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We offer a unique opportunity to facilitate links between guidance/university counsellors and international university admissions professionals who help support students in the transition from school to university. We work together with our members to support the best possible outcome for students interested in international higher education opportunities.

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University Connection Registry

The CIS University Connection Registry is a free database resource where your students have the opportunity to connect with CIS member universities and colleges worldwide. Students can provide their information and contact details, as well as interests in study and financial aid need with over 625 CIS higher education institutions. These are fully accredited universities and colleges in 26 countries that are actively seeking students with an international outlook. 

CIS member colleges and universities recognize the unique intercultural competencies, skills and experiences of your students as well as the rigorous academic preparation and quality international education they have received. CIS member universities use the CIS University Connection Registry in their admissions outreach to connect with students all over the world who have expressed interest in studying a programme they offer or studying in their region. All participating universities/colleges sign a statement that they will use contact details only to send their own information/materials. Students from all schools are eligible to participate and there is no cost to the school or your students for using the CIS University Connection Registry.

To take advantage of this service:

  • Direct your students to the CIS University Connection Registry Form
  • Forward an email Template to students. Be sure to copy and paste the above link into the email.
  • Download a poster of the CIS University Connection registry (A4 and/or A3) poster to display.
  • Review the online student registration form. Students who will graduate and apply to university in the next 3 years are the appropriate audience.

Please encourage and assist students as they complete the online form by providing school information, address, CEEB code if applicable, etc. 

Should you have any questions about the CIS University Connection Registry, please feel free to email us at


Through professional development conferences, college & university tours and fairs, we enhance communication and provide networking opportunities for guidance counsellors and colleges and universities around the world.

University Counsellor Tour | Canada
2 - 9 July 2019

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Student Recruitment Tour | India

17 - 28 August 2019
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Student Recruitment Tour | Asia
With East Asia and Southeast Asia Option
  • Full Asia Programme: 31 August - 20 September
  • East Asia Tour: 31 August - 12 September
  • Southeast Asia Tour: 10- 20 September

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Student Recruitment Tour | Latin America

2 - 19 September 2019
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CIS-EARCOS Institute on International Admission & Guidance
20 - 21 September 2019

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