International Student Award 2012


Award Recipients

Awards for Individuals

Ananya Agrawal - 16
École Mondiale World School, Mumbai, India

For sustained, selfless, and high quality commitment to a local school. He has brought real improvements to this school through his fundraising efforts, and real learning and pleasure through his efforts in teaching Music to the students, and ability to interact with them in their mother tongue language of Morati.

Wasan Al-Bulushi - 15
Muscat International School, Muscat, Oman

In recognition of her enthusiasm, reliability, maturity and ability to get on with others. She strives to give her best at all times and she is proud of her achievements. She is seen by her peers as an approachable and above all a fair minded person. These characteristics and her excellence in English and Arabic show strong contributions to the promotion of global citizenship and the development of international awareness.

Azevedo Andovireska Adikara da Lopez - 18
The British School, New Delhi, India

His great love for music and people breaks all barriers of language and ethnicity. He connects with many people including underprivileged children, and spends hours teaching them songs and technical skills and investing the time to make it meaningful for them.

Hiba Arshad - 17
The British School of Kuwait, Kuwait

Hiba has demonstrated a clear commitment to sustained interaction with students of other nationalities, languages and ethnic backgrounds: she could be said to embody a spirit of international understanding and cooperation. Hiba’s I AM project, with its focus on affirmative, individual action, coupled with her strong lead on environmental and recycling projects, is evidence of the way in which her efforts are directed beyond participation in regular school activities. Hiba has made a genuine commitment to every project or activity that she has been involved in: she has been a true ambassador and model for other students.

Mariana Baguenier - 18
St. Clare’s, United Kingdom

Mariana is a student who embodies all the values International Education is striving to achieve. She was active in many areas of college life and outstanding as secretary general of the Model United Nations, where she inspired everyone involved.

Andriy Blyznyukov - 17
Bromsgrove International School, Thailand

In recognition of his willingness to help others of all ages, being positive and hardworking in everything he does, embracing the culture of all those around him and being a conduit for international friendship and promoting a true sense of community.

Thilo Marcel Braun - 17
Beijing City International School, China

Thilo started a program teaching students how best to use and learn to use Mac laptops, Mac 101. This program evolved into a course for training teachers and parents, with a final evolution as a training program for other Texperts, who use their tech teaching skills to upskill members in and beyond the school community as part of other service initiatives. This has allowed students to use and develop language skills to communicate their knowledge and passion for learning through technology with those they plan, teach and reflect with.

Philip Dallas - 16
Bendigo South East College, Australia

Phillip has taken an active interest in studying languages and global issues, travelling extensively through Asia, carrying out work at overseas orphanages, and hosting international visitors during his time at our College.

Neerav Dharia - 17
Ecole Mondiale World School, India

Neerav has been nominated for the award for organizing the first 'Relay for Life' event in India in aid of cancer awareness and research. This involved months of organizing for 200 students, parents and teachers to take part in an all-night relay walkathon, in aid of cancer research and in memory of cancer victims. The event overall involved ceremonies, the walkathon itself, and concerts, games and films throughout the night, with over 300000 Indian rupees (more than $5600) being raised for the cause overall.

Jun Dinyarian - 18
American International School of Guangzhou, China

Jun sets the highest standards of integrity and honour in all of his endeavours. He is active in many school activities; Student Council, Senior Class President, Captain of sports teams, Baha'i Faith Community, and our NHS. He reaches out to all students no matter what nationality or creed and has taught all of us at AISG so much about how to care for one another in a humble and respectful way. Additionally, last summer Jun organised a school trip to Japan for earthquake relief work. He also runs weekly workshops within the Baha'i community to discuss issues regarding spiritual growth, perceptions of the world, and organises service projects.

