Atlanta International School

United States
seeks a

Primary School Learning Support Teacher (with or without a leadership role)

effective 1 August 2019

Applications are invited from dedicated and enthusiastic, professional educators for the position of Primary School Learning Support Teacher. Atlanta International School delivers the International Baccalaureate-PYP curriculum through a dual language immersion program in the Primary School.

The Learning Support Teacher works with students from Kindergarten-Gr. 5 in either a push in or pull out setting, depending on the level of the students. We are an inclusive school and use the Response to Intervention (RTI) model. We mostly serve students with mild to moderate needs. The Learning Support Teacher is responsible for *:

  • Observing, Identifying and carrying out the Initial Assessment of Learning Difficulties
  • Working one on one or with small groups of language learners, developing their skills (usually in literacy or math).
  • Working with teachers to ensure they can implement successful learning strategies for the students in their class.
  • Keep up to date records of communication and makes entries in confidential files so support can be tracked and monitored.
  • Communicating regularly with the families of children with whom they are working directly.
  • Keeping the Learning Support Coordinator, the child's teachers and the leadership team informed about the student progress, interventions, accommodations and collaboration.

*Please note that there is also an opening for a Primary School Learning Support Coordinator. Applicants who apply for the teaching role and can also request to be considered for the leadership role.

The Primary School Learning Support Coordinator, in addition to all the responsibilities above:

  • Leads the Learning Support team (3 x Learning Support teachers + 1 x ESOL teacher)
  • Chairs referral meetings and leads the early identification process
  • Provides observation and consultation services to the Early Learning Center students
  • Ensure the school recommends external support appropriately, in a timely manner and follows up on any recommendations
  • Determines when in-house testing is needed and administers, scores and reports on assessments
  • Use data to set learning support priorities and delegate resources appropriately
  • Develops and adjusts the timetables for the members of the team to meet the needs of students
  • Stays informed about the interventions and progress of all students receiving support
  • Ensures that all members of his team communicate in a timely and effective manner with parents, teachers and leadership.
  • Attends meetings that are likely to be contentious, in order to mediate
  • Ensures the team keeps up to date records of communication and updates confidential files so support and progress can be tracked and monitored.
  • Leads the handover process of Gr. 5 students to Secondary School
  • In collaboration with the Principals and Head of Primary School, design and implement professional development for teachers in Tier One and Two interventions and accommodations to support all learning styles
  • Appraisal/coaching members of the team or other faculty
  • Ensure confidentiality personally, as well as in your team and handling of documentation.

The school is a vibrant learning community and the nature of the program makes specific demands of our Faculty. The successful teacher candidate will have:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • 3 years experience as a learning support teacher
  • A strong literacy and/or math intervention background
  • An international perspective and/or international teaching experience
  • An unwavering commitment to the students
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability, and desire, to work collaboratively with co-teachers as well as with the greater school community including students, staff, and parents
  • * Primary School Learning Support Coordinator must have five years learning support experience and prior positional leadership experience

Experience with the Primary Years Program (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate is preferred, but good applicants with other curriculum experience are also welcome to apply.

Curriculum: IBPYP

Application Procedure

Applications should include a cover letter and resume. Please type "Learning Support Teacher" into your subject line. Please specifically state if you would like to be considered for the Learning Support Coordinator role.

Application Deadline

31 January 2019 


Kristen Breedlove, Director of Human Resources: