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International School of Bologna

seeks a

Head of School

effective August 2019

The International School of Bologna seeks an outstanding and experienced leader who can support the school’s mission to develop students who make an active contribution as they take place in our ever-evolving global society. The school welcomes applications from those who see their characteristics and values represented in the school philosophy and following statements.

  • You have a tireless commitment to improving student learning and ensuring the best interests of students are at the centre of all decision making.
  • You work hard to ensure an understanding of the local cultural context is used to enrich the curriculum.
  • You believe in the learning and development of all students Mother Tongue.
  • You are passionate about the delivery of inquiry- driven curriculum, encouraging all students to become actively engaged in their own learning.
  • You believe in supporting students both academically and socially to help prepare them for different stages in their lives.
  • You have a highly developed sense of cultural awareness and understand the importance of working collaboratively with the school community and the wider community locally, nationally and internationally.
Additionally, you have:
  • A Master’s Degree, or higher, in Educational Leadership, Curriculum Studies, or a related field.
  • A minimum of ten years teaching experience, with at least five in a senior administrative role.
  • An understanding of the journey toward university or other post-secondary experiences for all students.
  • In-depth knowledge of the IB programmes.
  • Outstanding communication skills (oral and written), the ability to motivate and delegate effectively.
  • Strong organizational and technology skills.
  • Skilled in business acumen to manage a 21st Century international school
  • Advanced intercultural competence to navigate and understand the local Italian culture.
General Responsibilities

The Head of School (HoS) is the chief executive manager of the school and shall be responsible to the Board of Governors/ Owners for the direction of the school in accordance with the principles and purposes for which the school was established and the policies adopted by the school.

The HoS shall be responsible for strict compliance by the school with the administrative law governing the school.

The HoS shall have charge of the day-to-day activities of the school and shall exercise general supervision over and be responsible for all matters relating to education, administration, finance and management.  In so doing, s/he shall consult with any other senior administrators such as Management Team of the school.

The HoS is empowered to take all decisions, in accordance with the general policies and decisions of the Board of Governors/ Owners and within the limits of the approved budget.  S/he shall be responsible for bringing to the attention of and for making recommendations to the Board of Governors/ Owners on those matters and problems falling outside existing policies, procedures and decisions of the Board of Governors/ Owners.

The HoS shall be the normal channel of communication between the Board of Governors/ Owners and the school’s staff and individual staff members.

Major Duties related to:


  • Co-ordinating the activities of the senior management of the school and all staff members;
  • Being responsible for the admission of pupils, their effective education, including assessments, records and reports to parents/guardians and for the maintenance of order through establishing effective codes of behaviour and discipline;
  • Submitting to the Board of Governors/ Owners in good time, inter alia, proposals for educational policies, annual academic programmes, regular reports on the running of the school and such other reports as the board of governors/owners may require, or the HoS considers appropriate;
  • Preparing the annual budget of the school for consideration by the Board of Governors/ Owners (or committees designated by the Board of Governors/ Owners), administering the school in conformity with the budget as approved by the Board of Governors/ Owners and preparing from time to time a long-term financial plan;
  • Assuming overall responsibility for the maintenance and economical operation of school buildings and equipment;
  • Ensure that the strategic direction of the school is developed in a shared, collegial and inclusive manner;
  • Ensuring the school’s compliance, where applicable, with any local legal and administrative laws, rules or regulations.


  • Encourage and promote the concept of Distributive Leadership amongst those who have leadership roles in the school;
  • Being responsible for the appointment, direction, deployment, development, assessment and, if necessary, termination of employment of staff in accordance with the policies and decisions of, and in consultation with, the Board of Governors/ Owners;
  • To help analyse, assess and identify training and professional development needs;
  • To help establish and lead out with in-house professional development.
  • To establish clear support mechanisms for teachers including induction and exit programmes.


  • Maintaining high academic standards through the periodic review of curricula and teaching methods, taking into account the international orientation of the school, the preparation of plans for the development of the school’s educational programmes and the continuous evaluation of teaching staff performance;
  • Delegates in an agreed manner the Curriculum Leadership of the school to those who hold such leadership positions;
  • Encourage curriculum innovation within the framework of the agreed programme.


  • Ensure that the school has open channels of communication with all members of the school’s wider community;
  • Maintaining contact with local authorities in matters pertaining to the school, where required;
  • Promoting good relations with and amongst pupils, parents/guardians and teachers by informing them of the pedagogical approach of the school and about ways and means by which they may support the school.


  • Ensuring that the school’s development is in harmony with the common practices of international schools throughout the world;
  • Liaising with other international schools, where appropriate, to ensure the smooth transfer of pupils;
  • Liaising locally with international organizations and public and private bodies having an interest in and/or seeking contact with the school;
  • Ensure the school is well represented at international school organisations and conferences.
Application Procedure

CIS is delighted to announce that the International School of Bologna has retained CIS to lead the search for a Head of School.

If you are interested in this position and meet the criteria, apply now via the link below. Please provide a letter of motivation along with your CV. The letter of motivation should clearly outline your interest in the school and the position you are applying for, what you would bring to the role and how you meet the requirements in the above profile.

Apply now

If the school receives an outstanding application, the Selection Committee reserves the right to make an appointment before the closing date below. The review of files will begin as soon as applications are received. Finalists will be invited to Bologna for final interview to meet with the Search Committee and constituent groups of the school community, with the intention of making an appointment as soon as possible thereafter.

Application Deadline

18 January 2019


Aligned with the recommendations of the International Taskforce on Child Protection, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection.