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seeks a

Music Coordinator 

effective September 2019

Accountable to: Faculty Leader

This is a full-time position 

ERV, our teachers are visionary change agents at the center of learning. ERV teachers recognize the need to expand on education solutions and dialogues, rather than converge, with an understanding and conviction to contribute to a legitimate case for change. ERV teachers implement learning solutions to drive our vision. The role of teacher supports the vision and mission as a collaborative partner to the Head of School.

Our Music Coordinator is a visionary change agent at the very centre of entrepreneurial leadership.

The Music Coordinator is an authentic leader, who recognizes the need to expand on education solutions and dialogues, rather than Converge, with an understanding and conviction to create a legitimate case for change and who can draw on world class learning solutions to drive our vision.

The Position

The role is also as a key collaborative partner to the Deputy Head and Faculty Lead Arts is responsible for contributing to delivery of the ERV innovation plan.

  • To contribute to the education climate of the international school to system-wide achievement and quality and to include the wider community in success.
  • To support the case for change in local, regional and worldwide education.
  • To bring accountability to primary & secondary learners and locations.
  • To create space for local / disruptive curriculum design.
  • To develop a new agenda for primary & secondary assessment aligned to radical thinking for deeper learning, adaptive learning and authenticity.
  • To focus on contributing to the institutional capacity to innovate and propel teachers to the core of innovation in a context of rapid change.
  • To welcome partnerships, new approaches to learning and new pedagogy to benchmark equity for Africa.
  • To achieve the kinds of relevance in outcomes that all learners will need in the coming decades.

The Music Coordinator actions is to supporting, facilitating, motivating and organizing of academic works at ERV.

He or She participates in, but is not ultimately, responsible for Music teachers recruitment ,he or she actively participates in the policy and strategic developments of the Music department prosper.

  • Advocate the school’s philosophy, vision and mission • Lead the execution of teachers strategic and action plans
  • Advise and assist in formulating policies and procedures for an effective Music department.
  • Ensure that the Music department has a well-organized curriculum
  • Ensure that the supervision, observation and appraisal of Music teaching staff are carried out in order to maintain and improve teacher performance and a culture for continued development and succession.
  • Ensure effective communication within the Music department and the school.
  • Liaise with educational institutions and agencies for profiling and development.
  • Maintain student discipline and oversee student and community welfare.


The responsibilities of the Music Coordinator are - Oversight of the curriculum – This includes:

  • Management of stakeholders of additional responsibility and specialist teachers.
  • Oversight of curriculum innovation.
  • Development and implementation of the curriculum in a optimized state.


These responsibilities will be carried out in consultation with the Head of School, The Deputy Head, Coordinators and Teachers. Day-to-day running of the School including:

  • Organizing the daily activities of the school.
  • Organizing special events - Open Houses, Parent-Teacher conferences, social events, etc. (in co-operation with the Administrative assistants, Grade Level Coordinators and teachers).
  • Ensuring the safety of the staff, students and visitors, provision of resources, matching students with classes, rooms and teaching resources.
  • Ensuring that all classrooms are fully equipped.
  • Ensuring that the buildings are well decorated.


The list of functions and responsibilities above is not exhaustive, and responsibilities may evolve according to developing needs of the school.

  • Have a Masters in Music or an equivalent degree.
  • Have 5 years of experience as an IB DP Music Teacher
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrate collaborative, innovative leadership.
  • Understand the issues that international schools face.
  • Be a visionary, motivating, listener and supportive leader to his/her staff.
  • Always put students and learning at the centre of all decisions.
  • Enhanced DBS/police check.

Middle School

Aligned with the recommendations of the International Taskforce on Child Protection, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection.

Application Procedure

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  • Criminal background checks
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