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European School

seeks a

IB MYP Coordinator

effective September 2019

European School in Tbilisi, Georgia is seeking an eligible and qualified applicant for the position of MYP Coordinator in the IB Programme effective 2019-2020.

Purpose of Position

The MYP Coordinator at the European School is a key leadership position and is responsible with and to the administration for the co-ordination and development of the IB Middle Year Program in grades 6 and 10. MYP coordinator is involved in the whole school implementation of the IB and is the direct point of contact with the IBO.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Responsible for all key issues relating to the Middle Year Program at the European School
  • Is liaison with Head of Academic Subject Department, DP and PYP Coordinators
  • Close collaboration, encouragement and support to the teaching staff on MYP.
Specific Responsibilities
  • Coordinate all IB MYP activities at the school
  • Keep copies of all IB MYP publications on file
  • Ensure that accurate student records are maintained
  • Respond to and initiate communication with the Regional offices
  • Ensure that text books, resources and facilities are available and according to the needs of the IB MYP
  • Promote the program within and outside the school and communicate with other schools
  • Contribute to school publications including the school newsletter and yearbook
  • Provide comprehensive information on the IB MYP, its aims and requirements to both interested students and students enrolled in the IB MYP.

Administrative Responsibilities relating to Different Constituencies

A. Students
  • Oversee the student selection procedure in accordance to school policies
  • Monitor the progress of IB students
  • Be informed of the development of each IB MYP student
  • Discuss with the student and consult with the IB MYP staff and/or the homeroom teacher about necessary changes in subject options and other actions concerning the student’s academic or personal development
  • Ensure that candidates meet program requirements and fulfill IB MYP regulations
  • Ensure that students are informed of the exam procedures and the services provided by the IBO (e-assessment, early results, inquiries upon results, legislation) and that the services are executed where necessary
  • Ensure that examination transcripts\Diplomas\Certificates are distributed to candidates upon receipt from IBO
  • Organize relevant assemblies and activities to encourage the development and promotion of students in the IB program including school wide assemblies.
B. Parents
  • Provide comprehensive information on the IB MYP to interested parents. The production/update of a Handbook is advisable
  • Ensure that parents’ meetings are organized at least twice a semester
  • Ensure that parents are consistently informed of the performance of their children.
C. IB MYP Staff
  • Coordinate with the IT staff to ensure that all IB teaching staff are in the IB MYP Gmail group
  • Provide to IB MYP staff a service of advice and support
  • Consult with IB staff to monitor the ongoing progress of students particularly following progress and semester reports
  • Review the annual results with IB staff
  • Organize regular staff meetings for discussion of common matters to ensure a smooth running of the program in the school
  • Ensure that all IB MYP staff have access to relevant publications and updated resource materials, and thus are fully informed of current program content and subject requirements
  • Ensure that all staff are informed of and adhere to IB MYP regulations
  • Keep staff informed of current IB MYP developments as announced in Coordinator Notes and correspondence from the IBO
  • Administer and be responsible for the ‘Annual Calendar of procedures and major deadlines’
  • Ensure that all staff are informed of the relevant assessment procedures
  • Together with the staff, make an analysis of the annual examinations
  • Monitor and keep records of IB staff experience and professional development
  • Anticipate staffing needs and encourage the development of non-current IB staff into the programme
  • In conjunction with the SA & Projects Coordinators, establish the process of monitoring students in their SA activities and Projects activities to ensure that all students perform appropriate activities
  • Liaise with the University Counselor to ensure that there is adequate information and guidance about further studies, careers and scholarship opportunities, that students obtain the appropriate reference and that transcripts are forwarded to universities
  • Liaise with the librarian regarding the provision of resource books and other relevant matters
  • Coordinate staff professional development and provide opportunities at internal and external IB MYP workshops
  • Inform newly appointed IB MYP staff of all relevant aspects of the programme.
D. School Administration\Management
  • Liaise with the staff responsible for the timetable to ensure that the requirements of the IB MYP are compiled
  • Contribute to the development of the professional development plan
  • Contribute to the school calendar.
E. IBO Offices
  • Serve as liaison between administration, staff, students, parents, and IBO and thus handle all relevant communication with the different IBMYP offices
  • Ensure that administrative procedures be carried out correctly and that deadlines be kept according to IBO instructions
  • Keep copies of all correspondence with IBO including forms, documents, reports
  • Ensure that conditions for the conduct of e-assessment are met.

Financial Role: 

The IB MYP Coordinator is responsible for direct communication between the school and the IBO.

  • Notify the school management of IB MYP payments due, where applicable
  • Check invoices, ensure arrival of materials and authorize payment of IBO invoices.

Qualification Requirements

Education: Master’s Degree or Equivalent

Working Experience:
  • 5 years working experience on IB program curricula
  • 5 years working experience as MYP Coordinator at IB International School
  • Teaching experience in any subject at IB School
  • Confirmed IB workshop Leader
Skills and Abilities
  • Effective communication skills
  • Ability of team working
  • Time management skills
  • Ability of critical thinking
  • Problem solving skills
  • Strong organizational and people-management skills
  • An open-mind with the ability to adapt and be flexible
  • A high level of skill as a listener and a communicator
  • Integrity and effectiveness in all dealings with the stakeholders of an international school
  • Extensive experience as a respected educator with a passionate commitment to student development
  • Result-oriented leadership skills that inspires others towards team building and success.
Application Procedure

If you are interested in this vacancy and meet the criteria:

Apply now

If the school receives an outstanding application, the Selection Committee reserves the right to make an appointment before the closing date. The review of files will begin as soon as applications are received. 

Application Deadline

6 March 2019


Stephanie Jan


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