International Student Award Recipient | Saad Zahoor
Posted 20/04/2017 11:47

CIS recognises the outstanding work being done by students in CIS Member Schools that promote global citizenship and the development of international awareness in their communities.

Saad Zahoorfrom British School of Kuwait, Kuwait received the CIS International Student Award.

Project: Ecotherm

Saad’s motivations to work with Ecotherm stem from his desire to help people less fortunate than himself, and his commitment to being a global citizen. Humanitarian by nature, and with an international outlook he has sought to nurture through his interactions with his fellow students, the opportunity to work with an organisation in another country was one he could not pass up.

Possessing a strong sense of social responsibility and an affinity towards helping local communities, Saad became involved with a small solar energy business in Pakistan. With limited resources and expertise, the business needed input to help take it forward from operating at a local level.

Making use of the knowledge and skills he has nurtured both independently and through school, and demonstrating outstanding creative vision and a strong commercial mind, he designed and developed a number of systems that have helped Ecotherm to grow into one that now trades nationally and internationally.

The drive for sustainable energy solutions is very much a global one, and Saad has been keen to be involved in – indeed he has been an integral part of – Ecotherm’s growth internationally, thereby promoting the use of sustainable energy beyond borders. 

You can view all recipients of the International Student Award on the CIS website.

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