You can play a crucial role in upholding the highest standards in international education by joining a team of peer evaluators. Our evaluation teams play a critical role on accreditation visits—assessing the school’s alignment with standards and driving the school’s efforts toward continuous improvement. You will not only make a positive impact on our global membership community, you will learn and refine skills that you will use throughout your educational career. 

Our peer evaluation model is a hallmark of the CIS International Accreditation philosophy. We believe that gaining perspectives from fellow member schools is a vital aspect of school evaluation. A diverse team enriches the accreditation process through the sharing of knowledge and effective practices, to the benefit of not only the schools being evaluated but also the peers involved in their evaluation. Volunteering as an evaluation team member provides significant professional benefits for faculty and leadership members. Our peer evaluators consistently rate the experience as the best professional development they have had. “Understanding and seeking the depth of what it means to be truly internationally minded, knowing the world is one with the determination to improve and learn from each other, is what I have experienced on the team visits… I hope to continue to experience this learning and professional development… as I immerse myself into schools’ evaluation and improvement.”

Steps to become a CIS Accreditation Evaluator

Build your portfolio

We help you build an online portfolio to showcase your skills and experience. You will complete an application and upload documents which are then reviewed by the CIS career services team. This helps us understand how your unique skills and experience will benefit an accreditation team. When we set up teams of evaluators, we carefully create the right international group for each visit, including a mix of experiences and expertise to match each school’s context.

A criminal background check is required as part of your portfolio, as schools must confirm that visitors have completed these checks. CIS is committed to supporting international school communities as they address child protection challenges. As part of CIS’ integrated services, your portfolio will be available for use with our Career and Recruitment services if you are searching for a new position in our member schools.

Complete the training course online

Our training was developed by experts in accreditation and online learning. After your portfolio is reviewed and approved you will be eligible to participate in an online training course where you will learn about real-world scenarios from school evaluation visits and study international education standards. You will also learn critical skills such as how to evaluate evidence, synthesize information, ask generative questions and collaborate with your team to maximize collective expertise. You will learn using the CIS Learning Community, in a cohort of 20-25 educators led by an expert in CIS International Accreditation. The online course takes 30-40 hours to complete.

Participate on an accreditation team

You will use the skills developed during your online training course as part of a team to evaluate and report on how the school develops it’s students as global citizens, ensuring their well-being as a foundation for their learning. After successfully completing the online training you will have the opportunity to review open positions for upcoming visits. We do our best to match your availability, skills and interest to the visits that need your unique expertise. After successfully applying your learning on a visit, you will become a CIS Accreditation Evaluator and can apply to participate on future visits.

Staff from CIS Accredited schools will receive updates in our monthly member update. For additional information and to apply to become an evaluator, log in to the CIS Community Portal.

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