Chantel Ferro  - 12
Muscat International School, Oman, Sultanate of

In recognition of her consistent hard work throughout the year. She earns the respect of her classmates via her attitude, dedicated work ethic and calm demeanour. Indeed her reliability, trustworthiness and self-belief make her a shining example to all of her peers. Her English knowledge coupled with her efforts in Beginner’s Arabic embodies the school’s bi-lingual ethos perfectly and she is an excellent example of an international citizen.

Yamila Michelle Franco Peña - 16
Notre Dame School, Dominican Republic

Yamila Michelle has demonstrated her nobility, sensibility, altruism and empathy with international issues in her work with Model United Nations, winning the admiration and respect of the Dias and fellow delegates for the real enthusiasm and commitment she showed in the debates. In the school she is always a good ambassador, helping new and foreign students to become part of the school community. She is always available to help any human rights cause, to aid those in need, or to participate in any activity of the school, or community.

Oliver Paul Garlick-Wilson - 18
British International School, Indonesia

He worked for 2 years with a severely disabled Indonesian child, entirely using Bahasa Indonesia (which he learnt on arrival in Jakarta from Australia). He spent many hours in the boy’s home, building trust and attempting to secure a better fate for the child than the assumed inevitable one of beggary. He faced many and varied challenging situations, at the child’s home, in local hospitals and at the school at which Oliver registered the child. He also developed an ingenious go-kart like device to enable Acheng to be mobile. His goodwill, spirit of perseverance and practical initiatives contested that type of disregard for a child’s welfare.

Gabriel Gorayeb de Almeida - 18
International School Eindhoven, The Netherlands

In recognition of his dedication to the school community, and hard work and excellence in football, basketball, school council, Model United Nations, and Chair of Prom committee.

Emma Henderson - 11
Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School, Thailand

Emma has shown sustained commitment and responsibility while working with a range of groups. As a valued member of the school sporting teams she is always an ambassador for fair play, cooperation and sportsmanship. In Choir she has performed for school and community groups like the elderly as well as recording songs for a charity CD. Emma gets directly involved with all activities in the school and has shown strong leadership skill during her time as a primary house captain. She has a great spirit of international understanding and worked alongside others during the flood relief projects for the Bangkok area.

Juliette Hoffmann
Antwerp International School, Belgium

Juliette is a student who exemplifies International Awareness and Understanding. A most pleasant friendly and caring nature combined with high inter-personal skills, Juliette was active in many areas of school life, from sports to academics to community service activities. She inspired everyone with her commitment to community and her efforts representing her own country, the school, and fellow community members no matter where they were from. Juliette was awarded the CIS International Student award for being an exemplary student who greatly contributed positively toward the life and culture of AIS.

Sohyeon Hong - 16
Mitcham Girls High School, Australia  

Sohyeon has worked hard to develop competence in English and has studied French for five years. She has been part of the Diversity Group and has encouraged others to become involved in humanitarian issues. She is involved with the United Nations Youth Organisation, participating in conferences and promoting the work of the United Nations among young people. Sohyeon models respectful and inclusive behaviour at all times.

Caitlin Hunter - 11
Doha College, Qatar  

Caitlin is an outstanding student who sets an excellent example all-round. She has excelled in her achievements academically with high motivation and continued enthusiasm. As Head Girl, she has demonstrated her exceptional leadership skills and commitment to the school by presenting at a Governor and parent forum, sharing her ideas with the Principal and Primary Head Teacher and has regularly showed visitors around the school, including the CIS team. Nothing is too much trouble for Caitlin. She is helpful, friendly and always has a smile on her face. She has contributed fully to life at Doha College and is very worthy of this award.

Nafis Jalil - 17
International School Dhaka, Bangladesh

Nafis is a leader both within the ISD community and also in his many internationally minded involvements. He was influential in starting up the Greenies group, and setting up the Earth Sciences national competition, and led local MUN events and discussions around political and economic systems. Nafis has a clear and genuine interest in environmental issues and acts to cause change in the wider community. He was selected to participate and represent Bangladesh in international events in Finland and Canada. Additionally, he led the SRC where he has driven many community minded initiatives with organisational skills that defy his years.

Asmaa Mohamed El Sefy - 16
The English School, Fahaheel, Kuwait

Asmaa has contributed widely to school events and activities. She has been especially involved in student activities and has been a strong leader. She has always interacted very positively with teachers and pupils whatever their background or nationality. She also was a major organiser of our recent International Day celebrations.

Ivana Mucalov - 17
Muscat International School, Oman, Sultanate of

Ivana has been an exemplary student at MIS whose vigour, attitude and demeanour have been always positive. She is undoubtedly a popular and well received person, appreciated by not only her peers and colleagues but also by the staff. Indeed, she is held in very high regard. She has involved herself with gusto into sports events and has held the role of Sports Captain for Jabrin with zest and enjoyment. Ivana was nominated from the whole high school body to represent the school in an Outward Bound Oman course this year.

Ji Eun Nam - 18
American School of Warsaw, Poland

In recognition of her commitment to promoting internationalism in the community through numerous activities, including UN Day Coordinator, and Chief Editor of Yearbook.

Johanna Ohlman - 18
ISS International School, Singapore

In recognition of her outstanding service to the school community. Johanna has an open mind, is well-informed, aware and empathetic, concerned and caring for others, encourages a sense of community and is strongly committed to engagement and action to make our world a better place.

Chelsea Simmons - 17
Craigslea State High School Queensland, Australia

Steve Marshall Award Winner
As a five year member and current co-leader of Craigslea High’s Social Justice Group she has been responsible for the organisation of both fundraising and awareness raising campaigns to assist global and nationwide events run by organisations such as Amnesty International, Oxfam and World Vision. The combination of these events and the consistent presence of the social justice group within our school community provide a direct pathway for students and staff to make a difference to areas they are passionate about and her involvement in this group is continually rewarding as Craigslea High citizens become connected to the global community. 

Tharm Smuthranond - 17
Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School, Thailand

The School initiated its "Banyan Tree" Community involvement programme and Tharm was the "founding student volunteer member" with excellent ideas. He has been a pro-active and motivational senior student in the Year 12 Community Service Programme. He led teaching of English to "Hill Tribe Children" in rural Chiang Rai. He has led many student assemblies with regards to fundraising for Charity events. He setup and wrote articles for the inaugural student magazine. He was also a member of "Model UN" and an active member of Student Council. 

Christopher Suriadi - 17
Bandung International School, Indonesia

Christopher has been directly involved in community projects that demonstrate leadership skills and concern for global issues through his role as President of the Environmental Club in 2011-2012. He organised the BIS annual Talent Show which raised funds for Sekola Batu Karut, an Indonesian School severely damaged by an earthquake. Through his leadership the Talent Show raised an impressive amount of Rp50,000,000. Christopher also leads the organisation of the annual Earth Day Celebration and took a team of students to Batu Karut to help spread environmental awareness to their students.

Ayse Unluturk - 17
Isikkent High School, Turkey

Ayse is the backbone of Model United Nations and the Student Council. With her great English, she is also the Foreign Language Ambassador of the school.


Upper Secondary 2012
Anglo Singapore International School, Thailand
Group Members: Charmaine Chin, Jazlina Pang Yue Sutanto, Juliana Pang Ling Sutanto, Palita Likidpongpaisarn

These students ‘adopted’ the Wat Bang Dua School, a school hit hard by the Thai floods. Jazlina and Palita established financial sponsorships from Singapore, and were able to procure the necessary materials to lead the repainting of Wat Bang Dua School’s library. Additionally, Juliana and Charmaine were instrumental in informing the younger peers of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, with presentations, self-made videos, and exercise routines. This group helped to establish this "sister-school" relationship with Wat Bang Dua. Visiting the school will now become a community service activity for the secondary students every year.

