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Leadership Searches | Mrs Jessica Richards has begun her appointment as the new Head Teacher of Northside Primary School Botswana

Mrs Jessica Richards has begun her appointment as the new Head Teacher of Northside Primary School Botswana.

Jessica Richards’ background includes 17 years as a teacher, with experience gained in the United Kingdom, Morocco and Botswana. Prior to her appointment as Head Teacher, Jessica Richards served on the Leadership Team at Northside, as the Head of Early Years. Most recently, she has served as the Acting Head Teacher in 2017. Jessica embodies the qualities and traits that both the stakeholders and community expect in a Head Teacher at Northside, and her energy, passion and love for the school are not only contagious, but will serve the school well.

Northside selected CIS, represented by Pauline O’Brien, Director of Career & Recruitment Services, to lead the search for a new Head of School, in a process involving the faculty, staff members, parents, student associations, and the Northside Board, to determine the qualities and attributes deemed vital for a successful fit with the school’s culture, traditions, sense of community, and teaching and learning philosophies.

Chairman of the School Council Mr Moatlhodi K. Lekaukau wrote:

'I am pleased to announce that following a rigorous and extensive recruitment process, conducted by CIS, the School Council has concluded the recruitment process for the position of Head Teacher at Northside. We congratulate Mrs Jessica Richards in being appointed.'

Jessica Richards’s wrote on her appointment:

'Pauline visited our school and began her rigorous selection process from the moment she disembarked the aircraft. She demonstrated professionalism at all times and was thorough in understanding the ‘culture’ and history of our school in order to carry out with the shortlisting aspect and in order to ensure that she gave the best recommendations for our school moving into the future. The recruitment process ensured transparency throughout and there was a healthy level of communication between Pauline and I throughout the process. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pauline for her encouragement and support. I look forward to my future in the leadership of our school and the continuous support we receive from CIS.'

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