Al-Bassam Schools

Saudi Arabia
seeks a

IGCSE physics teacher (Female)

effective  August 2019 

Our Mission

Implementing teaching and learning techniques in a safe, faithful, and eloquent environment. Consolidating and updating in line with the recent educational research environment that contribute to a wide range of developments

Our Vision

An education of two dimensions: the traditional and modern that builds character, maintains its history, lives in the present, and looks forward to the future.

Job's Goal

Teach the given curriculum and contribute in building the student's personality in the psychological, social, and academic aspects.

Qualifications & Experiences
  • Bachelor of education in the field of specialty 
  • Master Degree in IGCSE subjects, not less than three years experience in educational jobs
  • proficiency in computer skill 
  • professional English for International Programs
Tasks to Control Quality
  • A degree plus teaching qualification
  • Higher degree or recognized professional qualification
  • Evidence of continued relevant professional development
  • Experience with PYP
  • Experience in teaching learners with diverse needs.
  • Experience in an international school environment
  • Be fully aware of the main subjects' objectives, general and specific, and the timetable for their implementation throughout the year.
  • Study the curriculum in accordance with the school's vision and mission, be aware of any developments or changes, and express an opinion on them.
  • Prepare all the plans: annual / quarterly / monthly / and daily to teach the subjects and in accordance with the objectives, teaching aids, assessment, and timetable including the preparation and curriculum plan (lesson plan + worksheets + tests)
  • Preparation of classroom environment according to the administration' instructions and display the classroom rules/ incentive chart/ timetable.
  • Read and organize the timetable / evaluation with her direct supervisor and according to - the standards and the vice-principal's recommendations – in the followings:
    • actual teaching hours. o hours of curriculum planning. o hours of following up the paperwork and evaluation.
    • hours on duty.
    • training hours.
    • overtime assignments.
  • Teach the required hours using modern teaching methods and making use of the training programs that the teacher was trained on.
  • Work to achieve the vision and mission of the school through the lessons and activities.
  • Prepare all necessary teaching materials necessary to achieve the objectives of the lesson from the material resources available in school.
  • Promote and guide students to take advantage of the various sources of information for the subjects and material available in the school library, internet, and others.
  • Prepare different tests : daily and quarterly such as evaluation and placements tests, then write the marks by hand/electronically, and analyze the results.
  • Put treatment plans to address weaknesses in the academic work of of the students based on the test's analysis then report about them to the school's administration to be presented to the relevant authorities.
  • Specify the names of excellent and talented students then inform the school's administration to work with them hand in hand with the suitable programs or their attendance in the classroom they are in.
  • Check the students' books, notebooks on a regular basis according to the required standards.
  • Seeks to develop herself/himself academically, professionally, develop teaching methods, and make use of modern technologies.
  • Participate in examinations committees within or outside the department in accordance with what was assigned to her/him.
  • Attend the educational courses and workshops organized by the school or the Ministry of Education.
  • Participate in the approved activity plan based on the distribution of tasks given to her/him.
  • Do the assigned work given to her/him from the direct supervisor as required for the job's advantage.
  • Keep documenting everything said above in the achievement file.
Organizational Tasks
  • Participate in duty.
  • Take substitution classes assigned by the vice-principal.
  • Contribute to reinforce the school's mission and vision.
  • Keep documenting everything said above in the achievement file.
Application Procedure

Share your interest for the position by contacting Stephanie Jan at

We ask to receive an up-to-date resume and a cover letter.

Application Deadline

Until filled


Aligned with the recommendations of the International Taskforce on Child Protection, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection.