For Parents

Global citizenship is at the centre of everything we do at CIS. We work directly with schools, colleges, and universities with the goal of providing high quality international education to students throughout the world.

CIS University Connection

Connect to universities looking for international students.

If your child is interested in pursuing higher education outside of their home country or finding a university in their country that can provide an international education, consider having them sign up with the CIS University Connection Registry. Over 625 member universities around the globe will have the opportunity to review the information your child submits. Based on your child’s expressed interests and financial aid needs, these fully-accredited universities will provide information about their application process, school programmes and financial aid directly to your child.

All participating members sign a statement that they will use contact details only to send their own information. This is a free service available to all students (who will be graduating in the next three years) who are looking to learn more about international higher education opportunities. To explore which universities have access to the CIS University Connection Registry, visit our membership directory.

For more information about the CIS University Connection Registry, talk to your child’s university guidance counsellor.