Charities Committee
Doha College, Qatar
Group Members: Evan Fonseka, Ane Retief , Ali Al Husseini, Maha Al Thani, Khalid Nasrawi, Esther Ricky, Salma Zaghal, Moonira Mamoon, Montserrat Gutierrez, Suzanne Morrison, Rochelle Lee, Stephen Ristow, Lina Abu Sitta, Bruna Pedro, Neyha Ahmed, Asmita Ahluwalia, Shima Elataya, Wurood Azzam, Hisham JamalMark Leppard, Principal (left) Douglas Briggs – Vice Principal Head of 6th Form (next to Mr Leppard) and Teresa Woulfe – Senior Vice Principal – Head of Secondary (right) 

The following group of students have worked to develop awareness of others in need through their work for charity. The Charities Committee is totally student led and awareness is raised through assemblies as well as fund raising activities. This year the group have involved younger students by running an extra-curricular activity focusing on the needs of people in other countries to their own. The group have chosen to support the work of Qatar Charity who work to build homes and wells in Somalia. The plight of the Somalians was raised through assemblies with all year groups and literature that the committee used at all fund raising events.

Silver International Award 
Doha College, Qatar
Group Members: Abhinav Mohan, Ahmed Auda, Alexander GabrielPirinoli, Arun Das, Bettina Portelli, Cameron Scott, Connor Rennie, Dhiren Naidu, Diego Papasodaro, Emma Parcell, Frederick Witzmann, Georgia Brown, Grant Finn, Hadiya Darwishi, Henri Van Den Berg, Hollie Jenkins, Jack Ray, Jake Couper, Jonathan Coutinho, Jonathan Miseroy, Kendall Myers, Lachlan Kenneally, Lucy Fathers, Michael Bayatti, Nasser Sawan, Oliver Morris, Pranav Bande, Sabrina Govender, Salik Sarwar, Samir Abdel Rahman, Samuel Jones, Shannon Mackenzie Cameron, Shayna Dhanoo, Tisal Edirisinghe, Yanal Dahdah 

This group has worked to develop international links with a school in the Himalayan Mountains. When the students trekked past the school and saw the conditions under which they were working and being taught, they pledged to raise money to provide resources for the children. Through their fundraising they managed to provide stationery and large mats for the children to sit on. They spent a morning at the school, where they presented gifts from the money raised. They also spoke to the children in their mother tongue and taught them games. The aim is to maintain this cultural exchange and build upon the work initiated by this group.

Friends of Eravur
Qatar Academy, Qatar
Group Members: Tala Al Taji, Oswin Rodrigues, Lana Mahmoud, Neha Ahmed, Fatima Amir, Farrah Kerkadi, Earniey Hanafi, Eliah English, Rana Abu Al Saud, Dahlia Shatila, Jana Abu Odeh, Sara El Husseini, Byanne Malluhi, Abdulrahman Abdulrahman, Abdullah Al Shakarchi, Marika Mascarenhas, Sultan Al Kaabi, Waleed Hachicho, Dana Al Anzy, Daniel Castillo, Sara Al Mana, Sarah Wolstenholme, Saif Al Suwaidi, Adham Abbas, Jemma Swain, Saif Al Saadi, Nawaf Al Rabban, Fares Mansi, Sara Al Mana, Essa Al Mohannadi 

The 2011-12 Friends of Eravur team were very successful in supporting our sister school in Sri Lanka. They successfully raised enough funds to purchase land and build a brand new school building for over 200 students who attend this school. In addition, Qatar Academy sent their first group of students to the community for community interaction and service work. This year also saw the launch of a micro-credit program and an employment services project, finding jobs for 100 individuals.

Year 6 Charity Committee
Renaissance International School Saigon, Vietnam
Group Members: Joshua Gordon Jones, Anna Nguyen, Long Tran , Ashley Krairojahanan, Oscar Zeller, Ju Hee Nam 

The children decided that they wanted to organise events to be able to raise money for an orphanage in the city. They decided themselves on what events to do, and then wrote letters for the whole of the Primary School, and collected and counted the money.

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