In response to the wishes of our member schools, CIS enters partnerships with organizations involved in aspects of school evaluation. By aligning these evaluations, CIS is able to engage in dialogue with partner organizations for the benefit of the school, to help promote the school’s continuous improvement. Furthermore, schools are able to reduce the bureaucratic load and also, synchronise on-site visits, keeping to a minimum the time external evaluators are on-site in school. 


CIS Collaboration with other Accreditation Agencies

On specific request by a school, CIS will collaborate with national accreditation agencies to carry out joint or synchronized evaluations, including school visits.

Two US accreditation agencies, the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges (MSA-CESS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) have agreed to collaborate with CIS in carrying out joint evaluations, using the CIS International Accreditation protocol as one that is philosophically aligned with their own standards and expectations. Joint evaluation means that one Evaluation Team will work in a school using a single accreditation protocol, providing a ‘seamless’ process which avoids duplication of effort. Schools choose and contract with both CIS and the collaborating agency, with each agency making an independent decision regarding the conferral of accreditation. If both agencies' decision is positive, the school will achieve dual accreditation.

Synchronized visits involve a combined effort by the two accrediting agencies to share information and reduce the work needed by the school to complete the two separate accreditation protocols. To ease the process for schools requesting such collaboration, both agencies will share information and evidence common to both protocols in order to reduce the work of school staff, and will carry out a combined evaluative visit. Schools choose and contract with both CIS and the collaborating agency, with each agency making an independent decision regarding the conferral of accreditation.

CIS Collaboration with the International Baccalaureate (IB)

On specific request by a school, and under defined circumstances, CIS School Evaluations can be carried out in a synchronized fashion with International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme Evaluations using a specially adapted version of the Evaluation and Accreditation Protocol. NEASC, MSA and WASC are also able to participate in such synchronized processes with CIS and the IB.

CIS Collaboration with the International Primary and Middle Years Curriculum (IPC and IMYC)

On specific request by a school following the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) or the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC)CIS school evaluations leading to accreditation may be carried out in a synchronized fashion with the IPC/IMYC Self-Review and Accreditation. CIS/MSA and CIS/WASC joint evaluations and CIS/NEASC synchronized evaluations can also conducted in synchronization with IPC/MYP.

CIS collaboration with NCCT and ONESQA

On request, CIS evaluation of a school can be carried out in conjunction with inspection by the government-related agencies NCCT in China (National Center for School Curriculum and Textbook Development) or ONESQA in Thailand (Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment). This process uses the 8th Edition protocol to which has been added an extra Section H which covers the specific national context. This process enables the school to avoid duplication of effort, and if successful, leads not only to CIS accredited status but also official recognition by the national ministry.

CIS and possible future collaboration with other entities

CIS and a number of other entities are actively exploring the possibility of operating a collaborative process if requested by schools. The list includes a number of government ministries, British-style schools associations around the world, and various UK government-recognized inspection agencies. The stage reached in each of these negotiations varies from case to case, and more details will be published if and when collaborative arrangements are finalized.

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