Advanced Learning Schools

Saudi Arabia
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Elementary Art (Female)

effective 23 August 2020

Essential Duties

Teachers are expected to:

  1. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of subject area and produce curriculum documentation that reflects the IBO requirements.
  2. Plan their curriculum documentation collaboratively.
  3. Ensure that their record keeping is maintained, up to date and reflects the IBO assessment criteria/requirements.
  4. Communicate effectively and appropriately with staff, students and parents in all situations.
  5. Ensure that feedback to parents and students is appropriate to the individual, subject specific and timely in all forms.
  6. Contribute positively to the school climate and be a positive representative of the school in the community.
  7. Effectively perform all responsibilities assigned by the school's administration.
  8. Demonstrate knowledge and application of different instructional strategies and methodologies.
  9. Demonstrate enthusiasm for their teaching area.
  10. Demonstrate enthusiasm for students and their learning.
  11. Motivate students to want to learn and continue their learning
  12. Model appropriate behaviour for students.
  13. Establish and maintain a positive, respectful and constructive relationship with students, parents and colleagues.
  14. Initiate communication with students and parents about student performance and/or behaviour where appropriate.
  15. Be effective contributors to all team processes within the school.
  16. Contribute positively and effectively to school wide professional development activities.
  17. Be able to respond positively to constructive criticism.
  18. Implement school policies and procedures and enforce school rules in a consistent manner.
  19. Take all necessary and reasonable precautions and actions related to student safety.
  20. Be prepared to work beyond the school day, when required, for the benefit of our students and their learning.
  21. Perform other duties as assigned.
  22. Maintain an open, honest relationship with their Principal




Application Procedure

Candidates should send their application (CV and cover letter) to

Application Deadline

20 August 2020


Zahra Loubani, PA & Executive Administrator