International Student Award Recipient | Madeleine Parr
Posted 08/06/2018 11:00

CIS recognises the outstanding work being done by students in CIS Member Schools that promote global citizenship and the development of international awareness in their communities.

Madeleine Parrfrom The Overseas School of Colombo, Sri Lanka received the CIS International Student Award.

Project: ReefKeepers

ReefKeepers is a student-initiated service program born out of student interest in the reefs and coastline habitats around Sri Lanka. As the leader of the Service Program, Madeleine Parr has been responsible for organizing activities and leading discussions with groups of 8-12 students of all different nationalities. She has facilitated their creative involvement in identifying local issues that have global impacts. She has encouraged everyone, despite language differences, to communicate their understanding in ways they feel comfortable (video, drawing, design, etc).

For the last 2 years, Madeleine has directed the group's attention towards finding ways to reduce the use and impact of plastic consumables in our community. The group has helped to institute reusable plates, cups and cutlery in the school's canteen. They have provided a means to collect and up-cycle plastic bags to be made into reusable products in conjunction with a local non-profit, Rice and Carry. They have also designed, produced and introduced reusable mesh veggie bags to be used in grocery stores instead of plastic bags. This design is soon to be introduced into local supermarkets. In addition, the group has provided free screenings of environmental documentaries to the school community and local schools. With many more ideas for beach sweeps and education programs in schools, ReefKeepers is sure to make more in-roads into supporting our Sri Lankan community as they combat the threats to our global ocean environment.

You can view all recipients of the International Student Award on the CIS website.

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