Re-Accredited | UIS Guangzhou, China
Posted 11/07/2018 15:26


UIS Guangzhou, China was re-accredited by CIS on 10 July 2018.

Where is CIS International Accreditation Recognized?

More than 500 CIS member schools have been granted accreditation demonstrating to their school community their commitment to high-quality international education. Our membership of over 1300 institutions, includes 580 of the top universities in the world. These universities recognize and value the mark of CIS International Accreditation, recruiting students who graduate from CIS-Accredited schools for admission to their institutions. This verifies CIS International Accreditation as a mark of high quality, and therefore, endorses the quality and rigor of international education provided to student graduates of CIS-Accredited schools. Accordingly, universities and colleges in the United States and around the world fully recognize and accept students’ transcripts from CIS-Accredited schools. 

The CIS Membership community includes more than 1300 institutions. Find profiles for all schools and universities in the CIS community in the CIS Membership Directory.

Learn more about what it means to be accredited by CIS. 

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