval from the TIS Administrative Team, Zhang Ming Yang is preparing informational documents and putting together a small team that will go out and seek corporate donations for next year's Walkathon. Increasing the amount of funds raised will allow TIS to provide support to more service initiatives in the local area and across China.

Awards for groups

The lower school student council & students

ACS Hillingdon International School, Hillingdon, United Kingdom
Project: Making a difference, near and far

This group is always looking for a way to help others. After learning about the devastation that Typhoon Haiyan caused, they organized Make a Difference Movie Night, Holiday Jumper Day and a 'Phil' the Bag clothing collection to raise money. They were proud to make a £1495 donation to UNICEF. Children in Romania were in need of t-shirts so our students designed 70 shirts for them and made a beautiful collaborative art piece.  The students also planned a spirit week to fundraise for the Great Ormond Street Hospital 5K. Our students have shown a true commitment to global citizenship and have made an impact on the lives of children near and far 

Sec 4 GP 2014

Anglo Singapore International School, Bangkok, Thailand
Project: Links with other International Schools

Co-curricular activities are essential in improving the well-being of students and shaping them into productive citizens of society. This group of students informed another international school in Bangkok about the benefits of co-curricular activities and were able to convince them to consider implementing this policy.

Doha College Community

Doha College, Doha, Qatar
Project: Recognising the work of all the school and local community 

This group of students wanted to recognise the invaluable work of the auxiliary staff who work at Doha College and wanted to say thank you for all their efforts. The students organised a meal for them and ate this meal together. The organization of this event was done outside of the school day. Due to the diverse nature of our student body, they were able to address all workers in their mother tongue. All the workers were given gifts. 

International Court of Justice - Costa Rica

Zurich International School, Wädenswil, Switzerland
Project: Model United Nations International Court of Justice - Costa Rica representatives

Fleur and Claire served as advocates for Costa Rica at the 2014 The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) International Court of Justice (ICJ). Their tireless effort and complete dedication to their roles won unanimous praise from all delegates and the supervisors. Fleur and Claire brought their knowledge of other cultures to their ICJ experience. Both are highly involved in MUN, and their work for THIMUN was exemplary. To represent Costa Rica and learn the legal proceedings in a language that neither student spoke was outstanding. 


Awards for individuals

Arielle Busetto - 19

St Clare's Oxford, United Kingdom 

Arielle has been tireless in helping to sustain our international ethos. She has managed and engaged in a series of activities that have brought together students from a wide range of countries and helped to foster international understanding. She gave a mature and thought-provoking key note address at our MUN.

Blythe Brandon - 18

Zurich International School, Wädenswil, Switzerland

This award is in recognition to Blythe's outstanding contribution and dedication as the founder of the ZIS chapter of 'For the Children Left Behind', a service project focused on helping orphans in Moldova. Blythe did a great job of starting and organizing this new service club and GAPtime service project at ZIS. She had all meetings well organized in advance and had committees headed by other students promoting leadership in others. She also organized a trip to visit the orphanage in Moldovia and has managed to find student leaders to take over the group after she graduates. Well done by a new student-led service group here at ZIS.

Shona Casserly

The British School, New Delhi, India

Compassionate by nature, Shona Casserly has shown sustained commitment to community service projects, by volunteering at a local orphanage in New Delhi where she taught literacy skills and mentored teenagers. Shona also led a peer mentoring programme at school, using her initiative to help younger students from diverse nationalities to transition into the school. A keen environmentalist, Shona is also deeply committed to animal welfare, evidenced in her involvement in local initiatives to rehabilitate and vaccinate street dogs. Shona embodies cultural sensitivity in all her interactions with members of the school and local community.

Jae Hyuk Chang - 17

The British International School Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey 

Recognising the difficulty faced by English speaking teachers discussing issues with Korean Parents in Parent-Teacher Conferences, Jae took the initiative and offered his services as a translator for Primary School PTC’s. This has made a great deal of difference to the Primary School and their dealings with the Korean Community. Jae offered this solution to the language problem himself and even considered that Secondary School parents may not appreciate a student translator but the Primary School parents would not feel the same way. His initiative has been very successful and well received by both teachers and parents.

Shaan Chhadva - 11

École Mondiale World School, Mumbai, India

Shaan has independently supported students by working and helping them, spending his own money to provide and distribute food packages.  He continues to support students from his area, he provides food and gives it to them personally and works with them. Shaan stands up for what he believes and is quite committed to his causes and speaks passionately about them. Shaan never blows his own trumpet he is quiet and unassuming who works independently on what he thinks is right.

Elena Corradi - 18

International School of Milan, Baranzate (Milano), Italy

Elena is driven by her passionate belief in international values and the importance of collaborative projects that bring people together. Elena has played a lead role in the Global Issues Network movement on a global scale, helping it become truly student-driven. Elena’s energy has significantly influenced the future direction of GIN. 

Hannah Grace Cox - 18

The British International School, Indonesia 

An accomplished artist, trumpeter and amazing actress Hannah has the capacity to inspire others through a sensitive appreciation of human and cultural nuances. She led the development of student performance throughout the school whilst bringing arts education to those in the community who are severely disadvantaged by nature of their birthplace. She has changed the lives of young people for the better through a genuine love of what she does, a personal sense of duty to those who are less privileged than herself and by an idealistic appreciation, and importance, of how Arts can and must touch the lives of many to make the world a better place.

Sam Cronin - 18

Doha College, Doha, Qatar 

Sam composed and performed a song about Moses, a Ugandan father currently working as a security guard at Doha College. It follows his journey from his home and his heart, to come earn a living in the fast-developing country of Qatar, where he forms a strong friendship with Sam and teaches him the great value of maintaining a smile no matter what worries may crowd your mind. Sam also created a music video and a documentary staring Moses himself. The documentary won ‘Best Sound’ at the THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival and Sam donated the winning prize to Moses thus setting a fantastic example for his peers and the immediate community.

