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Primary Head of Curriculum and Learning/PYP Coordinator

effective August 2019

The Head of Primary Curriculum and Learning /IB Primary Years Programme Coordinator (PYPC) leads the School's Primary Curriculum and is a coach and mentor to faculty from pre-kindergarten through 5th Grade. They will support the intentional and systematic reflection, research based practice, and future-oriented thinking that underpin our Vision for Learning.. The PYPC works closely with the Head of Primary and the Head of Lower Primary to ensure consistency of approach in meeting curriculum standards,

The role requires an exceptional learning leader, with well-developed written and verbal communications skills, and a high level of interpersonal empathy. The successful candidate will be able to navigate complex cultures, and demonstrate an international mind-set. He/she will bring a rich experience with relevant national and international curriculum standards. Personal attributes expected include active listening skills, self-motivation, the ability to think both strategically and tactically, and flexibility. Well developed technology and financial management skills are required. This person will be deeply familiar with best practice in implementing research based learning and leadership practices via their rich professional learning network. They will understand the principles of written, taught and assessed curricula and the role of school curriculum when delivered in the context of an IB PYP framework.

The Head of Primary Curriculum and Learning/PYP Coordinator is a member of the Primary School Leadership team and serves as a member of the school-wide Learning Leaders Team with key responsibility for coordinating the planning of units and for collaborating with the MYP and DP Coordinators to develop ISHR's capacity to ensure vertical articulation of the curriculum. This key role advances staff professional learning and instructional initiatives to ensure that Council of International Schools (CIS) and New England Association of Colleges and Schools Standards (NEASC) are met.

The salary range for this position is outlined by the annually published stipend for learning leadership positions. The PYP Coordinator will be appraised via a Professional Growth model that includes the following standards and indicators for performance. This expected professional commitment will make the effective work time over the expected load of a regular teacher thus necessitating the associated stipend. 

Reports to: Head of Primary School
Division: Primary School with responsibility to collaborate with Secondary.

Guiding Responsibility Principles
  • Developing the capacity in others to collaboratively develop curriculum and assessments.
  • Gathering, analyzing and using data to inform instruction.
  • Ensuring international benchmark standards are met in the core areas of Mathematics and English.
  • Support and advances the mission, vision, and strategic plan of the school.
  • Support student learning and achievement through collaborative effort and research-based educational leadership, teaching, and learning.
  • Communicates the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and subject specific learning to the community of parents and students.
  • Supports and advances international education.
Essential Duties and Key Responsibility Areas 

In the area of Instructional Leadership, The Curriculum Coordinator:

  • Leads the development and implementation of the written, taught and assessed ISHR curriculum within the IB PYP framework.
  • Oversees the implementation of assessment within the framework of the Primary School Assessment Policy.
  • Fosters and organizes for collaborative dialogue around the written, taught and assessed curriculum.
  • Liaises with the MYP and DP Coordinator to ensure curriculum and policy alignment and continuation.
  • Develops and nurtures an internationally minded, balanced, academically rigorous, positive and emotionally safe school climate.
  • Is aware of the latest developments in the PYP and supports staff in implementing effective change management when changes occur.
  • Serves as a leader in the field of PYP education and is confident leading staff professional learning experiences.
  • Work with DP and MYP coordinators to ensure K-12 character development per the Learner Profile traits.

In the area of Assessment Leadership, The Curriculum Coordinator:

  • Is knowledgeable about Primary School learning data and its use in enhancing teacher professional growth and student learning with a special focus on Mathematics and English literacies.
  • Is responsible for the logistics and efficient execution of standardized testing, benchmark and common assessment.
  • Works with the Primary Leadership Team to help develop a data management plan, identifying key data elements that should be gathered periodically, protocols for storing and updating this data and tools for analyzing and communicating findings.
  • Works with the Director, Heads of Section and other members of the Learning Leader team to develop periodic analyses and reports to support student learning and effect changes in curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional learning.
  • Works with Learning Leaders to disseminate relevant data and train leadership and faculty on use of data for system-wide and classroom use (school-wide/grade-level/ subject/ classroom data).
  • Works with Learning Leaders to prepare customized reports on an as needed basis to respond to particular research questions that emerge from school stakeholders.
  • Works with staff to facilitate development and consistent implementation of internal school-wide common assessments and the use of their data (ex. writing prompt; interim math assessment) as needed.

In the area of Organizational Management, The Curriculum Coordinator:

  • Demonstrates accountability for the alignment and execution of a Primary vision and strategy through effective annual action plans with actions steps, timelines and success outcomes.
  • Demonstrates advanced planning in developing and implements the PYP budget and professional learning budget tied to the school’s strategic plan.
  • Facilitates collaboration between all stakeholders.
  • Organizes and shares electronic and material resources.
  • Leads learning focused meetings that effectively utilize human resources and enhance professional growth.
  • Coordinates ongoing evaluation of the PYP including self-study, team visits, and implementing recommendations from IB, CIS and NEASC.
  • Develops resources and process to effectively onboard new faculty. 

In the area of Professional Learning Leadership, The Curriculum Coordinator:

  • Develops and meets personal, annual measurable professional goals (SMART Goals) as part of the school’s curriculum leader professional learning process in support of the strategic plan.
  • Solicits feedback about personal effectiveness in their role through an annual self-appraisal through a survey instrument tied to their performance standards and indicators. 
  • Demonstrates behavior consistent with legal, ethical, and professional standards, and engages in continuous professional learning.
  • Effectively leads the professional learning of Primary staff. 
  • Observes and structures reflective pre and post observation conversation, and conducts the annual appraisal of designated faculty.
  • Takes part in peer observations, walkthroughs and collaborative reflective conversation around PYP instructional design and implementation.
  • Models and cultivates Primary School data leadership and assists individual staff and teams in maximizing its use as a tool to inform instruction.

In the area of Communication and Community Relations, The Curriculum Coordinator:

  • Maintains a high visibility and accessibility to students, faculty, parents and other stakeholders as the leader of Primary curriculum at ISHR.
  • Communicates and collaborates effectively to engage all stakeholders, thus promoting understanding, support, and continuous improvement of the Primary curricular programme in alignment with the mission, vision and strategic plan of ISHR.
  • Organizes, attends and leads parent meetings to ensure the effective communication of the Primary curriculum to all stakeholders.
  • Ensures the dissemination of PYP and curriculum program information in a timely manner to students and faculty through appropriate sources.
  • Speaks and writes in a clear, effective and appropriate manner.
  • Collaborates with the Digital Media Coordinator and Admissions Coordinator to communicate curricular information.
  • Update content for the PYP website pages and relevant publications.

Additional Skills and Requirements

It is expected that candidates for this position will be energetic, qualified educators who have demonstrated their ability to lead faculty to maximize the learning environment, and learning outcomes for students. Minimum requirements for this position include:

  • A Degree, or higher, in a related field. 
  • An IB Educator Network (IBEN) or accreditation volunteer/visitor or planning to pursue involvement.
  • A minimum of five years teaching experience.
  • Experience in developing and implementing the IB curriculum K-5

Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability and desire to work collaboratively with the community of ISHR and the wider community locally, nationally, and internationally.

Application Procedure

Letter of Application, Resume/CV and Teaching Philosophy as one single pdf to

Applications before Thursday 24 January are desirable to coincide with internal and job fair application timeline.

Application Deadline

25 January 2019