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MYP Coordinator

effective August 2019

Essential Duties

  • To coordinate all IB activities of his/her section of the school
  • To maintain IB publications and school records in regard to the IB programmes
  • To ensure that the school meets all IBO regulations and deadlines
  • To keep complete records of IB publications on file
  • To notify the Business Office of any payment due
  • To keep copies of all correspondence with IB offices
  • To contribute to marketing the IB programme, within and outside the school
  • To maintain communication with the Superintendent, Principals, administration, staff and parents regarding information about the programme. This will include holding regular minuted meetings
  • To attend all relevant meetings
  • To ensure regular monitoring of students' progress in their IB subjects, and keep accurate records of student progress
  • To keep parents informed about their children's progress
  • To work with and support the timetabler to make sure that he/she understands the requirements of the programme
  • To maintain accurate records of all aspects of the IB programme
  • To accommodate transfer students by liaising with their previous school and/or providing information to the receiving school
  • To provide comprehensive information on the IB to parents
  • To hold a parents' meeting at least once per year
  • To advise and assist in formulating school policy
  • To communicate with the IBO regional office regarding programme evaluation visits
  • To oversee curriculum review and facilitate curriculum development
  • To develop an understanding of the other IB programmes in order to aid articulation of the curriculum
  • To support teachers in the development of assessment tools in line with the school's policy on assessment
  • To identify, facilitate and encourage professional development opportunities in relation to the programme
  • To attend workshops and conferences as appropriate
  • To be involved in the orientation of new members of staff
  • To advise the Principal on programme-related expenses and keep track of these
  • To submit materials required for the Headmaster's annual report
  • To prepare effectively for any evaluation visits.


The Middle Years Programme Coordinator is a member of the Secondary management team 
and responsible to the Secondary Principals. 

In addition to the responsibilities listed in the general IB Coordinators' job description, the responsibilities of the MYP Coordinator are: 

  • To be responsible for informing and consulting with grade level teams, teachers and the administration, about appropriate aspects of the programme
  • To communicate with the IBO regional office for MYP regarding the moderation of assessment and to coordinate the submission of appropriate samples for moderation
  • To ensure that the planning and teaching of the Areas of Interaction of the MYP show a coherent development from 7th to 10th Grades
  • To oversee the Personal Project in order to ensure that the projects are effectively planned and well-executed
  • To accurately input and update student information that relates to choices in the Diploma Programme
  • Prepare for the award of Certificates at the end of grade 10
  • To support the teaching of externally taught and self-taught subjects within the programme requirements.

Middle School



Application Procedure

Candidates should send their application (CV and cover letter) to

Application Deadline

22 August 2019


Zahra Loubani & Neil Hugo