Anna Drozdova - 16

Moscow Economic School, Moscow, Russian Federation 

Anna has been winning the Moscow Economic School title "Student of the Year" for many years, of her own initiative she joined a working group to establish an endowment fund that united Moscow Economic School graduates. She is a member of a charity marathon organizing committee "Give pleasure to children” which performs at traditional charity concerts, visits orphanages rehab centers, and prepares meetings with veterans. She is also an author of a playground project in the rehab center “Ostrov” that has been constructed in 2012. 

Anna Ejlekaer Johansen - 11

Teda International School, Tianjin, China 

Anna is an enthusiastic and visionary member of the ECO club within the Primary School.  As such, Anna has been part of a team of students who promote and maintain a recycling program from K-5.  In addition, Anna has participated along with other students in tree planting in the local community and service at a nursing home.  Anna shows all the qualities of a student leader and is a fine example to younger students. 

Aadhar Gupta - 14

The British School, New Delhi, India 

On a voluntary basis, Aadhar has taught students with diverse special education needs at a local school in New Delhi. In accordance with the school’s focus on ‘The Girl Child’, Aadhar taught girls of various ages at a local orphanage, volunteered to work with HIV + children at a local hospice, organised food drives for underprivileged children at two different localities in Delhi and interacted with patients and nurses at the cardiovascular wing at Max Hospital. A mature young man, Aadhar has been a valuable peer mentor and helped younger students from diverse nationalities to adjust to their new environment.

Harshini Karunaratne - 16

The Overseas School of Colombo, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka

The Warehouse Project serves underprivileged children of the Maradana neighborhood. These children have little time for education and even less for fun. Harshini discovered Kaine’s Day of Play, a movement for creative self-expression, and she began to gather international support for bringing a Day of Play to the Warehouse Project. Her organizing efforts brought the attention of an Australian company, a Sri Lankan filmmaker and Sinhalese, Tamil and Expat volunteers. The kids built a world out of cardboard, and the project built a sense of great possibility. Harshini’s efforts transcend language. She is building a better world through play. 

Aleksandra Kneifel - 16

The International School of Azerbaijan (TISA), Baku, Azerbaijan 

Aleksandra (Ola) is a generous and thoughtful young woman. She has participated in all but one of the Community and Service projects conducted through our school this year, including work with a local orphanage and a home for disabled children. Ola contributes tirelessly to the theatre and sport programmes at TISA, serving as an example of community spirit and generosity. Ola is a unique young woman, not afraid to be herself and to speak her mind. She is always open to the ideas of others as well. Ola's spirit, outlook, and action make her an outstanding example of what the CIS award exemplifies.

Charlotte Masson - 10

Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok, Thailand 

For representing the Primary School as part of the Environmental Group. Charlotte did this independently and consistently throughout the year. The school has been working on improving its environmental awareness and is looking to obtain The Green Flag. The majority of students are in the secondary school and Charlotte has shown real commitment as she has attended meetings and contributed to the work of this group. 

Enkhzaya Mendsaikhan - 15

International School of Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 

This student has worked with Rainbow Center, Hurhun Zurkh, Flourishing Futures, CCPs, the LET center/orphanage, and taught English at School #116. Her motivation is a love for children and she sees herself as a bridge between Mongolia and the international community. In her own words, "I hope I accomplished making others around me happy and loved." 

Anjali M. Menon - 16

International School Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Thailand 

Anjali was the driving force behind the founding of the Gay Straight Alliance Club which promotes acceptance of and respect for LGBT's both at International School Bangkok and in the global community. This club, now in its second year, has carried out several successful poster campaigns to highlight awareness of how homophobic language hurts, and organized a Day of Silence to draw attention to the harmful effects of anti-LGBT behavior. Anjali is now helping the Middle School to organize its own club.

Valeria Minisini - 17

American International School of Lusaka, Zambia 

American International School of Lusaka, Zambia, Valeria Minisini, 17 - Valeria has shown a deep commitment to the ideals of internationalism and cooperation. In her role outside school at various Model United Nations events, Valeria has an engaging personality that appeals to students from other nationalities and cultures, puts them at ease and allows the ideas to flow. Valeria has led her Extended Service Day team “Student News Action” by coordinating the team’s effort in capturing the myriad service events taking place in our school. 

Olivia Ormonde - 16

Bendigo South East College, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia 

Olivia is a child of the world. Born in outback Australia, she has lived in Africa and England, and travelled extensively. Olivia exemplifies what it is to be internationally minded. She lives the 'International Charter of Human Rights'. Olivia is passionate about equity and justice, being prepared to give of her time and energy to causes that make a real difference in people's lives. Olivia lives life to the full, excelling academically, in debating, the arts and sports. An example of Olivia’s international mindedness is her work with St Luke’s Innovative Resources. Olivia gained high praise from the organisation for her assistance in providing resources and published information to the disadvantaged from a range of cultural backgrounds including migrants. Olivia is a most worthy recipient of the CIS International Award.

Minh Tan Pham

Adelaide High School, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Steve Marshall Award Winner
Minh Tan Pham is dedicated to giving back to his community, locally and internationally. He has led a rich variety of projects including fundraising for a school in Bali as part of the East Bali Poverty Project, the Close the Gap campaign, Harmony Day, a visit by the Raukkan Aboriginal School to Adelaide High School and numerous other initiatives, thereby contributing rich intercultural and service experiences for his school community.

Maha Shams - 12

Muscat International School, Oman

Maha has always been instinctively cooperative and has been consistently hard working throughout the year. Maha earns the respect of her classmates via her attitude, dedicated work ethic and calm demeanor. Her reliability, trustworthiness and self-belief make her a shining example to all of her peers in Grade Six. She has been an outstanding and school captain.

