International School of Gabon Ruban Vert

seeks a

Business Studies Teacher

effective September 2019

  • ERV teachers are responsible for contributing to the delivery of the ERV Strategic Plan.
  • Contribute to the education climate of the international school to system-wide achievement and quality and to include the wider community in success
  • Support the case for change in classroom education
  • Bring accountability to all learners
  • Contribute to local / disruptive curriculum design with a focus on 'green'
  • Support assessment aligned to radical thinking for deeper learning, adaptive learning and authenticity
  • Contribute to increasing the institutional capacity through classroom innovation
  • Welcome partnerships, new approaches to learning and new pedagogy
  • Develop young people as lifelong learners

Teachers are expected to facilitate the academic work of ERV by achieving the following: 

  • Advocate the school's philosophy, vision and mission 
  • Contribute to the execution of strategic and action plans 
  • Follow and assist in formulating policies and procedures for the school 
  • Ensure that the school has well-organised classrooms 
  • Support the observations and appraisals of teaching practices to maintain and improve teacher performance within a culture for continued development 
  • Support effective communication within the school and all stakeholders 
  • Maintain student discipline and support student and community welfare

It is the shared responsibility of all teachers to contribute to the curriculum. 

This includes: 

  • Visibility to stakeholders and colleagues
  • Contribution to curriculum innovation
  • Implementation of the curriculum
  • Vigilance of the issues that international schools face
  • Act a visionary, motivating, listener and supportive role model to stakeholders
  • Always put students and learning at the centre of all decisions

These responsibilities will be carried out in consultation with the Faculty Leader/line manager:

  • Day-to-day attendance recording of assigned classes
  • Plan the daily learning activities of the class, ensuring that all students are stretched, that their learning needs are met and suitable Homework set
  • Organise special events or participating in open houses, parent-teacher conferences, social events, etc. (in co-operation with other colleagues)
  • Ensure the safety of the staff, students and visitors
  • Deliver the communication messages of the school
  • Effective use of resources to match learning with classes and spaces
  • Ensuring that your classroom is fully prepared/equipped in readiness for each lesson
  • Ensuring that your classroom is well presented and contribute to display around the school
  • Demonstrate collaborative, innovative and engaging approaches to teaching and learning
  • Assessing and marking students work on a regular basis and ensuring they know how to improve the quality of their work
  • Provide clear, detailed and constructive reporting to parents regarding their child's progress and attainment appropriate to the age of the students
  • Ensure parents and students are well-informed about the curriculum, attainment and progress and about the contribution that they can make to achieving the school's targets for improvement
  • Represent the school at local, national and international events as appropriate
  • Establish creative, responsive and effective approaches to teaching and learning
  • Monitor, evaluate and review students' progress, achievement and attainment
  • Ensure a culture and ethos of challenge and support where all students can achieve success and become engaged in their own learning
  • Take a strategic role in the development of the new and emerging technologies to enhance and extend the learning experience of students
  • Assume additional duties and responsibilities as and when determined and agreed with the Head of School 


Application Procedure

The applicant should have the following requirements:

  • A relevant degree
  • Teaching experience
  • Excellent English
  • application send to HR email,, CV + cover letter
Application Deadline

 Until Filled


Yves Essinki