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Leadership Searches | Dan Mullen will be joining The American School of Kinshasa as their new Director

CIS is delighted to announce that Dan Mullen will be joining The American School of Kinshasa as their new Director, after an extensive international search. Our sincere congratulations go out to Dan Mullen and TASOK for this excellent appointment.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Dan Mullen as TASOK’s next Director. Dan is currently Upper School Principal and Deputy Director for Casablanca American School in Morocco and will assume his position in Kinshasa in July of 2019. 

A product of international education himself, Dan has a vision of education that is closely aligned with the values and learning principles of TASOK. He has solid IB experience, a strong background in leadership training, and brings key skills from his previous life in business and construction management. Dan has worked in similar contexts and is well-versed in emergency preparedness.

TASOK retained CIS Leadership Searches, represented by Pauline O’Brien, Director of Career & Recruitment Services, to lead the search for a new Director. Through our thorough approach, we worked closely with the Search Committee, Senior Leadership Team, staff, parents and Board to get a clear vision of the expectations for TASOK’s next leader.

A process of careful evaluation ensued, matching the skills, experiences and philosophies of the candidates against the needs of the school to find an outstanding leader with the intercultural skills required to support TASOK’s diverse academic community. Contending candidates were personally video-interviewed by CIS to understand their motivation and vision for leadership before being shortlisted and invited to Kinshasa for final interview.

During his visit to Kinshasa, Dan had multiple meetings with all the stakeholder groups of the TASOK community. He was interviewed by students, parents, staff, teaching faculty, the leadership team, and the Board. It was also an opportunity for Dan to get to know TASOK better through informal conversations, classroom visits and a campus tour.

The welcome extended to Dan and Julie by the TASOK community has confirmed to him that this is a place he would like to live and work, and the Board feels that he is well-suited to support and lead TASOK in pursuit of their mission of excellence, integrity, and inclusivity. Please join CIS in congratulating Dan and TASOK on this appointment.

Debbie Gueye, Board member for The American School of Kinshasa wrote:

“While several people on the TASOK board had been involved in recruitment and hiring in their professional lives, none of us had ever done it in the context of educational leadership. CIS and Pauline were therefore crucial to our ability to conduct a professional, thorough, and efficient search for a new school director. Pauline’s guidance throughout the process – from helping the board think through the school’s needs to tips on negotiating salary – was key to our successful outcome. We are particularly grateful for CIS’s up-front work screening all of the applications and forwarding only the best. We found ourselves in the enviable position of having three very strong finalists, allowing us to focus on finding the best fit for TASOK’s needs at this time. We’re very excited to welcome Dan to the TASOK family and look forward to working with him in the coming months to prepare a smooth transition.” 

On his appointment, Dan Mullen wrote:

“From the first moment I met the board and various TASOK stakeholders, it was evident that a strong commitment to learning is integrated in every aspect of the school culture. Conversations with interview panels including the TASOK Board, staff, parents, and students, not only allowed the community to get to know me and my leadership style, but also celebrate and share the great things taking place at TASOK everyday – thank you!

Additionally, I would like to thank Pauline O’Brien, from CIS, for her on-going professional support throughout the entire process. Pauline’s thoughtfulness and transparency clearly identified how my leadership skills align with the needs of the school, a crucial part of this recruitment process. We are very excited to join the TASOK family in July, and look forward to being part of TASOK’s continued success.” 

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