Maha worked tirelessly throughout the year to sustain our international ethos and have shown sustained commitment to our Charity Club, which has an age-old tradition of assisting the less-fortunate in the local Omani community by raising funds and distributing to local charities such as: the Oman Cancer Association, Welfare of Handicapped Children in Oman, Early Child Intervention Centre in Oman, local orphanages, Association of the Blind, Deaf and Dumb School, and the SQU Child Cancer Centre, to name but a few.  She, in cooperation with the other CIS International Student Award nominees from Muscat International School, have also helped, assisted and encouraged our student and parent community to support our annual Charity Food Appeal during Ramadan, as well as our Paper Recycling Campaign which runs throughout the year.

Aikaterini Simitzis - 18

International School of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania 

Aikaterini's enthusiasm and energy drove the organization of two MUN conferences at the school. She was tireless in motivating others and coordinating the organization of such large events. Whenever there is an event to raise money for charity, Aikaterini will be at the centre of the organization. She is always willing to help out the school by comparing events and her confidence and dynamism have driven a number of activities.

Valeria Minisini - 17

American International School of Lusaka, Zambia 

American International School of Lusaka, Zambia, Valeria Minisini, 17 - Valeria has shown a deep commitment to the ideals of internationalism and cooperation. In her role outside school at various Model United Nations events, Valeria has an engaging personality that appeals to students from other nationalities and cultures, puts them at ease and allows the ideas to flow. Valeria has led her Extended Service Day team “Student News Action” by coordinating the team’s effort in capturing the myriad service events taking place in our school. 

Arjun Singla - 15

École Mondiale World School, Mumbai, India 

Arjun has worked to raise funds for Om creations, an NGO working towards the welfare of women with Down syndrome.  He held meetings with companies to ask for donations, sold products, hosted stalls, and participated in the Mumbai Marathon to raise awareness and funds for the organisation. He also invited the NGO to Ecole Mondiale World School to interact with the students and sell products made by them in order to raise funds.  He has been able to successfully raise funds worth 1,60,000.  These funds were raised to provide housing for ladies with Down syndrome.

Reeshen Bevan Thulkanam - 16

Norwood Morialta High School, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 

Bevan has been involved in numerous activities and projects promoting international mindedness.  He organised a Multicultural Assembly; presented at the ACIE annual meeting on “The Implications of Internationalism, Global Understandings and Child Rights in Education”; was involved in forums for East Adelaide Regional Office in the new Brighter Futures of the SA Department of Education; and the forum to debate Graduate Qualities of students; an active participant of the Student Representative Council; and attended presentations by Australian UN Youth Representative.

Francesca Ursini - 9

Malvern Primary school, East Malvern, Victoria, Australia 

Francesca is a young student with a strong sense of responsibility for the world and its people. She identifies strongly with her own cultural heritage and is interested and respectful of the heritages of others. Francesca has been involved in fundraising for needy communities and worked hard in ongoing projects which are aligned to the school's sustainability program. She embraces the values and principles of 'International Mindedness' and her behaviour and attitude reflect a maturity and respectfulness beyond that expected for her age.

Khanna Shraddha Vinod - 17

École Mondiale World school, Mumbai, India 

Shraddha has been very actively involved in learning Kathak- an Indian classical dance form for more than six years now. She has been instrumental in starting Natawari - an institution to promote and teach this ancient dying art form. This will also help to conserve and sustain all those involved in teaching and preserving this art form. She has been a very good Leader - sensitive and focused as well as an excellent team member.

Awards for groups

Beacons of Hope

Dulwich College, Beijing, China
Group members: Nicol Lo, Kim Fong, Jenny Xie 

In conjunction with local corporate sponsors, China Children, the Teenager's Fund and Beijing Chaoyang Maternal and Child Hospital (which the students organised, negotiated and secured entirely by themselves), "Beacons of Hope" was able to provide comprehensive medical, dental and optical exams for several hundred students from the Xin Xin Migrant School.

Bronze Award, Middle

Doha College, Doha, Qatar 
Group members: Sophie Jago and Erin Quigley

Erin and Sophie are involved on the Bronze Award, having only joined the International Award at the start of this academic year. After hiking in the Bir Zikreet peninsula, they decided to repeat the weekend with the help of family, encouraging many friends to join them, on a sponsored 40km overnight hike. Over two months they collected QR 15,410. As a result of their hard work, the school has now received many improvements. They already have plans not only to repeat the sponsored walk next year, but also to develop more charity raising activities to help the school further.

International Science Conference Student Committee

The Hutchins School, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Group members: Hugh and Oliver Johnson 

Hugh and Oliver Johnson are leaders within the science faculty, representing the school in conferences, competitions and at community Rotary science evens. They demonstrated exceptional leadership in driving and supporting our International Science Conference held at The Hutchins School over the Term 3 holiday break. They were not only leaders in organization but illustrated enormous emotional intelligence and internationally mindedness when interacting with our international participants from eight counties. These two young men illustrated maturity beyond their years and capture what it means to be a global citizen.

Lower School Student Council, Elementary/Primary

ACS Hillingdon International School, Hillingdon, United Kingdom

These students worked on two big projects this school year. The students learned to knit, and created a beautiful quilt for Romanian children. With some of our fundraising money the children in Romania also received books. Later in the school year these students learned about the violent protests in Tunisia that damaged another school. The students oragnised a book fair and toy drive, and were able to raise £600 for the students! They decided to donate the books and toys that we were not able to sell to a few local charities and to a children's center. It is incredible to see our students touching the lives of children near and far. 

Malaria Project

International School of Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany

The HIDE (Health Issues in Developing Economies) group actively follows three goals:

  • to educate themselves about health issues in developing economies
  • to raise awareness of the issues in the school and Düsseldorf community
  • to be active in raising money

The group has established a close relationship with action medeor, the largest medical aid charity in Europe. The students have been active in malaria actions in the city and at the state parliament, and have raised over €4000 for malaria support through actions and school events.

Project Hug, High School

Dulwich College Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Group members: Julien Chen, Sisley Fung, Jason Lam, Jack Low, Michael Wong, Jane Ng, Ernie Wong, Narissara Techavachara, Eric Song, Emily Xu, Sam Kim

Inspired by messing around with the graphic tool – Illustrator, their main goal has been to promote innovation and encourage younger students to unleash their hidden creativity with the tagline “Make a Difference with Style”. They work with a number of students of varying ages, cultures and backgrounds assisting them to develop new skill sets. A number of students have blossomed in the club, developing confidence and leadership amongst peers. Through fund raising, Project Hug have supported local charities, for example, Home Sweet Home – a Charity aiming to rehabilitate, educate and provide life skills to homeless individuals.


Awards for individuals

Ananya Agrawal - 16

École Mondiale World School, Mumbai, India

For sustained, selfless, and high quality commitment to a local school. He has brought real improvements to this school through his fundraising efforts, and real learning and pleasure through his efforts in teaching Music to the students, and ability to interact with them in their mother tongue language of Morati.

Wasan Al-Bulushi - 15

Muscat International School, Muscat, Oman

In recognition of her enthusiasm, reliability, maturity and ability to get on with others. She strives to give her best at all times and she is proud of her achievements. She is seen by her peers as an approachable and above all a fair minded person. These characteristics and her excellence in English and Arabic show strong contributions to the promotion of global citizenship and the development of international awareness.

Azevedo Andovireska Adikara da Lopez - 18

The British School, New Delhi, India

His great love for music and people breaks all barriers of language and ethnicity. He connects with many people including underprivileged children, and spends hours teaching them songs and technical skills and investing the time to make it meaningful for them.

Hiba Arshad - 17

The British School of Kuwait, Kuwait

Hiba has demonstrated a clear commitment to sustained interaction with students of other nationalities, languages and ethnic backgrounds: she could be said to embody a spirit of international understanding and cooperation. Hiba’s I AM project, with its focus on affirmative, individual action, coupled with her strong lead on environmental and recycling projects, is evidence of the way in which her efforts are directed beyond participation in regular school activities. Hiba has made a genuine commitment to every project or activity that she has been involved in: she has been a true ambassador and model for other students.

Mariana Baguenier - 18

St. Clare’s, United Kingdom

Mariana is a student who embodies all the values International Education is striving to achieve. She was active in many areas of college life and outstanding as secretary general of the Model United Nations, where she inspired everyone involved.

Andriy Blyznyukov - 17

Bromsgrove International School, Thailand

In recognition of his willingness to help others of all ages, being positive and hardworking in everything he does, embracing the culture of all those around him and being a conduit for international friendship and promoting a true sense of community.

Thilo Marcel Braun - 17

Beijing City International School, China

Thilo started a program teaching students how best to use and learn to use Mac laptops, Mac 101. This program evolved into a course for training teachers and parents, with a final evolution as a training program for other Texperts, who use their tech teaching skills to upskill members in and beyond the school community as part of other service initiatives. This has allowed students to use and develop language skills to communicate their knowledge and passion for learning through technology with those they plan, teach and reflect with.

Philip Dallas - 16

Bendigo South East College, Australia

Phillip has taken an active interest in studying languages and global issues, travelling extensively through Asia, carrying out work at overseas orphanages, and hosting international visitors during his time at our College.

Neerav Dharia - 17

Ecole Mondiale World School, India

Neerav has been nominated for the award for organizing the first 'Relay for Life' event in India in aid of cancer awareness and research. This involved months of organizing for 200 students, parents and teachers to take part in an all-night relay walkathon, in aid of cancer research and in memory of cancer victims. The event overall involved ceremonies, the walkathon itself, and concerts, games and films throughout the night, with over 300000 Indian rupees (more than $5600) being raised for the cause overall.

Jun Dinyarian - 18

American International School of Guangzhou, China

Jun sets the highest standards of integrity and honour in all of his endeavours. He is active in many school activities; Student Council, Senior Class President, Captain of sports teams, Baha'i Faith Community, and our NHS. He reaches out to all students no matter what nationality or creed and has taught all of us at AISG so much about how to care for one another in a humble and respectful way. Additionally, last summer Jun organised a school trip to Japan for earthquake relief work. He also runs weekly workshops within the Baha'i community to discuss issues regarding spiritual growth, perceptions of the world, and organises service projects.

Chantel Ferro - 12

Muscat International School, Oman, Sultanate of

In recognition of her consistent hard work throughout the year. She earns the respect of her classmates via her attitude, dedicated work ethic and calm demeanour. Indeed her reliability, trustworthiness and self-belief make her a shining example to all of her peers. Her English knowledge coupled with her efforts in Beginner’s Arabic embodies the school’s bi-lingual ethos perfectly and she is an excellent example of an international citizen.

Yamila Michelle Franco Peña - 16

Notre Dame School, Dominican Republic

Yamila Michelle has demonstrated her nobility, sensibility, altruism and empathy with international issues in her work with Model United Nations, winning the admiration and respect of the Dias and fellow delegates for the real enthusiasm and commitment she showed in the debates. In the school she is always a good ambassador, helping new and foreign students to become part of the school community. She is always available to help any human rights cause, to aid those in need, or to participate in any activity of the school, or community.

Oliver Paul Garlick-Wilson - 18

British International School, Indonesia

He worked for 2 years with a severely disabled Indonesian child, entirely using Bahasa Indonesia (which he learnt on arrival in Jakarta from Australia). He spent many hours in the boy’s home, building trust and attempting to secure a better fate for the child than the assumed inevitable one of beggary. He faced many and varied challenging situations, at the child’s home, in local hospitals and at the school at which Oliver registered the child. He also developed an ingenious go-kart like device to enable Acheng to be mobile. His goodwill, spirit of perseverance and practical initiatives contested that type of disregard for a child’s welfare.

Gabriel Gorayeb de Almeida - 18

International School Eindhoven, The Netherlands

In recognition of his dedication to the school community, and hard work and excellence in football, basketball, school council, Model United Nations, and Chair of Prom committee.

Emma Henderson - 11

Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School, Thailand

Emma has shown sustained commitment and responsibility while working with a range of groups. As a valued member of the school sporting teams she is always an ambassador for fair play, cooperation and sportsmanship. In Choir she has performed for school and community groups like the elderly as well as recording songs for a charity CD. Emma gets directly involved with all activities in the school and has shown strong leadership skill during her time as a primary house captain. She has a great spirit of international understanding and worked alongside others during the flood relief projects for the Bangkok area.

Juliette Hoffmann

Antwerp International School, Belgium

Juliette is a student who exemplifies International Awareness and Understanding. A most pleasant friendly and caring nature combined with high inter-personal skills, Juliette was active in many areas of school life, from sports to academics to community service activities. She inspired everyone with her commitment to community and her efforts representing her own country, the school, and fellow community members no matter where they were from. Juliette was awarded the CIS International Student award for being an exemplary student who greatly contributed positively toward the life and culture of AIS.

Sohyeon Hong - 16

Mitcham Girls High School, Australia

Sohyeon has worked hard to develop competence in English and has studied French for five years. She has been part of the Diversity Group and has encouraged others to become involved in humanitarian issues. She is involved with the United Nations Youth Organisation, participating in conferences and promoting the work of the United Nations among young people. Sohyeon models respectful and inclusive behaviour at all times.

Caitlin Hunter - 11

Doha College, Qatar  

Caitlin is an outstanding student who sets an excellent example all-round. She has excelled in her achievements academically with high motivation and continued enthusiasm. As Head Girl, she has demonstrated her exceptional leadership skills and commitment to the school by presenting at a Governor and parent forum, sharing her ideas with the Principal and Primary Head Teacher and has regularly showed visitors around the school, including the CIS team. Nothing is too much trouble for Caitlin. She is helpful, friendly and always has a smile on her face. She has contributed fully to life at Doha College and is very worthy of this award.

Nafis Jalil - 17

International School Dhaka, Bangladesh

Nafis is a leader both within the ISD community and also in his many internationally minded involvements. He was influential in starting up the Greenies group, and setting up the Earth Sciences national competition, and led local MUN events and discussions around political and economic systems. Nafis has a clear and genuine interest in environmental issues and acts to cause change in the wider community. He was selected to participate and represent Bangladesh in international events in Finland and Canada. Additionally, he led the SRC where he has driven many community minded initiatives with organisational skills that defy his years.

Asmaa Mohamed El Sefy - 16

The English School, Fahaheel, Kuwait


Asmaa has contributed widely to school events and activities. She has been especially involved in student activities and has been a strong leader. She has always interacted very positively with teachers and pupils whatever their background or nationality. She also was a major organiser of our recent International Day celebrations.

Ivana Mucalov - 17

Muscat International School, Oman, Sultanate of

Ivana has been an exemplary student at MIS whose vigour, attitude and demeanour have been always positive. She is undoubtedly a popular and well received person, appreciated by not only her peers and colleagues but also by the staff. Indeed, she is held in very high regard. She has involved herself with gusto into sports events and has held the role of Sports Captain for Jabrin with zest and enjoyment. Ivana was nominated from the whole high school body to represent the school in an Outward Bound Oman course this year.

Ji Eun Nam - 18

American School of Warsaw, Poland

In recognition of her commitment to promoting internationalism in the community through numerous activities, including UN Day Coordinator, and Chief Editor of Yearbook.

Johanna Ohlman - 18

ISS International School, Singapore

In recognition of her outstanding service to the school community. Johanna has an open mind, is well-informed, aware and empathetic, concerned and caring for others, encourages a sense of community and is strongly committed to engagement and action to make our world a better place.

Chelsea Simmons - 17

Craigslea State High School Queensland, Australia

Steve Marshall Award Winner
As a five year member and current co-leader of Craigslea High’s Social Justice Group she has been responsible for the organisation of both fundraising and awareness raising campaigns to assist global and nationwide events run by organisations such as Amnesty International, Oxfam and World Vision. The combination of these events and the consistent presence of the social justice group within our school community provide a direct pathway for students and staff to make a difference to areas they are passionate about and her involvement in this group is continually rewarding as Craigslea High citizens become connected to the global community. 

Tharm Smuthranond - 17

Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School, Thailand

The School initiated its "Banyan Tree" Community involvement programme and Tharm was the "founding student volunteer member" with excellent ideas. He has been a pro-active and motivational senior student in the Year 12 Community Service Programme. He led teaching of English to "Hill Tribe Children" in rural Chiang Rai. He has led many student assemblies with regards to fundraising for Charity events. He setup and wrote articles for the inaugural student magazine. He was also a member of "Model UN" and an active member of Student Council. 

Christopher Suriadi - 17

Bandung International School, Indonesia

Christopher has been directly involved in community projects that demonstrate leadership skills and concern for global issues through his role as President of the Environmental Club in 2011-2012. He organised the BIS annual Talent Show which raised funds for Sekola Batu Karut, an Indonesian School severely damaged by an earthquake. Through his leadership the Talent Show raised an impressive amount of Rp50,000,000. Christopher also leads the organisation of the annual Earth Day Celebration and took a team of students to Batu Karut to help spread environmental awareness to their students.

Ayse Unluturk - 17

Isikkent High School, Turkey

Ayse is the backbone of Model United Nations and the Student Council. With her great English, she is also the Foreign Language Ambassador of the school.

Awards for groups

Upper Secondary 2012

Anglo Singapore International School, Thailand

Group members: Charmaine Chin, Jazlina Pang Yue Sutanto, Juliana Pang Ling Sutanto, Palita Likidpongpaisarn

These students ‘adopted’ the Wat Bang Dua School, a school hit hard by the Thai floods. Jazlina and Palita established financial sponsorships from Singapore, and were able to procure the necessary materials to lead the repainting of Wat Bang Dua School’s library. Additionally, Juliana and Charmaine were instrumental in informing the younger peers of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, with presentations, self-made videos, and exercise routines. This group helped to establish this "sister-school" relationship with Wat Bang Dua. Visiting the school will now become a community service activity for the secondary students every year.

Charities Committee

Doha College, Qatar

Group members: Evan Fonseka, Ane Retief , Ali Al Husseini, Maha Al Thani, Khalid Nasrawi, Esther Ricky, Salma Zaghal, Moonira Mamoon, Montserrat Gutierrez, Suzanne Morrison, Rochelle Lee, Stephen Ristow, Lina Abu Sitta, Bruna Pedro, Neyha Ahmed, Asmita Ahluwalia, Shima Elataya, Wurood Azzam, Hisham JamalMark Leppard, Principal (left) Douglas Briggs – Vice Principal Head of 6th Form (next to Mr Leppard) and Teresa Woulfe – Senior Vice Principal – Head of Secondary (right) 

The following group of students have worked to develop awareness of others in need through their work for charity. The Charities Committee is totally student led and awareness is raised through assemblies as well as fund raising activities. This year the group have involved younger students by running an extra-curricular activity focusing on the needs of people in other countries to their own. The group have chosen to support the work of Qatar Charity who work to build homes and wells in Somalia. The plight of the Somalians was raised through assemblies with all year groups and literature that the committee used at all fund raising events.

Silver International Award

Doha College, Qatar

Group members: Abhinav Mohan, Ahmed Auda, Alexander GabrielPirinoli, Arun Das, Bettina Portelli, Cameron Scott, Connor Rennie, Dhiren Naidu, Diego Papasodaro, Emma Parcell, Frederick Witzmann, Georgia Brown, Grant Finn, Hadiya Darwishi, Henri Van Den Berg, Hollie Jenkins, Jack Ray, Jake Couper, Jonathan Coutinho, Jonathan Miseroy, Kendall Myers, Lachlan Kenneally, Lucy Fathers, Michael Bayatti, Nasser Sawan, Oliver Morris, Pranav Bande, Sabrina Govender, Salik Sarwar, Samir Abdel Rahman, Samuel Jones, Shannon Mackenzie Cameron, Shayna Dhanoo, Tisal Edirisinghe, Yanal Dahdah 

This group has worked to develop international links with a school in the Himalayan Mountains. When the students trekked past the school and saw the conditions under which they were working and being taught, they pledged to raise money to provide resources for the children. Through their fundraising they managed to provide stationery and large mats for the children to sit on. They spent a morning at the school, where they presented gifts from the money raised. They also spoke to the children in their mother tongue and taught them games. The aim is to maintain this cultural exchange and build upon the work initiated by this group.

Friends of Eravur

Qatar Academy, Qatar

Group members: Tala Al Taji, Oswin Rodrigues, Lana Mahmoud, Neha Ahmed, Fatima Amir, Farrah Kerkadi, Earniey Hanafi, Eliah English, Rana Abu Al Saud, Dahlia Shatila, Jana Abu Odeh, Sara El Husseini, Byanne Malluhi, Abdulrahman Abdulrahman, Abdullah Al Shakarchi, Marika Mascarenhas, Sultan Al Kaabi, Waleed Hachicho, Dana Al Anzy, Daniel Castillo, Sara Al Mana, Sarah Wolstenholme, Saif Al Suwaidi, Adham Abbas, Jemma Swain, Saif Al Saadi, Nawaf Al Rabban, Fares Mansi, Sara Al Mana, Essa Al Mohannadi 

The 2011-12 Friends of Eravur team were very successful in supporting our sister school in Sri Lanka. They successfully raised enough funds to purchase land and build a brand new school building for over 200 students who attend this school. In addition, Qatar Academy sent their first group of students to the community for community interaction and service work. This year also saw the launch of a micro-credit program and an employment services project, finding jobs for 100 individuals.

Year 6 Charity Committee

Renaissance International School Saigon, Vietnam

Group members: Joshua Gordon Jones, Anna Nguyen, Long Tran , Ashley Krairojahanan, Oscar Zeller, Ju Hee Nam 

The children decided that they wanted to organise events to be able to raise money for an orphanage in the city. They decided themselves on what events to do, and then wrote letters for the whole of the Primary School, and collected and counted the money.



  • Bendigo Senior Secondary College - Annie Kathryn Stevens (Steve Marshall Award Winner)
  • Bendigo South East College - Alexander Morton
  • Norwood Morialta High School - Gia-Yen Luong
  • Woodcroft College - PHAN Huynh Phuong Nam
  • Woodcroft College - YAU Kwok Ho (Frankie)


  • American International School, Vienna - Corinna Oswald


  • International School of Azerbaijan - Iivi Tara Sofia Grohn


  • International School Dhaka - Education for a Brighter Future
  • International School Dhaka - Moana Yamanouchi


  • World International School - Divya Singh


  • International School Brunei - Joann Teoh Fong Yen


  • The Anglo-American School of Sofia - Elena Evgenieva


  • American International School of Guangzhou - Anna Lee Cai
  • Dulwich College - Alan Laing
  • Dulwich College - Janice (Rui Yian) Fung
  • Nanjing International School - Grade 3 Planters
  • Nanjing International School - Sustainable NIS
  • Sha Tin College - Cecilia Williams; Jennie TO
  • Teda International School - Nisa Lambrecht


  • Colegio Anglo Colombiano - Rodrigo Palau


  • Saint George School - Project Green SGS


  • International School of Düsseldorf - Kana Hida and the Pray for Japan Committee


  • Canadian International School of Hong Kong - Aneta Kanturkova
  • Hong Lok Yuen International School - Katie Ngan-Kee


  • American International School Budapest - Min Jung Kang


  • Ecole Mondiale World School - Grade 5 Students
  • Ecole Mondiale World School - Sana Khan
  • Ecole Mondiale World School - The DP School Community
  • International School Aamby - Thomas Bruce McBurney
  • The British School - Annapurna School Project


  • Bali International School - Shannon Burns
  • Bandung International School - Environmental Club Leadership
  • Sinarmas World Academy - Riveria - English Language Program
  • The British International School - Georgia Rose Barlow


  • International School of Milan - The Grade 13 UNICEF Pigotta Team


  • Osaka International School - Nur Zawanah Zabidi
  • Osaka International School - Shingli Anri Pok
  • Yokohama International School - Sophie Donszelmann
  • Yokohama International School - Middle School - Middle School Community & Service Team


  • International Academy Amman - Ali Zu'bi


  • Braeside High School - Rachel Nyokabi Wanjohi
  • Brookhouse International School - Charlene Binen Umah Tete
  • Brookhouse International School - Patrick Theo Ntawiheba
  • Brookhouse International School - Tevin Yerry
  • Oshwal Academy Nairobi - Jaaziyah Shiraz Satar


  • Al-Bayan Bilingual School - Operation Hope


  • Colegio Alfonsino de San Pedro, A.C. - Gabriela Jaime Galindo


  • International School Eerde - Matthew Glancy
  • International Secondary School Eindhoven - Maya-Tiffany Connor
  • Rotterdam International Secondary School - The Green Team


  • Kaduna International School - Lara Firetti


  • Oslo International School - Interact


  • Muscat International School - Elia bint Said Al-Rawahi
  • Muscat International School - Mohammed bin Saleem Al-Khabori
  • Muscat International School - Mohammed Hasan Furrukh


  • International School Manila - Michelle Denise Ferreol


  • American School of Warsaw - Daniela Sainz


  • Carlucci AIS of Lisbon - Community Service Lar das Fisgas Project


  • Doha College - Anisha Pai
  • Doha College - Eunice Pauline Mabulay
  • Doha College - Leon Salam
  • Qatar Academy - Arnav Jain
  • Qatar Academy - Hamad Hospital Lead Team


  • International British School of Bucharest - Aimee Mary Jordon
  • International British School of Bucharest - Blanca Maria Curelea Florescu
  • International British School of Bucharest - Victor De Buffevent


  • Moscow Economic School - Bronislav Biran


  • American International School - Riyadh - Asli Ozyoru
  • The British International School of Jeddah - Zain Said


  • ISS International School - Wen-Jun We


  • Col·legi Internacional SEK-Catalunya - Claudia Ureta
  • SEK Catalunya - Spanish Israeli Sephardi
  • Sotogrande International School - Kindred Project - Williams Hill School, Urganda
  • Sotogrande International School - Tabitha Lawrence


  • Overseas School of Colombo - Tara Marikkar Nelson


  • Kungsholmen's Gymnasium - Giovanna Olmos Sundqvist


  • International School of Berne - Cacy-Leigh Neilson
  • International School of Berne - Madelaine Swann
  • International School Rheintal - Ryan Rudolf Michl
  • Zurich International School - Team Ghana


  • Anglo Singapore International School - 2011 Year 4 GP
  • Bangkok Int'l Preparatory & Secondary School - Prim Janjarussakul
  • Bangkok Int'l Preparatory & Secondary School - Year 12 Class of 2012
  • Bangkok Patana School - Kanaspatr (Patrick) Wasinsungworn
  • Bangkok Patana School - Pannatorn Daochai
  • Bangkok Patana School - Pawarapa Osathanugrah
  • International School Bangkok - Howard Zhang
  • New International School of Thailand - Emily Wei-Yi Chen


  • Ozel Bilkent High School - Derin Aksit
  • Ozel Buyuk Kolej - Canberk Sayin


  • Dubai American Academy - Rea Sowan
  • The British School of Kuwait - Hiba Arshad
  • The English School Fahaheel - Nawaal Asim Zuberi
  • Wellington International School - Hannah Waddilove
  • Wellington International School - John Raymond Yates


  • St Clare's - Aska Matsunaka


  • Atlanta International School - Neira Selimovic
  • French American International School - Darcy Catherine Covert
  • International School of Indiana - Camille Allamel
  • International School of Monterey - Relief for Japan
  • Riverstone International School - Kangmin Kim
  • The Awty International School - Manga Abdelkerim Sako
  • Trent International School - HOSA
  • Trent InternationalE School - Morgan Khan


  • International School Ho Chi Minh City - MS GIN Urgent Appeals Group
  • International School Ho Chi Minh City - Nayantara Dutta
  • Renaissance International School Saigon - Anh Hai Tran Ngueyne
  • Renaissance International School Saigon - Byung Yoon Kim
  • Renaissance International School Saigon - Tae Joo Lee


  • American International School, Lusaka - Timothy Alexander Schurz
  • Lusaka International Community School - Chisha Mposha


  • Harare International School - Himayini Sharma



  • Aquinas College - Caitlin Walsh
  • Aquinas College - FIREcarriers
  • Banksia Park International School - Stage 2 ESL Class
  • Bendigo South East College - Chloe Dallas
  • Carey Baptist Grammar School - Di Liu
  • Charles Campbell Secondary School - Mikaela Tymukas
  • Cleveland District State High School - Millie MacDonald
  • Glenunga International High School - Chan Kyung Kim
  • Kenmore State High School - Sidoni Lilwell (Steve Marshall Award Winner)
  • Malvern Primary School - Malvern Primary School Junior Council
  • Merrimac State High School - Chris White
  • Merrimac State High School - Multicultural Festival Group
  • The Norwood Morialta High School- Social Justice Committee
  • The Norwood Morialta High School- Yuki Hamano
  • Tootak College - India Petrucco
  • Tootak College - Resurrecting a School Buried Under a Rubbish Dump
  • Tootak College - Year 8 - 2009
  • Woodcroft College - Bridget April Hunt
  • Woodcroft College - GENG Yu Gie (Jessica)
  • Woodcroft College - HE Xie (Isaac)


  • American International School, Vienna - Erik Neighbour
  • Vienna International School - Haiti Earthquake Relief Fundraising Group


  • The International School of Azerbaijan - Farah Samedova
  • The International School of Azerbaijan - Kazim Tosayev


  • Abdulrahman Kanoo International School - Ali Sater


  • International School Dhaka - Alisha Rahman
  • International School Dhaka - Modi Shagoon


  • World International School - George Zarzecki Kulczycki


  • Northside School - Standard Five Students and Teachers


  • International School Brunei - Dean Watt


  • PSHS American College Arcus - Zvezdelina Dimitrova


  • American School of Yaounde - Lydia Ejangue


  • American International School of Guangzhou - Maggie Chen
  • Beijing City International School - Chergai Castanza
  • International School of Tianjin - Lawrence Lin
  • International School of Tianjin - Sye Lin Choi
  • Nanjing International School - Aili Desai
  • Nanjing International School - Clara Schünemann
  • Nanjing International School - Katinka Muller
  • Nanjing International School - Mao Yamamoto
  • Suzhou Singapore International School - Grade 8
  • Suzhou Singapore International School - Natalya Oosthuizen


  • Doha College - Ralf Yap


  • Notre Dame School - Acid Rain
  • Notre Dame School - Environmentally Friendly Conscience
  • Notre Dame School - Safe Drinking Water for Rural Communities


  • American International School of Lusaka - Youssef Basha


  • The International School of Helsinki - Joshua Nedeljkovic


  • International School of Düsseldorf - Martin Shih


  • Hong Lok Yuen International School - Coco Tsang


  • Ecole Mondiale World School - Grade 3
  • Ecole Mondiale World School - Isabela Streeter
  • Ecole Mondiale World School - Sarang Paraskar
  • International School Aamby - Dikshant Tahilramani
  • International School of Hyderabad - Chaitanya Muppala
  • The British School, New Delhi - Benjamin Ashman


  • Bandung International School - Angela Shen
  • Jakara International School - Emmanuel's Club
  • The British International School, Jakarta - Evan Pranoto


  • International School of Milan - Irene Nocivelli
  • International School of Milan (Monza Section) - Isabel Mele
  • International School of Trieste - Carlotta Marchiori


  • Osaka International School - Joonhyun Paik
  • Yokohama International School - Vanessa Vyvial


  • International Academy Amman - Bushra Shammout


  • Brookhouse International School - Barbara Solomon
  • Brookhouse International School - Diana Onyonyi
  • Brookhouse Preparatory School - Millicent Smith


  • American International School - Riyadh - Basheer Elsolh


  • Al-Bayan Bilingual School - Ethiopia Reads
  • The British School of Kuwait - Yara Al-Wazir


  • Colegio Alfonsino De San Pedro, A.C. - Maria Jose Cepeda Santos


  • Rotterdam International Secondary School - Nicolaas Du Plessis


  • Kaduna International School - Zubaydah Jibrilu


  • Muscat International School - Ayesha Burney
  • Muscat International School - Ma'athir Al-Busaidi
  • Muscat International School - Yousef Al-Riyami


  • International School Manila - Hak-Rim Kim


  • American School of Warsaw - Eunsol Byun


  • Doha College - Laura Vertigans
  • Doha College - Vartan Shadarevian


  • Anglo-American School of Moscow - James Humphrey


  • Dhahran British Grammar School - Ahmed El Hussein
  • The British International School of Jeddah - Jana Gharazeddine


  • International School of Dakar - Jappale


  • International School Singapore - Jing Ying Cheah


  • International School of Cape Town - Priscilla Ohm


  • Sotogrande International School - Yaroslav Loginov


  • The Overseas School of Colombo - Holly Huxtable
  • The Overseas School of Colombo - Upandha Udalagama


  • International School of Berne - Community Leaders


  • Iringa International School - Abigail Gerrits
  • Iringa International School - Ölle Mjengwa


  • Bangkok Int'l Preparatory & Secondary School - Jamie Brannon
  • Bangkok Int'l Preparatory & Secondary School - Roger Santos
  • Bangkok Patana School - Catherine Bouchard
  • Bangkok Patana School - Junior Student Representative Council (JSRC)
  • Bangkok Patana School - Sichen Wang
  • International School Bangkok - Samuel G Zapatka
  • New International School of Thailand - Georgia Boreham


  • Buyuk Kolej - 2009-2010 Junior Model United Nations Club
  • Çag College - Can Gafuroglu
  • Irmak Schools - Seren Nalbant
  • Istanbul International Community School - Lena Bruce
  • Ozel Buyuk Kolej - Young Reporters and Environment


  • The International School of Uganda - Karsten Tadie


  • St Clare's, Oxford - Felipe Verillo


  • Dubai American Academy - Jade Cass
  • Dubai International Academy - Aahan Bhojani


  • International High School - Amelia Whitehead
  • Atlanta International School - Kesha Kanakiya
  • International School of Boston - Jillian Quigley
  • International School of Indiana - Polina Loeffler
  • The Awty International School - Kendall Russ


  • International School of Ho Chi Minh City - Camilla Fuller
  • International School of Ho Chi Minh City - Huong Thao Nguyen
  • Renaissance International School Saigon - Adriana Ferhat Abbas
  • Renaissance International School SJaigon - ulia Tran


  • American International School of Lusaka - Zara Mulla


  • Harare International School - iLife 2010 Team
  • Harare International School - Kuzi Mutonga